5 Best Films Like The Adam Project | There’s More To Discover!


Can’t you get over with Netflix’s latest release The Adam Project and are looking for films like The Adam Project? That’s why I have brought you a list of movies that will help in your hangover of The Adam Project!

The Adam Project (2022) is a marvelous movie that deals with different timelines of present and past. The movie has lots of suspense as the protagonist Adam reveals several mysteries about himself. Other than this, Adam lands in 2022 due to a plane crash and sees himself as a child. That’s not it. There’s more to know about the movie!

Considering the theme of The Adam Project, I have brought you some films like it, so check them out today! 

Films Like The Adam Project | Experience The Feeling Of Going Back And Forth In Time!

With such an interesting movie like The Adam Project, it becomes obvious to urge for more. But some other producers have already dealt with a theme like this, so pick the one that appeals to you the most!

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#1 Back To The Future (1985) | A Teen’s Effort For Betterment!

5 Best Films Like The Adam Project | There’s More To Discover!

Back To The Future is a science-fiction movie that became highly popular because it brought along a different theme. 

At the core of the story is a young teenage girl, Marty, who manages to get back to the 50s with the help of a scientist. As a result, she meets with a younger version of her parents and tries to develop love between them. After some error comes in the time machine, Marty returns to her original time. 

The movie will keep you occupied with its sarcastic, comic and sassy elements. I am sure you won’t be able to stop laughing out loud!!!

Directed By- Robert Zemeckis 

IMDb- 8.5/10

Watch It On- Prime Video 

#2 12 Monkeys (1995) | A Prisoner Travels Time!

If you love time-based movies, you will fall in love with 12 Monkeys, sourced from a short film of the same name. 

The story captures the experiences of a prisoner, James Cole, who is picked for a mission. As a result, he is assigned to travel to the 1990s to collect information about a plague that has become deadly at present. Finally, he sets out for the assignment and comes across many dangerous theories about the plague!

Watch this movie to know more about the prisoner’s experiences and how he manages to survive there. 

Directed By- Terry Gilliam 

IMDb- 8

Watch It On- Hulu (free trial)

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#3 The Butterfly Effect (2004) | An Unforgettable Experience Of A Student!

The Butterfly Effect is a science fiction thriller that works on the Butterfly effect ( a scientific theory). 

The movie’s plot revolves around a college student who suddenly experiences a headache and goes blank after some time. When he wakes up, he finds himself in his childhood and finds a shocking truth about his friend. But changes in his past negatively impact his present, and he finds himself in prison after gaining consciousness. 

The movie is a treat to watch due to its several layers of suspense, which affects the protagonist’s present life. That’s not it. There are some more surprising elements!

Directed By- Eric Bress and J.Mackye Gruber 

IMDb- 7.6 

Watch It On- Netflix 

#4 Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) | A Chance To Change Life!

5 Best Films Like The Adam Project | There’s More To Discover!

If you want to enjoy a combination of science and comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine is a perfect option for you. 

The plotline of this movie follows four characters who have nothing much to do in their lives. They struggle to earn bread and butter and are looking to do something productive in their lives. After all of them get drunk, they fall asleep on the roadside near a lonely place. When they open their eyes, they find themselves in 1986 ( their young age) and try to change their past to make their present better. 

Will they be able to bring positive changes in their present? Watch the movie to know more about them and how they help each other!

Directed By- Steve Pink 

IMDb- 6.4 

Watch It On- Google Play and Vudu 

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#5 Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) | Curiosity To Travel In Time!

5 Best Films Like The Adam Project | There’s More To Discover!

Safety Not Guaranteed is a science fiction movie but has some elements of romance. Also, it is one of those movies that got a chance to get screened at the Sundance Film Festival. 

The movie’s story follows a magazine intern, Darius, who gets excited after reading an advertisement. The advertisement states that a man is looking for a partner to assist him in traveling back to time. Also, some surprising facts are waiting for Darius. But she is unsure about going on the trip and consults her friend about this.

Will Darius decide to travel back to time? Watch the movie to know the answer and discover many secrets about her! 

Directed By- Colin Trevorrow 

IMDb- 6.9 

Watch It On- Netflix 

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Final Words 

So, these were some films like The Adam Project that you can consider watching with your loved ones. However, the additional thing is that these movies have a pinch of other themes like romance, comedy, etc. So, give a call to your friends and decide a time to enjoy any of the above movies this weekend!

1. Where is The Adam Project filmed? 

The movie has been filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

2. Who is the woman in The Adam Project?

Maya Sorian is the female character who owns the time travel company in the movie.

3. Does Adam remember anything in The Adam Project? 

By the end of the movie, Adam fails to remember most of what he discovered during his journey to his past.

4. Who plays Laura in The Adam Project?

Zoe Saldana has played the role of Laura in The Adam Project.

5. Who is the dad in The Adam Project?

When Adam returns to his future, he comes across the fact that his father is Mark Ruffalo.

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