Looking For A Gift For Your Partner? Here Are 4 Earring Designs To Explore! 


Gifting jewelry to your partner is always a good idea, whether it’s a grand occasion or any normal day. Giving a simple gift of jewelry like a pair of gold or silver earrings can immediately light up your partner’s smile. So, in this article, we have the best and some popular earring designs just for you!

If you are interested in buying earrings with a sophisticated vibe with a little bit of fun then you should check out the designs at Mia by Tanishq which is your one-stop destination for everything jewelry.

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Best & Popular Earring Designs Just For You!

If you are looking to make a special gesture for your partner, gifting earrings of beautiful designs can be a great decision. Here are 4 earring designs you can explore.

Rounded Pyramid

Looking For A Gift For Your Partner? Here Are 4 Earring Designs To Explore!

There are many different designs of earrings in the market today so finding something that stands out if the crowd can be tough. These pyramid-shaped earrings by Mia are here to help you out. These are made of 14kt pure yellow gold and look absolutely stunning.

The design is plain on half of the side whereas the other half has rawa design of multiple gold beads. These earrings can be the perfect conversation starter for any party that you may attend.

Quirky Drop Earrings

Looking For A Gift For Your Partner? Here Are 4 Earring Designs To Explore!

If your partner is a fan of anything quirky then these minimal drop earrings are perfect. These earrings are noted for their contemporary design and high-polished finish. The minimal jewellery design includes three minimal barrels and a sleek gold chain hanging from it.

These earrings exude a simple and elegant design that can amp up every outfit. The modern style of these earrings would look particularly great with a monochrome white look or your favourite LBD. The neutral shades of your outfit would make these earrings the centre of attention.

Flower Drop Earrings

Looking For A Gift For Your Partner? Here Are 4 Earring Designs To Explore!

Going perfectly with the traditional Indian vibe are these flower-shaped yellow gold earrings. These earrings flawlessly blend the traditional motif with a modern design, creating your partner’s perfect earrings.

The design of the earrings consists of a flattened bead at the center of two concentric circles. From this, we can find large concentric circles overlapping that create the drop component of the earring. These earrings are carefully secured by a screw, making them easy to wear for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. 

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Gold And Diamond Pairing

Looking For A Gift For Your Partner? Here Are 4 Earring Designs To Explore!

If there’s anything better than gold earrings, it is earrings with diamond and gold. These contemporary yet bold earrings are sure to make a statement as soon as you walk into any room donning them. You can find a darker and more rustic shade of yellow gold with these earrings.

Get your partner the best of both worlds with diamond and gold which makes these earrings even more versatile and comfortable to style. Since these earrings are brightly visible you can pair this with something simple yet stylish like a flowy cocktail dress.

The sophistication of the dress would be perfectly matched by these contemporary earrings. You can keep these for any special occasion like someone’s wedding or a late-night dinner, and these earrings would be making a statement that no one would forget for years to come.

Final Words

There are many online and offline stores that claim to sell the best real jewelry in the country. However, not all of them are real jewelers and can send you fake metal after taking the correct amount of money from you.

If you aren’t sure about where to shop for the best earrings, you can open Mia by Tanishq. It has an ample collection of earrings for your partner which suit every occasion.

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