Best Comics Apps in 2021


It is really difficult to collect all the comics and carry them. The best comics apps make it so easy to collect all the digital editions of your favorite superhero comics. Yeah!!! You read it right.

I don’t know whether you did it or not? But I used to collects all the comics of Marvel. The amazing stories and the timeline makes me so addict to the comics. As we move out to the new place, all the collected comics were lost during travel. I was so upset and started browsing the internet for digital editions. I came to know about the best comics apps. I later realized that there are millions of people out there who are searching for the best Comics apps.

So, I decided to write an article about the best comics apps. The best Comics Apps for Android and iOS are Comixology, iComix, Marvel Unlimited, Madefire, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Hoopla Digital, and Astonishing Comic Reader.  

Now, there is a problem. You have some questions regarding these apps and are confused about their properties and characteristics. Here in the article below, I have answered all your queries.  

Best Comics Apps for iOS

Read along with the article to find the best comics apps that suit you best according to your needs and the comics you prefer most.  If you love to draw superheroes, then you should try these Best Art and Design Apps.

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ComiXology: Best comics apps

Comixology is the best comic app available online. The app has a big brand name of Amazon. Now you can estimate the ability of this app. What can it do? The app has all the comics editions paid as well as free. You can check millions of comics in-app from Marvel to DC, Dark hero to IDW publishing, and you can get all the things in one single app.

The app comes with daily new updates. You can get daily new editions in the purchase section of the app. The unlimited reading, readability, and anywhere access make this app unique.


  • Readability 
  • Blue light filter
  • Download offline
  • Small size 


iComix: Best comics apps

iComix is the app created by developers for the App Store only. You can install the app for iPads, iPhones, and Macs directly from the App Store. The app has all the collections of comics that you would love to read. The app has a cool feature of bookmark last read. You can also sync your downloads on iCloud or on local storage. You can export the comics in almost every format. You can also import your comics from other sources. 


  • Supports all the format
  • Supports import and export
  • Free and simple 

Marvel Unlimited

MArvel Unlimited: Best comics apps

A treat for all the Marvel fans. Here is an app, officially from the Marvels, that covers all the editions of the Marvel Universe. You can read and save comics as you like them. The readability of the app is great. The dark themes make this app more realistic. Marvel Unlimited featured some special short stories that make the interface amazing. The app has more than 28,000 editions, and you can download and save them offline to read along the way. 


  • Free and simple
  • It covers all the Marvel editions
  • In-app purchase is available


Madefire: Best comics apps

Madefire is awarded as the best digital comic app. The app covers more than 1 million editions of all the best top-rated movies. You can get the live notification of featured comics and upcoming releases in the upcoming tab. You can experience your favorite superhero as Madefire presents it so real. The readability and realistic graphics make Madefire so amazing. 

These amazing features make this app one of the best comics apps among all the other apps. You can check out all the comics for free and buy a subscription for the newly released ones. 


  • Low subscription
  • Mixed reality feature with realistic graphics
  • Supports motion books
  • Export feature

Dark Horse

Dark Horse: Best comics apps

Dark Horse is an amazing publisher that publishes amazing copies for more than 30 years. The app has all the physical editions of Dark House publishers, with some extra  digital copies that are not available offline. The app featured the best graphics novel that you should try once. You can use this app and save many bucks for an additional subscription. You can set the readability of the app that suits you best. Save and export your favorite addition for easy access. You can bookmark your favorite addition in the app also. 


  • Amazing interface
  • Personalized experience 
  • Simple interface  

DC Comics

DC: Best comic apps
Source: DC Comics

Another treat for the fans, but in particular for DC fans. DC Universe has so many heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. These superheroes cross each other paths in the timeline. You can find all the DC Comics in this app. The readability of DC Comics is great. No eye stressed or strained while focusing on words. The reading experience is great, but the collection is available in the US only. You can buy the subscription for $7.99 per month. 


  • All DC Comics
  • In-app filters
  • Great readability 

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla: Best comic apps
Source: Sanger Library

Hoopla Digital is an online platform for audiobooks and comics. You can stream online or save them for offline reading. The app has a collection of some good comics and books that you can access freely. The easy interface connects you with it in no time. Some of the comics are paid, but most of the audiobooks and ebooks and comics are free. You can buy the premium version of the app. The monthly subscription of the app is $0.99 to $2.99. You can install the Hoopla Digital app and signup with your email address, and start browsing the free books and comics. 


  • Free app with in-app purchase
  • Simple user interface
  • Access local library for more content

Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader: Best comic apps
Source: APKPure

Here comes the sweet-dish of the comics buffet, I know I sound funny, but Astonishing Comic Reader has everything and is among the best comic apps. You can find a number of comics in-app. The app filter all the different extensions of files. You can categorize pdf, CBR, and CBS easily. You will get cloud storage in-app for the online storage of your favorite books and comics. The app sync with all the cloud storage websites like One Drive, Google Drive, etc. You can customize the readability according to the needs. The main feature that takes Astonishing Comic Reader app in this list is that the app is totally free. 


  • Absolute free
  • Supports many extensions
  • Sync with online storage 

Final Verdict

The above-given comic apps for iOS and Android are based on user preferences and ratings. These apps are chosen among hundreds of useless apps. You can read or download the comics directly on your phone and read them along. These apps have come with in-app purchases so that you can buy new editions directly in the app. 

If you are a comic lover and disconnected from them for a very long, these apps will definitely help you to cover all the important chapters in no time. These five apps are the best apps in their digital distribution. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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