Best Educational Games for PC in 2021


Giving a PC to kids is not safe nowadays when the internet is flooded with adult content. You will never know which best educational games are safe for kids. So parents don’t worry I have come with a surprise for you. 

Some of the best educational games for kids, allow adult and age-rated ads preview which can be bad for their growth. I have a list of the best educational games that are the best for adults as well as kids. The list is prepared after reading the top articles available on the internet. 

According to user ratings and reviews the best educational games are Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis, Epistory – Typing Chronicles, Minecraft: Education Edition, The Oregon Trail, And Reader Rabbit. Why these games are safe for kids? Why you should try these games?

I know you have a lot of questions crossing your mind. But the surprising elements about these games will force you to try these games once. You won’t be able to ignore the features of these games.

Best Educational Games for PC 

Read along with the article to find about the features and a unique surprising element of each game in the detailed description below.  Find out the Best Card Games for PC.

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Logical Journey Of Zoombinis

Zoombinis: Best Educational Games
Source: FableVision Studio

Do you know zombies too have logic and reasoning capabilities… Ahm!!! I am kidding, zombies are like that because their minds are dead. So keeping your reasoning ability bright you should try these games. It is the recreation of the old puzzle game. The blue and small creatures with different appearances and personalities are trying to escape imprisonment to fulfill their evil plans. You have to stop their plan of taking over the world. You have to guide Zoombinis to reach their land safely as we don’t want to hurt them. You can use their data to protect them against dangers. Logical Journey Of Zoombinis is among the best educational games for increasing reasoning abilities. 


  • Logical puzzles
  • HD graphics
  • Beautiful themes
  • Original soundtracks 

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

EpiStory: Best Educational PC
Source: Wikipedia

Do you want to increase your typing speed? Then this game is will surely help you. The developers had put so much effort to give this game an interesting and interactive look. The design of the game was influenced by the mini-projects that are available in-game to make it more fun. The story of the game is about a writer, who is writing in a paper-themed world. Fitgirl Repack computer games are very helpful and easy to understand.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles has realistic and 3D effects that connect you with the game and check your typing mistakes.  


  • Realistic graphics
  • Helps in increasing typing speed
  • Keep scorecard

Minecraft: Education Edition

MineCraft: Best Educational Games
Source: YouTube

Create your own learning platform with Minecraft: Education Edition. The game promotes problem-solving, creativity, and reasoning. The game has a community of more than millions of users that can help you to create whatever you want. The game promotes innovation and creativity. You can learn a whole new world of innovations with mixed reality. 

Minecraft: Education Edition featured an endless opportunity for kids who want to explore the Information and technology world. 


  • HD Graphics
  • Realistic themes
  • Interactive learning

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail: Best Educational Games
Source: Medium

The Oregon Trail is an endless trail computer game. It is among the best educational game for kids who want to be an accountant. The game has various characters from which you can choose. Each player has a specified amount of money that you can spend in a better way to achieve big goals in the end. It is on you how will you build an empire with limited funds.  

The Oregon Trail state that it is in our hands how we can create our destiny. The game process the score depending on the progress you made. 


  • Realistic Design
  • Customized themes
  • Autosave feature

Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit: best Educational Games
Source: YouTube

In last, I have a surprise for you and that is Reader Rabbit. The Reader Rabbit game is about a rabbit and his insane friends. The friends (lion and mouse) are the supporters of the rabbit. The gameplay consists of various adventures throughout the story. The players should know about the inventory and the products to solve series of the riddles. 

There are categorized puzzles for kids and teenagers. The puzzles are focused on the characters. But the fun fact is that you can customize the focus area during conversations with other characters. 


  • The story and gameplay is consistent
  • Realistic graphics
  • Character setting feature
  • Hints 

Final Verdict 

The above-listed best educational games are based on user ratings and reviews. These games are safe to play and are checked for their content. These games don’t have any affiliation to adult sites.

Your kids are safe while playing these games on Steam. These games will help them in increasing their mind power and reasoning abilities. So, what are you waiting for? You can find these games online and start learning your favorite subject.   

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