5 Best Drinking Games to Make Party Trippy and Fun


If you like partying hard and attending all the best parties in the town, you enjoy your life. Parties are not fun if there are no drinks, and if everyone is drinking, games are the ultimate requirement.

Drinks and games are a great combination at a party. The fun and excitement elevate from zero degrees to infinite with drinks and games. Drinking games are fun to be a part of, and if you don’t like drinking games, then my dear friends, why are you even at a party?

The best Drinking games to play at a party are Beer Pong, Drunk Jenga, Do or drink Game, Power Hour, Shot Roulette, Flip Cup, etc. games will make your parties an exciting place to be at and people are going to remember your party. 

Let us dig deep into these games and decide which one suits your squad, and hence you will be called the best host. 

Best Drinking Games At a party

Following are the top 5 drinking games at a party that you and your guests can enjoy while drinking.

#1 Beer Pong Is The Ultimate Game

#Beer Pong is the ultimate Game

What if you forget to buy a ball and do not have anything to play with? Just roll the aluminum foil into balls and start playing while enjoying your drinks. It can be fun if you have actual ping pong balls. 

Rules of Beer Pong:

  • Every group may have a set of their own rules; there is not stability in directions.
  • But make sure you certainly follow some of them to keep it fun and less tedious.
  • Arrange your cups in a pyramid shape on either side of the table. 
  • So, in cups, you can either put something gross but edible or just a folded card which contains the name of the edible item.
  • No, the team members start bouncing the ball into the opposing team’s cups, and if it gets into the cup, the member from a losing team drinks/eats that item.
  • Instead of gross things, you can fill them with alcohol to make everyone go trippy. 

#2 Drunk Jenga- Drink and This Game Will Make Things Fall

#Drunk Jenga- drink and this Game will make things fall

Jenga is a fun game, and I know most of us have been through the turmoil of saving bricks to lose, but guess what, if it is played when you are drunk? The trip drinks will make everyone go nuts. You can buy it online on Amazon.

Rules Of Jenga:

  • So, you have to place the bricks in an alternative pattern of horizontal and vertical bricks over one another.
  • After placing them, there can be 5-6 members who will pull one brick using a single hand.
  • Make sure one brick at a time. And the turn starts.
  • Whosoever’s turn leads to a fall of the Jenga tower will lose. 
  • If only some of the bricks have fallen, you can continue the Game.
  • Drinks and concentration are poles apart; that is why this game can be fun. 

#3 Do or Drink Game – Fun Card Game 

# Do or Drink Game – fun card game

This Game is for that time of the party when only your close friends are left, and you are going nuts over drinks. Do or drink is a fun card game that you can easily find at nearby Walmart or online.

Rules of Do or Drink Game:

  • The first task is to separate the white cards and black cards from one another.
  • Now divide yourself into teams of as many as you want. 
  • No, each member will come from both the groups and pick one white card each, and d what so ever is mentioned in it.
  • The same will continue until and unless a draw comes in one of the cards of any member; if a drawcard comes, that particular member has to pick one black and do as directed in the same. 
  • If you do the task, you win a point, and the game resumes again.
  • Instead of teams, two individuals can play the same with so much fun.

#4 Never Have I ever- It Never Gets Old

#Never Have I ever- it bever gets old
Source: POPxo

This Game is a top party game when many friends want to get a closure of each other’s life. This Game can help them do that. But for the statement, you can use Never Have I ever on the Play Store or App Store. 

Rules of Never Have I Ever:

  • Everyone will hold his/her cup of drink in their hands. 
  • One of the members will either use the app and make up his/her statement.
  • Ans those who have done it will take a sip of their drink, and those who haven’t will not. 
  • It is a fun game and can become reveal a lot of secrets as the game rolls further.

#Power Hour- We Drink, and We Dance!

#Power Hour- we drink, and we dance!

So, this is a simple game, which will not stop you from socializing and listening to some of the best songs of the time, but the playlist should be excellent for that. 

Rules of Power Hour 

  • It has no rules as such; it is a dancing game. 
  • You have to hold your glasses in your hand. 
  • Keep the music on a shuffle after 1 minute.
  • Now, when the music stops, you have to take a sip of the drink.
  • This game makes everyone go on a drink because a glass after every minute will do that only. 
  • For this game, you need to have a speaker for good sound quality.

These were the top five exciting and fun drinking games which should be a part of your parties. If you don’t like to visit parties, you can download the game on your iOS or Android devices.

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