6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!


With many best drug shows on Netflix, choosing the best becomes difficult. As a result, we end up watching something that doesn’t appeal to us. Therefore, here are some handpicked shows that will entertain you to their best and let you have a look over this new genre!

Drugs in the cinematic world are always related to the crime genre, hence, the audience is keen to explore this sub-genre. And you know what!! This genre has a name resulting from its popularity, and the name is ‘war on drugs.’ Also, some famous shows like Narcos (2015) have added more to the popularity of this sub-genre. 

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Let’s see what all the sub-genre of crime has to offers for its audiences scrolling the homepage of Netflix!

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6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Shows That You Can’t-Miss!

Within the category  ‘war on drugs’, many shows have gained tremendous amounts of popularity and appraisal. Are you ready to come across some of these amazing shows? Are you? If yes, let’s get started!

Weeds (2005-2012) | A Tangled Web 

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

Weeds, a dark-comedy drama, is produced by Titled Productions, Lionsgate Television, and Showtime Networks. 

The show revolves around Nancy, a mother of two children, who try to maintain their upper-middle-class lifestyle each day. To achieve this, she starts selling drugs, which she names as MILF, and makes a client base of criminals. To protect her family from the police and jail, she decides to relocate but now she is a part of the criminal system. Therefore, getting out is difficult. As a result, her life becomes pathetic, and she feels unable to get herself out of all this mess.

All in all, Weeds is a satirical picture of life in the suburbs and how one gets trapped into unwanted things due to wrong decisions.

El Chapo (2017-2018) | The One Who Risks His Life

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

EI Chapo, a crime series, is a production of Story House Entertainment, and the mind behind it is Daniel Posada.

The crime series reflects leaders of the drugs industry and how they risk their lives. EI Chapo Guzman, the show’s protagonist, knows how to escape from prison and sells drugs. Also, he is a lover of tunnels and knows how to transport drugs by crossing borders. 

After his last order of drugs, his life changes, and his career as a leader goes down. Lastly, he asks an actress to make a movie about him so that the world remembers him. 

EI Chapo is a clear manifestation of all the risks that one has to face while being in the industry of drug suppliers.

Narcoworld: Dope Stories (2019) | A Documentary That Says A Lot 

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

Narcoworld: Dope Stories, a documentary-like mini-series by Netflix, is known for its contribution to the ‘war on drugs’ genre. 

The documentary is an insider into the ‘war on drugs’ and gives an authentic look at the genre from all sides. Further, it says a lot about people involved in the drug industry, what they face, and how they manage to hide. Also, it tries to capture a larger picture of drug trading around the globe with a law enforcement side. 

Each episode is of 40-minutes and gives an in-depth drug trade across various parts of the world. 

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Drug Lords (2018) | Words By Real-Life Drug Dealers 

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

Drug Lords came out for the audiences through Worldwide (streaming platform). Its executive producer is Mike Welsh.

The show is a documentary series inspired by the real lives of some notorious drug dealers in Los Angeles. Further, the docu-series features the history of drug dealers and the law enforcement bodies that pledge to get them anyhow. 

Besides all this, there are some interviews and dramatic re-enactments of some important events. So, the series brings down the harsh truth of the lives of drug dealers.

If you dare to face the truth of the lives of drug dealers, Drug Lords is one of the best shows to watch!

Drugs Inc (2019) | All About Druggies

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

Drug Inc. created by Wall To Wall Media Ltd. (production company). The executive producers are Jonathan Hewes and Chris Valentini. 

Unlike other documentary television series, this show tells about the dealers of the drug industry and its users, rehabilitation, and many other things. The most interesting element of the series is the interview of real subjects (drug dealers and users) and their covered faces. But why covered faces? Of course, so that their faces don’t get exposed to the public. 

The series is quite appealing because it provides every angle of the drug industry and how users get it. 

Queen Of The South (2016-2021) | Woman Who Establishes A Vast Empire

6 Best Drug Shows On Netflix | Explore A New Sub-Genre!

Queen Of The South is an outcome of efforts by Robert. J . Wilson, Lorenzo O’ Brien, Matthew. J. Lieberman, and Judd Rea. The production companies to which it belongs are Frequency Films, Friendly Films, and many more. It’s a big list!

This crime drama is all about the life of Teresa, who falls in love with a member of a drug cartel (criminal organization). After her boyfriend dies, she decides to relocate and ends up being the wife of the cartel boss. Because of her good sense of drug business and charisma, she establishes a vast empire of drugs distribution. Lastly, her popularity in the drugs industry attracts her search by government forces. 

In a nutshell, the Queen Of The South demonstrates the ability of a woman to establish an empire and how she takes it forward.

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Final Words 

I hope I have given you a list of the best drug shows on Netflix. Because all of them are interesting, you may get confused while choosing which one to watch first. So, hurry up, make a quick decision and start watching these amazing shows!

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