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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is what we say when we use the best FirstRowSports alternatives. There are times when the No.1 sports streaming website may be glitchy, and you may have to switch to some other platform temporarily. 

FirstRowSports website is a blessing made especially for all sports lovers. The website offers streaming of every sports genre from football to cricket and ice hockey. The platform hosts the live streaming of all the sports matches and uploads new genres to its library every day. 

With intense pressure to be the best, there are days when the platform may be down for maintenance or not work. What will you do in those times? Take a break from sports? No, a true sports lover would never do that. Instead, he would take his phone and start reading the list of our best FirstRowSports alternatives. 

The list is full of only the best alternatives to the number one sports streaming website we have ever encountered. So, you don’t have to worry about the credibility and the streaming quality of these alternatives. 

8 Free FirstRowSports Alternatives for the Biggest Fans of Sports

Don’t worry about missing a game or a match when your favorite streaming website is down. Please take a look at the list of the best FirstRowSports alternatives we have picked for you, and enjoy all your matches. 

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#1 SportsLemon TV

sportslemon tv: FirstRowSports Alternatives

One of the best FirstRowSports alternatives that come to our mind is the SportLemon TV website. The website features live streaming of all the matches globally, and the best thing is that you can easily set your zone and watch all the games live, from boxing to football and cricket. SportsLemon is a hidden gem for all sports lovers that can be used to stream matches for free. The site allows you to stream a game from multiple links so that if one link does not work, you can stream it using another connection.  

#2 Sling TV

sling tv: FirstRowSports Alternatives

Another best FirstRowSports alternatives that should be on your list is Sling TV. As you may already know, SlingTV ranks as the most famous online sports channel when for watching your favorite sports activities online. The platform can connect easily with your Smart TV, Desktop, and even your Xbox system. The website does not dig a big hole in your pocket with its quality-worth content. If you are looking for a low-budget sports channel alternative, then Sling TV is the best choice.  

#3 Stopstream

stopstream: FirstRowSports Alternatives

Stopstream is another great FirstRowSports alternatives that you can try for streaming different sports matches. The platform features multiple sports channels within its database, making it easy for the viewers to switch between other events. Not only this, but Stopstream also hosts different sporting events from third-party websites. With its search option, you can easily find the sports genre and the match you are looking for and indulge in good time with your friends. 

#4 Sportrar.TV

sportrar.tv: FirstRowSports Alternatives

People love using Sportrar.TV because of its well-maintained layout and a comprehensive, detailed schedule of all the upcoming matches and the match results. The website hosts a variety of different sports genres, including cricket, basketball, and football. To stream matches on their platform, you can easily set up your location and time zone and get started with unlimited sports binging. The website is a faithful companion for all the sports lovers out there. 

#5 Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN: FirstRowSports Alternatives

Name me a single person who does not know about the leading sports channel ESPN? ESPN provides one of the best FirstRowSports alternatives to the fans with their website known as Watch ESPN. The website is similar to its parent channel when giving the best sports experience to its users. However, the only drawback here is that Watch ESPN works only for US subscribers, so if you aren’t living in the US, this isn’t an option. 

#6 Strikeout

Strikeout: FirstRowSports Alternatives

Strikeout website works on the all the platforms like android and iOS devices, other smartphones, and computers. The website is best known for its optimization according to different layouts and a theme that provides the best user experience while streaming sports matches. If you are an NFL lover, you will love watching the live stream of all the matches on this best sports website. 

#7 VIP Box

VIP Box: FirstRowSports Alternatives

Another FirstRowSports alternatives we have on our list is the website VIP Box tv. It is one of the highly-rated and popular sports streaming websites that comes after FirstRowSports in the charts. The website has a user-friendly interface and a clean layout that makes it easy for the viewers to stream football and soccer matches. If you are a basketball lover and love to keep up with the matches, you should check out their website. 

#8 NBC Sports

NBC Sports: FirstRowSports Alternatives

NBC is also a great alternative when it comes to streaming sports games online. The NBC sports group maintains the website, so there is hardly a doubt about the website’s quality and credibility. The platform offers its viewers all the sports matches in high-definition quality, and many people have already signed up for the website to stream the upcoming Olympics matches. Not only this, the website saves replays of some iconic moments, so you never have to miss a crucial moment when you are out on a popcorn break. 


These are the seven best FirstRowSports alternatives that every sports lover should try. These websites offer great quality content at a meager price, and some even offer their services for free. If you are looking to take a break from FirstRowSports, then these alternatives are a must-try. 

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