7 Best Fast Food Breakfast| Handpicked Choices for You


We all are running towards our goals every morning, but in that race, we forget about our breakfast and end up with an empty stomach. But you don’t have to worry when we can provide you with the list of best fast food breakfasts, which are quick and full of nutrition.

You can find a lot of fast food items, which might seem healthy but they aren’t, so there is a strong requirement to know the nutritional value of Best Fat food Breakfast because we can’t fool our body with the first meal of the day.

The list which we prepared comprises of some best and leading food outlets around the world, which are healthy and full of nutrition, they are-

  • Soft Taco- Mexican Chicken – TACO BELL
  • Fruit Maple Oatmeal – McDonald’s
  • Tuna Bowl – SUBWAY
  • Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap- STARBUCKS
  • Big Breakfast – McDonald’s
  • Steak and Cheese Bowl- SUBWAY
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – SUBWAY
  • Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich – STARBUCKS
  • Impossible Breakfast Sandwich – STARBUCKS
  • Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Sandwich – STARBUCKS

All these food items are tested and tried. They taste amazing, the cost is minimum, and nutrition is maximum so, are you ready to make specific changes and include the best fast food breakfast in your diet.

Let us dig deep into this food choice and decide which one to choose for ourselves, depending on our taste and time to garb food.

7 Best Fast Food Breakfast to Grab If you don’t have time to make one.

Following are the seven best fast food breakfasts to grab; if you don’t have time to make one for yourself and have to rush to the office without eating anything, this quick and fast food breakfast will make things easy for you.

1# Soft Taco- Mexican Chicken – TACO BELL

Soft Taco- Mexican Chicken – TACO BELL

If you know that proteins are the essential food for our body as we get an abundant amount of Amino acids, we have to make sure that we end up taking the required amount.

When I say that TACO BELL can solve your breakfast problems just like that, one of the many foods served at TACO BELL, are all nutritious, but your eyes will first find Soft Taco Chicken. The soft grilled Chicken will help you gain muscles, and you will feel full for more than 3-4 hours.

Guess what we have its nutritional value just for you (for a medium Soft Taco Chicken)

Nutritional Value

Calories- 240

Proteins- 9.8 G

Saturated Fats- 3.9 G

2# Fruit Maple Oatmeal – McDonald’s

Fruit Maple Oatmeal – McDonald's

Oh My God! Is that the real maple syrup? It is hard to find one. If it is at Mcdonald’s, then I believe in its originality. It is a nutritious and healthy breakfast which you can have any time at Mcdonald’s.

It cost you just a minimum of what you spend on your girlfriends or boyfriends. Isn’t it better if you spend more on your health? It is loaded with Raisins, Fruits such as blueberries, apples, cranberries. It is a heavenly bowl. You can order it from any best food and drinking apps.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 320

Protein- 6 G

Total Fat- 4.5 G

3# Tuna Bowl – SUBWAY

Tuna Bowl – SUBWAY

It’s SUBWAY; you need to mark my words; everything is healthy here, but it all depends on what you choose for the bowl. A Tuna bowl rich in protein can be your breakfast meal, and you can have the required amount of nutrients from it.

Tuna Bowl was a lead in profits when it came into the market and still maintains its worth. The best thing about this bowl is that you can add only your favorite ingredients and what quantity; it all depends on you.

You can also think of joining SUBWAY if you are a college student and want some cash in your pocket. You will get to work with a great team, and Tuna Bowl will be a step away. But verify the minimum age to work at SUBWAY.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 550

Protein – 26 G

Total Fat- 47 G

4# Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap- STARBUCKS

Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap- STARBUCKS

With such enriching and healthy ingredients, STARBUCKS presents you with the most healthy Burrito for your breakfast. It is healthy and filled with the enriching taste of Spinach, Feta cheese, and egg whites wrapped in light spices served warp, made from wheat.

The Spinach, Feta, and Egg White wrap are so tempting that once you fall prey to this fantastic food item, you will be unable to resist your tongue to taste it again. Just like SUBWAY, you also work at STARBUCKS but verify the minimum age.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 290

Protein- 20 G

Total Fat – 8 G

5# Big Breakfast – McDonald’s

Big Breakfast – McDonald's

Big Breakfast from McDonald’s is a wholesome meal which will make you tummy stop making those hunger noise. It is so satisfying in the morning. It best for you if you have long working hours and no break in between; order one for you, grab it, and fill your tummy with some nutritional value.

Big breakfast comprises Scrambled Eggs, McDonald’s, Burger biscuits/ Bread, Hash Brown, Sausage Patty, Clarified Butter, and Salted Butter. Big Breakfast from McDonald’s is my favorite too.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 760

Protein- 26 G

Total Fats- 48 G

Total Crabs – 57 G

6# Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – SUBWAY

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki – SUBWAY

If you are a regular visitor of SUBWAY, you might be aware of which Sweet Onion Sause I am talking about. It is so tasty that we can munch on this sauce with anything we have at our home, but it is not a sellable item outside SUBWAY.

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki bowl is filled with your choices of vegetables and with teriyaki-glazed Chicken with some paprika and slat on it, make it more delicious.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 300

Protein- 34 G

Total Fats- 4.5 G

Total Carbs- 33 G

7# Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich- STARBUCKS

Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich- STARBUCKS

Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich is something to die for. You can grab this delicious food item and be ready to eat it for your breakfast if you want good food to fill your tummy. Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich is my friend’s favorite who into building muscles or even inclined towards getting lean.

Bacon is grilled and smoked on an applewood sauce, and the Gouda & Parmesan Cheese is layered on the top with the richness of the egg. This sandwich is mouth-watering, and you will end up loving it for the rest of your life.

Nutritional Value

Calories- 370

Protein-17 G

Total Fats- 18 G

Total Carbs- 32 G

These were some of the outstanding fast-food breakfasts which you will enjoy to the fullest and also can keep a record of your calorie intake. What is so thinking? Hop on to these tasty food items and get your work started.

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