List Of Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime In 2023


Are you fed up with watching fictional characters and want to experience the original and unmatched stories, then you are in search of Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime?

Documentaries are defined as documented information and events that are clubbed together to form a film on a topic that people are interested in. It can be based on government, Place, Person, Season, or anything which can be stored for future reference or study. The documentaries available on Amazon Prime will fascinate you and fill your brain with loads of information you might be unaware of. Do you want to know which are these documentaries?

The five best Documentaries on Amazon Prime are Time; All in the Fight for Democracy; Hale Country This Morning, This Evening; The Witness, and Chasing Happiness. 

Let us dive into these documentaries and gather some info.

5 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Following are some of the Best documentaries available on Amazon Prime:

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Time is one of the top-rated documentaries on amazon prime. The viewers will witness the fascinating story of entrepreneur Fox and her husband, Rob Rich. It is based on a crime that a couple commits and is sentenced to punishment with a different duration. The documentary’s title signifies that how the family, friends, parents, and the better halves miss their loved ones behind the bar, and just like that, time flies. This is an entirely emotional and deep documentary available on the OTT platforms for documentary lovers.

Director: Garrett Bradley 

Duration: 1Hr 21Min

IMDb – 6.9/10

All in the Fight for Democracy

All in the fight for democracy - best documentaries on Amazon
Source: Medium

If you have a keen interest in the law, politics, and history, this documentary is meant for you. You can watch this film to know how the voting rights in the World’s biggest economy were suppressed because the people belonged to the minorities, and it was seen clearly in the southern part of the nation. This documentary had been perceived well and stood as proof of discrimination where the citizens were promised equality. This documentary can actually work as an eye-opener for the voter of any nation today and tomorrow. You should take this film as a recommendation.

Director: Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes 

Duration: 1Hr 45Min

IMDb – 6.5/10

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Hale Country This Morning, This Evening

Hale Country This Morning, This Evening- Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime
Source: IMDb

This is a broader perspective about black lives who were living in Hale Country, Alabama. This documentary can bore you with the kind of narrative that it holds. The Writer, Director of this documentary, used the raw footage made while talking to the people around the country. What makes this film a little pretentious is its nature of segmenting and deliberately keeping the benefit of the doubt. The constant voice that keeps you off the track can be irritating, but, all in all, it’s a must-watch film if you haven’t watched it yet. You should hop on Amazon Prime right away.

Director: RaMell Ross

Duration: 1Hr 16Min

IMDb – 6.4/10

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The Witness

The Witness- Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime
source: Newsday

One of the daring films made by the filmmaker. This film mainly tries to open the murder case that happened in the nation years back. This story tries to solve the mystery that still haunts the nation, which left the murder without any justified action. Many of the film viewers also label it as a stunt by the family for gathering unwanted attention. But This documentary will fascinate you with its framing, writing style, and courageous nature of the filmmaker. You should watch this film, to dig deep into the story. 

Director: James Solomon 

Duration: 1Hr 29Min

IMDb – 7/10

Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness- best documentaries on Amazon Prime
Source: Variety

Chasing Happiness is my favorite documentary because it, along with taking you in the middle of the Jonas brother’s relationship with one another, also provides you with entertainment. We all, as ordinary beings, want to know what happened in celebrity lives. This story will bring back the days when Jonas Brothers started their careers to the hardships of their breakup with one another as the Jonas Brother Band broke. It also delivers the happy days when the three of them, Kevin, Nick and Joe are back on track with the new album out.  

Director: John Lloyd Taylor 

Duration: 1Hr 36Min

IMDb – 7.8/10

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the fantastic documentaries which will help you dig deep into the matters that matter to you or you find interest in. All these documentaries are available on Amazon Prime, so hop on your devices and binge-watch these recommendations.

If you are not into documentaries you can watch Sci-Fi or Super hero movies on Amazon.

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