10+ Best Feel-Good Movies to Watch When You Are a Little Low


Everyone has bad days, but you can always turn them into good by watching The Holiday, The Intern, and other best feel-good movies. The high spirits of these movies will take your gloomy days away and pull you out from the dumps. 

What makes a movie feel good to you? The answer is different for each individual, but there is one typical silver lining that movies like The Terminator and Hell Boy will not be a part of that list. You will want to watch a movie that is funny, cheerful, and thought-provoking at the same time.  

Keeping all these things in mind, today, we have handpicked a few movies that will make you laugh at your lowest points and instantly cheer you up. We understand that not only you but everyone around will feel down at one point or the other during these tough times. But you can suggest these movies to the people around you to watch and let them know that they are not alone. 

We hope that these ten best feel-good movies will instantly put you in a good mood and take all your sadness away. Each of these movies will inspire you with a thoughtful message about life in its different way. 

Best Feel-Good Movies to Watch in 2021

Read along to find the name of the best feel-good movies and where you can stream these movies today. 

The Pursuit of Happyness

The movie revolves around the struggling life of a single father, Chris Gardener, who, despite losing his wife and apartment, still smiles for the happiness of his young son. The movie shows us the true meaning of life and that you don’t need to be a millionaire to live happily. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 8/10

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Forrest Gump 

This comedy-drama movie revolves around the life of Forrest Gump, a kind-hearted man who often finds himself unwillingly in moments defining historical events. The story reveals several decades of his life, moments of his generosity, and how a humble man can lose one thing he has wanted the most in his life. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 8.8/10

The Princess Diaries

How will you feel when you suddenly come to know that you are a real-life princess? Happy, escalated, joyous, right? However, this does not happen with Mia as she lives a comical life; her journey to becoming a princess is not easy. Especially when her Grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, shows up to give her lessons. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 6.4/10  

The Holiday 

Two women with not so happening love life swap houses with each other for a much-needed break. The two find themselves in entirely new worlds and start enjoying their lives. However, things change for these two when they begin to fall in love with the local guys from the respective areas. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10

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Clueless revolves around the life of a rich and popular high school girl who believes in giving back to the community by doing some good deeds. The girl seems to enjoy her newly found passion when things take a turn, and she realizes how misguided she is about life and how much she is in love with her ex-step brother. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10

How To Be Single 

Taking a break from a long-term relationship and moving to a new place like New York can seem challenging, but when you have a friend like Robin, things go smooth like whipped cream. The story focuses on the life of Robin and Alice, their growing friendship, and how they enjoy the single life in New York. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Ratings: 6.1/10

Isn’t it Romantic 

Next on our list of best feel-good movies to watch is Isn’t It Romantic. A hardworking architect Natalie has dreams of designing the city’s next skyscraper but can only deliver coffee and bagels effortlessly. Things take a turn in her life when she is knocked down unconscious at a subway and wakes up to find herself playing the lead role in a romantic comedy film. 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 5.9/10

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I Feel Pretty

 You sleep and wake up by a fall to find your appearance has changed magically, making you the most beautiful and confident woman on this planet. Unbelievable right? Neither does Renee at first, but she soon begins to live her life fearlessly until she realizes that her appearance never changed.

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 5.5/10 

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

A recent college graduate lands herself a job that she hates the most in the world, working as a personal co-assistant to a prestigious fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly. How will Andy fit in this whole new world, and most important, at what cost?

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10

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The Intern 

The Intern

Retirement is often called the end of one’s professional journey, but Ben Whittaker proves it wrong when he lands a senior intern role at an online fashion site after retirement. With his great sense of humor and skills, Ben is quickly adored and accepted by all his young co-workers and the founder of the company, Jules Ostin.

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Ratings: 7.1/10

Final Pronouncement: 

These are some of the best feel-good movies that you can watch when your spirits are low or even when you are in the mood to watch something that will make you smile instantly. Stream these movies today on Amazon Prime Video, and let us know which one lifted your spirits in the comments section below. 

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