Best Designer Handbags of 2021 That Every Girl Should Have in Her Closet


Designer handbags are bold and make a statement when you go out carrying one in your hand. They scream that you have finally reached that phase of your life where you have started to invest in your dreams and love yourself more every day. 

With a year and more into sitting at home, your clothes and old bags may have gone out of fashion lying peacefully in the wardrobe. But, don’t worry because designers out here have already started working and launched a few fresh pieces that you can get for yourself. 

Designer handbags are a better investment than any other items as you can use them for a very long time. They don’t go out of trend for a very long time and are an investment worth making. If we buy floral dresses or button-down shirts today, we don’t know if they will fit us after two months or not, but it’s not the same with bags. 

From Prada to Louis Vitton, many designer brands have already taken responsibility for themselves and have launched exquisite handbags. All these bags are perfect for making a bold statement at the next event that you will be attending. 

9 Designer Handbags to Buy 

Read along the list to find the most pretty and exquisite bags that will be the best choice for the gorgeous arm candy. These bags will not get out of fashion anytime soon as they are classic and elegant, and timeless beauty.

#1 Tote Bag by Louis Vuitton

Loius Vuitton Designer Handbags

The classic tote bag from Louis Vuitton can never go out of style. I repeat, never. The Neverfull bag from LV is one such beauty that can never be full and is one of the most successful bags from the brand. You can buy the bag from limited-edition collaborations with different artists and different material options. 

#2 Box Calf Beauty by Hermes

Hermes Kelly Bix Calf Designer Handbags

The next designer handbag on our list is inspired by Gracy Kelly and brought to you by Hermes. The elegant box calf bag comes with gold entanglements and will add the royalty factor to your overall look. 

#3 Loewe and The Tale of Leather Puzzle

Loewe Puzzle Leather Designer Handbags

Do you know how many pieces does it take to make one puzzle leather bag from the brand Loewe? It takes approximately nine pieces of textile, 41 different varieties of leather pieces, the addition of 45 pieces of cloth along with zips, and additional work. If a bag is taking so many resources and time to be crafted, there is something unique in it that you must own. 

#4 Timeless Beauty from Saint Laurent 

Saint Laurent Camera Designer Handbags

Saint Laurent is known famously for its collection of exquisite fragrances and handbags. With its classic collection of designer handbags that come with a removable lesser tassel, you are surely going to turn all the heads at the next summer wedding that you will attend. The bad comes with enough space to carry your phone, lipstick, and few other minimal essentials. 

#5 The Cambridge Satchel Bowl Bag 

The Cambridge Satchel Bowl Designer Handbags

Taking inspiration from the 1930s, Cambridge Satchel Co. has come up with a unique design that looks similar to a duffle bag but is more classy and elegant. The bag is available in subtle pastel shades and will surely add a lot of charm when you walk with your friends for the next breakfast brunch. 

#6 Peekaboo ISeeU by Fendi

Peekaboo ISeeU Fendi Designer Handbags

Fendi introduced new babies from Maison’s Peekaboo family to Fendi’s new line of ISeeU family. Last year, the brand added medium size to the family, and this year they added a small size to the ISeeU lineup. The small size lineup is available in multiple shades to suit your wardrobe essentials. 

#7 Mulberry and the Silky Calf Mini Alexa 

Mulberry Sustainable Mini Alexa Designer Handbags

Mulberry launched a mini Alexa handbag that was inspired by the ‘It’ book writer Alexa Chung. Mulberry is celebrating its 50th birthday this year with the re-release of this popular handbag. The handbag is available in three different sizes, and the brand has focused on using more sustainable resources this time to produce the handbag.  

#8 Saddle Handbag from the House of Dior

Dior Saddle Cloth Designer Handbags

Another classic handbag that you can own is from the house of Dior. The brand is known for its compassion and love towards handbags, and the classic saddle cloth handbag is just a tiny example of it. The bag may not be spacious, but it sure adds a lot of glamour to your lifestyle. 

#9 Shoulder Support from Prada  

Prada nylon mini Designer Handbags

Who does not love Prada and its line of designer handbags? One Prada bag loved the most by young girls, and mature adults is the classic tiny shoulder bag. The nylon shoulder bag is available in multiple different shades and goes with every occasion and style easily. 


These are the nine best designer handbags that are currently topping the fashion charts in 2021. Be sure that you invest in a bag that suits your style the most. If you have any favorites from the names mentioned in the list, drop the names in the comment section below. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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