7 Best Chinese Anime On Netflix | Relish Awesome Donghua Now!


The rise of Chinese anime movies is increasing manifolds, thanks to dubbing and subtitles. You can find the gripping plots and themes of Chinese anime that will keep you entertained. Now, you can find the best Chinese anime on Netflix also!  

Global cinema has broken the barriers of boundaries and given us the best movies across the globe, irrespective of different languages. Chinese anime is popularly known as Donghua and is mostly based on Chinese folks or novels. There are a lot of fascinating Chinese anime available on Netflix that you can relish on a lazy day! So, here I am with the latest list of the best Chinese anime movies that you will keep remembering forever. Here we go.

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Top 7 Best Chinese Anime On Netflix | Get Your Popcorn Baskets Ready!!!

The Chinese cinema has reached great heights, especially after the Chinese anime movies with a huge fan base. You can learn about the Chinese legends, Chinese stories, and brag about them among your friends. Sounds cool? Moreover, the best thing is that you can also watch these awesome movies on Netflix!

So, instead of indulging yourself in the daunting task of choosing the best Chinese anime movies, rely on me! I have a really good taste of such movies (and a lot of hard research, too!) and have already compiled an updated list for you. So without wasting your time, jump straight into the list!

#1 Ne Zha (2019)

7 Best Chinese Anime On Netflix To Binge-Watch | Relish Awesome Donghua Now!

The Chinese anime movie Ne Zha became one of the most popular anime movies just after release. The movie got an appreciation for its interesting storyline and awesome cinematography. The movie is based on the classical Chinese fable of a misfortune warrior. However, he is not an ordinary one but sent from Heaven by Gods to save the Earth.

The story takes a sharp twist when the warrior takes birth as a demon instead of a human! Now, the chaos in the world is on the top, and it must be stopped at any cost. How will the gods handle the situation? What will happen to the Warrior Demon? Well, to know the real story, you need to watch it. The breathtaking action sequences are a treat to eyes that you will love to watch!

#2 Heaven Official’s Blessing (2020)

#2 Heaven Official’s Blessing (2020)

The Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese fantasy anime about court politics (Even the gods struggle from politics!) in Heaven. The continuous exile of Heaven’s Crown Prince into the mortal world is the backdrop of the story. The cinematography and action scenes are well executed. There is an intense political drama and factionalism in Heaven which you will get to watch. 

There is an ominous threat approaching that will destroy everything. The movie’s protagonist, Xie Lian, the Crown Prince, faces tough times as he needs to prove himself among his fellow gods. He comes across the ghost king named Hua Cheng (a powerful demon). What will happen now? Will he be able to get back his lost respect? It is very interesting to watch his adventurous journey.

#3 Green Snake (2021)

#3. Green Snake (2021)

The Green Snake is the sequel part of the White Snake (2019) movie. This Chinese anime is well written, with some of the best action sequences and stunning locations. The story revolves around two female snakes that can turn into humans. However, a fanatic monk is on the hunt, and the sisters need to escape from Shura City!

The movie’s story is about two snake sisters named Verta (the green snake) and Blanca (the white snake). This movie focuses more on Verta’s adventures, who is on the mission to save Blanca from the monk Fahai. There is a lot of chase going on in the film that will keep you on the edge. Enjoy this awesome anime flick only on Netflix.

#4 Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

#4. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

The Tokyo Godfathers is a dark comedy anime that will entertain you with its funny and twisting storyline. The movie’s director, Satoshi Kon, has given a mafia twist and intertwined the lives of three homeless characters with mafia persons. The movie reflects the social behavior of the people and their approaches to dealing with the problem.

The movie’s central plot revolves around a baby who got dumped in an unknown area. However, Tokyo Godfathers found the baby and decided to find the child’s parent. The journey ends surprisingly in a series of funny events and many emotional scenes. Every character of the movie has shown unique expressions and taught life meanings that you will remember forever.

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#5 New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021)

#5. New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021)

The New Gods: Nezha Reborn is an animated movie, also available in 3D, on Netflix, about a passionate biker and a secret hero. The movie touches on the various emotions- action, drama, and comedy- making it a perfect watch. The story talks about the social issue of the water crisis and its implications. The hero is working as a delivery man but secretly helps the people. However, one day something weird happens that changes his life. 

The movie’s protagonist is revealed as the incarnation of a god named Nezha, who has taken birth in the mortal world for a bigger purpose. He needs to learn to control his growing powers, punish the evil-doers, and bring justice to the land. The movie has a symbolic representation of good and evil. The power-packed action flick will keep you entertained throughout the movie. 

#6 Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015)

#6. Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015)

The Monkey King: Hero is Back is one of the highest-grossing Chinese anime movies full of thrilling adventures of the mighty Monkey King. The movie became an instant hit and earned a lot of fan following due to its animation and storyline. The film is full of dangerous adventures of the Monkey King who can roam on Earth, Hell, and Heaven whenever he wants!

However, his growing pride angers the gods when he defeats the Army Of Heaven. Thus, God banished and imprisoned him in a secret cave as a punishment. There is chaos everywhere as the demons can roam freely and kill the innocents. One day, a small boy comes across the cave and frees the Monkey King to defeat the army of the demons and bring back peace. Will the arrogant Monkey King agree? Watch it now!

#7 Scissor Seven (2020)

#7. Scissor Seven (2020)

The Scissor Seven Chinese anime movie is one of the best action-comedy series to watch without a second thought. So, the story is about an assassin who is suffering from amnesia. He needs to complete his murderous missions but cannot achieve his targets due to his losing memory. As he needs a lot of funds to get proper treatment, he runs a barbershop and operates as a disguised killer.

However, as his amnesia develops day by day, he loses his chances to kill and gets stuck between dangerous gangs. The whole plot has a lot of funny twists that will keep you laughing. The awesome plot and engaging actions are a treat to the eyes that you surely don’t wanna miss.

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Final Words 

You can easily watch the best Chinese anime on Netflix and enrich your cinematic knowledge. I would strongly suggest you watch every movie mentioned on the list. Otherwise, you will miss some of the best cinematic experiences. And also, do not forget to tell me whether you have watched any of the above? How was it? Write in the comment section and inspire others also!

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