10 Best Dragon-Type Pokemon | Remembering the Best Across Different Generations


The Pokemon world is nothing without the best dragon-type Pokemon. Am I right, or am I right? This sub-category is considered the strongest across the Pokemon generations. Though, with Fairy-type & Steel-type in the frame, the competition has grown significantly. 

Pokemon is a world full of creatures ranging from the aquatic depths to the rocky mountains. These creatures are good at everything they do and are the backbone of our trainers. Be it in the Pokemon games or the popular cartoon network show; we loved watching them and remembering their names. 

Today, with our list, we will remember the best dragon-type Pokemon who fought side by side against the enemy with Ash and his friends to save the world from different problems every single time. We won’t leave anything behind, from Sword and Shield to the worst pokemon designs of dragon type. 

If you are ready to dive into the world of Pokemon once again, come along and start reading the article. Trust me; you won’t regret the choice that you have made. 

Remembering the 10 Best Dragon Type Pokemon 

Read along the list to find who stands at the number one position and scored the last place in this list of the best dragon-type Pokemon. 

#1 Kommo-O


The first Pokemon on our list of best dragon-type Pokemon is Kommo-o. Kommo belongs to the family of duel-type dragon/fighting pokemon. Working with Kommo can be tricky because you will have to teach him a lot like a Pokemon trainer. Once Kommo learns Stealth Rock and Toxic, it can quickly become the biggest nightmare of many Pokemon. 

#2 Garchomp


Another of the best dragon-type Pokemon on our list is Garchomp. He is both ground dragon-type Pokemon with some of the best fighting moves you will ever see. Garchomp can easily defeat the enemy with its high speed and high attack stat. Besides these moves, Garchomp can also use the toxic elements to tear down the enemy team. 

#3 Flygon


Flygon is a third-generation pokemon that is a combination of ground and dragon. The best thing about a Flygon pokemon is that it is perfect for customizing different strategies. There are several other moves that you can teach a Flygon, including Defog and Dragon Claw. Another significant move that a Flygon can learn is U-Turn which is great for escaping the enemy quickly. 

#4 Salamence 


Salamence is a flying and dragon-type duel pokemon. It is one of the legendary dragon pokemon and has the best Attack stats of all time. If you are a part of the competitive team in the battleground, having Salamence by your side will be very beneficial for your team. 

#5 Haxorus


Haxorus belongs to the pure dragon type family and is one of the best dragon type pokemon as it can quickly learn attack boosters and moves that can wipe a poison jab. Haxorus is a good learner making him good at creating an earthquake that can send shivers down a steel-type pokemon. 

#6 Goodra


Goodra belongs to the family of pure dragon-type pokemon and is best in class because of its special defense stat. Goodra’s unique defense system is both its plus point and its weakness, so they have to keep an eye on physical attackers all the time. Goodra is also immune to Grass-type Pokemon because of its Sap Sipper technique. Some of the best moves a Goodra can learn include Draco Meteor, Earthquake, and Sludge Wave. 

#7 Dracovish


Dracovish is a duel-type Dragon/Water pokemon and appeared first in Generation VIII. Dracovish is made from the combined elements of Fossil Fish and Fossil Drake, and it is also not known to evolve into any other Pokemon. The fish and drake fossils can be seen on the head and tail, and body of the Pokemon. Dracovish has a strong jaw ability that makes him one of the best dragon pokemon.  

#8 Hydreigon


Hydreigon is dark-colored dragon-type Pokemon with red and brown detailing done all over its blue body. Hydreigon and Sharpedo fall in the same category, making them the best to work with each other. Just like Salamence, Hydeigon also has a very high special attack stat that can cause a lot of damage to the enemy team. 

#9 Dragonite


Dragonite may look cute when you see him flying in the sky, but it can become one of the dangerous Pokemon you will ever come across when it is on the battlefield. Dragonite can easily break any defense system and rock the enemy team’s world with terrific moves like Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, and Fire Punch. One of the best qualities of Dragonite is that it can reduce the damage it gets to half if its HP is full. 

#10 Dragapult


The last on our list of best dragon pokemon is the newest addition to the poke world named Dragapult. Dragapult is a dragon/ghost-type duel pokemon and is one of the fastest Pokemon ever seen. Some of the best moves of Dragaput are Dragon Dance, Draco Meteor, Shadow Ball, and Light Screen. 


These are the ten best dragon-type Pokemon that belong to different generations of the Pokemon series. All these Pokemon can be taught great moves by their trainers, which will make their power increase to the next level. If you could not find your favorite dragon-type Pokemon in this list, make sure to drop the name in the comments section below. 

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