4 Best Cooling Towels For 2022 | Dip, Wring & Snap For Instant Relief!


Whether for the gym or a run around the park, having a few cooling towels lying around in your bag has never hurt anyone, right? However, with so many options available in the market, laying your finger around the best cooling towels for 2022 becomes a tough task, doesn’t it? 

Often used to provide instant relief from the scorching heatwaves, cooling towels have become another must-have in recent years. Whether it’s a gym bag or a beach bag, we always find ourselves keeping them full with cooling towels. Honestly, no one wants to die because of a heat stroke, right? 

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4 Best Cooling Towels For 2022 | Know ‘Em Before You Get ‘Em!

Made from high-tech fabrics that get activated when exposed to water, cooling towels are lightweight, portable, and fuss-free. All you have to do is dip them into cold water, wring them out, and voila, they are ready to take your discomfort away. 

The Art Of Cooling With A Towel | Do Cooling Towels Really Work?

The Art Of Cooling With A Towel | Do The Cooling Towels Really Work?

There is no science involved behind the mechanism of a cooling towel. A cooling towel is more like a technologically advanced version of a regular towel. The only difference is that when the surface of a cooling towel comes in contact with the sweaty skin, evaporation kicks in, and the user feels a breath of cool blowing against their skin. 

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Athletes and gym enthusiasts mostly use cooling towels because it helps them endure the session for a longer time. The change of the participants’ sweat into a pleasant sensation helps them easily put in more effort and practice for longer durations. 

However, cooling towels can also be used in various other situations like vacations, by mothers who are enduring labor, chefs working in the kitchen, golfers during the game, etc. The cool tingling sensation from the towel will help the participants keep calm during a hot day. 

Things To Consider While Shopping For A Cooling Towel | 4 Tips To Keep In Mind!

While many think that there isn’t much that needs to be considered while looking for a cooling towel, they regret it once their selection turns out to be a complete disaster. Therefore, it is important to keep the following things in mind when looking for a cooling towel online. 

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Things To Consider While Shopping For A Cooling Towel | 4 Tips To Keep In Mind!
  • Fabric – Fabric is one of the most important things to consider while buying a cooling towel. Different towel fabrics are better suited for different conditions. For example, if you want to cool the sweat without soaking your clothes, go for a towel with PVA fabric. However, if you want to add a cooling towel to your gym bag, you should consider one made of mesh polyester or 100% polyester. 
  • Size – Just like the fabric, a cooling towel’s size is also of great importance. If you are a gym enthusiast or an athlete, consider investing in a medium sized towel (13 by 40 inches). However, if you want one that can cover your entire body after a tiring sports event, you can buy a larger size, approximately 30 by 60 inches. 
  • Washability – Many buyers think that all the cooling towels end up drying in the same way after they are washed, but that’s not true. After you have washed a PVA cooling towel, it will dry to a hard finish. The type that can easily tear into small pieces when it’s folded. It is important to read the care instructions and then come to a firm decision. 
  • Storage – Storing a cooling towel isn’t a big deal but if you get yourself one that comes with a pretty bag, packing it on the go becomes easy for you.  

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4 Best Cooling Towels For 2022 | Everyone’s Favorite Pick So Far!

Now that you know how the cooling towels work and the factors that should be considered before shopping, are you ready to look at the few options we have lined up for you? 

1# Chill Pal

1# Chill Pal

Soft and comfortable to wear around your neck, Chill Pal is considered to be one of the best cooling towels of 2022. Made from soft PVA fabric, the cooling towel is appropriate for those who don’t want to soak their clothes with sweat or water. Chill Pal is a must-buy if you are looking for immediate relief from sweat. 

Available At: Amazon 

Price: $6.74 

2# Alfamo

2# Alfamo

Looking for a cooling buddy to accompany you to your next sports event? Look no further because we are here with the Alfamo cooling towel for you. Easily available in four different sizes, cooling towels by Alfamo are going to be the next big thing this year (after the pandemic). The best about Alfamo is that the cooling sensation stays with this product for the longest time.  

Available At: Amazon 

Price: $24.41 

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3# Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

3# Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

Are you looking for a cooling towel that does not give away the feeling that it is drenched in water after coming in contact with your skin? If you are nodding your head in a yes, then I suppose you haven’t tried the chilly pad by Frogg Toggs yet. The cooling towel is made from a hyper-evaporative towel, perfect for those who don’t like touching towels drenched in sweat and water. 

Available At: Amazon 

Price: $13 

4# Callaway Cooling Towel 

4# Callaway Cooling Towel 

The Callaway cooling towel is a perfect option for those who love to indulge in a little golf time on the weekends. You don’t have to rub your sweat with a harsh towel anymore and cause rashes to your soft skin. Measured to be 24 by 17 inches in size, it will easily fit into your golf bag and give you instant cooling relief. 

Available At: Amazon 

Price: $17

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Final Words 

If you have ever tried a cooling towel before and think it should be present here in the list, don’t forget to drop the product’s name and your experience in the comments section below. 

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