Reason Why These Are The Best Event Apps for Android in 2021


You know there are so many events held daily, but unfortunately, sometimes you are unaware of them. So making it easier for you, I have come up with an amazing list of best event apps. 

The best event apps are used to book shows, event, and movies nearby. You can choose your location and boom a list of the events appear on your screen with timing, tickets, and detailed description. Without wasting your important time, let us go straight to the topic. After some deep analysis and reading various articles available on the internet, I had prepared a list of the best event apps. 

Must install - 7 Best Android Apps ...
Must install - 7 Best Android Apps of 2021

The Best Event Apps available are Eventbrite, Unation, Ticketmaster, Meetup, 10times, and LikeALocal. These apps are selected after brainstorming and these apps have really amazing features that you would love to know.  

These apps are designed to provide a detailed description and give you the comfort of booking tickets for the events in a single click from your home. Find What millennial think about the best Art and Design Apps.

Best Event Apps for Android

In the article below, I have explained the features and availability of the apps and why you should choose these apps? Go through the article to find out why.


Eventbrite: Best Event Apps
Source: TechCrunch

Eventbrite is among the best app for searching for events around you. The app covers all the musical events, shows, and movies. You can find any local happening nearby you by selecting an appropriate distance. Eventbrite access your location to provide you the exact results. You can change the city and check out what special events are running there. You can sort the list by the categories of the events going on and share the same with your friends in-app. 


  • Simple and free
  • Showtime and place given
  • Sharing event details in-app


Unation: Best Event Apps

Unation is a simple and free event app. Just sign up for the app with your email account and check out the list of various ongoing events in the app. You can list down the options by choosing the filters like date, place, type, and price. The app is really easy and its smooth interface makes this app loved. You can share your plan and mark the event for personal reviews from a regular visitor. 


  • Amazing community
  • No processing fee
  • Plan even with friends 


Ticketmaster: Best Event Apps
Source: BBC

Booking tickets for an event is never easy, waiting in long queues sucks. Everyone hates waiting for the things they loved. Ticketmaster helps you to make ticket booking easier and simple. You can get various rewards for booking tickets on Ticketmaster. The app has everything from events to shoes, from movies to plays. Just as simple as clicking on the book ticket, fill in detail, pay, and boom your tickets are mailed to your contact. 


  • Easy interface
  • Secured payment options
  • Cover all the events 


MeetUp: Best Event Apps
Source: Silicon Angle

Are you a social person? So you should try Meetup app. The app has come a long way and become famous for its unique and amazing style. The app is centric on meeting up new people and local events around you. You can book event tickets and meet more than 2.5 million people from the app community. The app is available in 130 countries and the app is safe for every user. You can find new peoples, learn new things on this app.  


  • Explore city
  • Book tickets easily
  • Roam around the city and find new peoples


10times: Best Event Apps
Source: Business Standard

10times covers all the events like expos, fairs, and other enjoyable events. The local can upload an event and the same will be visible to all the users on the platform. The app is not interactive like other apps but still, it makes it possible to fall in the list because of its local listing feature. You can set up reminders for the upcoming events.


  • Covers all the local events
  • Easy booking
  • Exclusive rewards
  • Reminders 


Reason Why These Are The Best Event Apps for Android in 2021
Source: Dribble

LikeALocal helps you to find the local events. The app featured the timing of museums, parks, and cinemas with a list of the ongoing events. If you planed to visit other cities then this app should be very useful to explore different events. The amazing feature of the app is that you can stream the event live. Join other events live on the app and enjoy them virtually. The event listed in the app is upload by the locals to promote culture. You can chat in-app to avoids traps. The app is among the best event apps. 


  • Easy interface
  • Explore different cities events
  • Join or start stream

Final Verdict

Ready Set Go, Install from the above best event apps, and make your life more comfortable with a click. These apps are so important for you if you are a social person. You can find interesting events around you, and no need to solicit your friends for tickets. 

Install these apps from Google Play Store and live your life independently, have fun readers… 

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