Parents are always looking for useful family apps that will help them to get things done easily. Family apps is a collection of the best apps available on the app store for parenting and managing your family’s schedule. 

Parenting is a hard task. From raising your toddlers to keeping an eye on their device activities to managing time for your family becomes a very hardworking job. Parents are always looking out for some family apps that will help them in managing their chores one way or the other. 

Viebly has the list of best parenting apps that will help in making your activities more managed, organized, and manageable. 

Best Family Apps for iOS in 2021

Remember the Milk



Family Wall

Kaspersky Safe Kids


These are the family apps of the year that every parent should install on their Apple devices to make parenting an easy task for them. Keep reading to find out more about these apps. 

Best Family Apps for iOS 2021

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Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: Pinterest

RTM is the perfect family app for parents who are doing a job. You can easily make to-do lists with this app. The app will give you reminders for the lists and you can also share the list with your partner or family for getting things done faster. 

Organize your priorities, due dates, lists, and much more the way you want to. You can also search for your tasks and save your favorites as Smart lists.

The app is synchronized across all of your devices so you don’t have to worry about the info if you lose your device. What’s better is that the app also integrates with your Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more so you can get reminded via email, text, and other mobile notifications. 

Ratings: 4.7 stars on App store

Download Size: 58.4 MB

Subscription: Free with In-App purchases


Steller: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: Medium

Steller is one of the fun family apps for parents and kids. You can make a family picture book of the year using this app. Create your family stories and beautiful moments by adding photos and words. 

Have fun while adding your pictures with fonts, colors, templates, and more. You can also bring life to your posts by adding music to them. 

You have the option of sharing these pictures on social media but the app ensures your safety with privacy settings that let you share pictures with only those who you choose. 

Ratings: 4.8 stars on App store

Download Size: 86.9 MB

Subscription: Free

Life360: Find Family & Friends

Life360: Find Family & Friends: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: Matellio

Life360 is a GPS locator app for parents so they never have to worry about their child’s whereabouts. The family members can easily share location using this locator family app. 

The app is much more than just a GPS Tracker. The app has modern, advanced tools like SOS to send an alert, 24/7 emergency dispatch, theft protection, and much more.

The app can be used for free for its basic features but to access the smart tools you will need a subscription.  

Ratings: 4.5 stars on App store

Download Size: 99.6 MB

Subscription: $7.99 monthly and $69.99 annually 


FamilyWall: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: APK Monk

FamilyWall is a secure and easy to use family app for sharing photos, videos, and to-do lists with your family or close ones. This family app is a leading family organizer with a shared calendar, grocery lists, family locator, and much more. 

The app is synced across all of your devices so the whole family can access it easily from any device. Any family member can easily add or remove appointments, set reminders, and more. 

You can also import your calendar to Outlook/Google so you never miss any important events. Also, browse your lists offline and see items added by other family members.  

Ratings: 4.7 stars on App store

Download Size: 131 MB

Subscription: $4.99 monthly 

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: Bestappsguru

Kaspersky is a family app that provides parents with parental control features like screentime schedule, blocking of inappropriate content, and more. You can also monitor your child’s device usage with this app. 

The free version of the app offers game and app usage control, content filter for inappropriate searches and websites. The app also shares advice and tips from top child psychologists on trending topics for kids. 

Ratings: 4.4 stars on App store

Download Size: 172.8 MB

Subscription: $13.76 annually


S'moresUp: Best Family Apps for iOS
Source: Google Play

S’mores is a family app made for the organizational purposes of the family. For busy parents, this app is the best one as it keeps you informed and updated about any upcoming events and other things shared in the family network. 

The app has profiles for every member of the family with $ primary menu buttons. On the home button, you stay connected with everything. On the chores menu, you can easily manage the daily activities of the family. 

On the calendar, you can view upcoming events of the family easily whereas, on the EFM, you can track the progress and give rewards to the family members. 

Ratings: 4.3 stars on the App store

 Download Size: 106.5 MB

Subscription: Monthly for $4.99

Final Verdict:

All of these apps cater to the different needs of parents and ensure that parenting becomes an easy job for them. If you are a parent who is searching for the perfect family app, make sure that you give one of these applications a try. 

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