5 Best Funny Horror Movies | Will Leave You Crying Tears of Joy


Who said that horror movies have to be scary all the time? There are plenty of funny horror movies that will give you a good laugh and make sure that you cry out all the tears of happiness and sheer laughter rather than horror and fear. 

Watching horror movies and listening to scary ghosts and horror stories at a family night with our cousins does give us sheer delight. Still, nothing can compare to the gigs of laughter we have after watching some classic funny horror movies. 

There are plenty of horror series that will give you a good time, but not all of them will make you laugh out loud like the movies on our list. All these classic hits are made for people like you and me that can only stream the horror genre when it is filled with bits of humor and perfect comic timings. 

So, my fellow not so brave and not so cowardly readers, get along on the ride with me to find the perfect horror-comedy flick for you. I promise you will not find anything like Conjuring or Annihilation on this list.  

5 Funny Horror Comedy Movies to Make You Laugh

These funny horror movies will not only make you laugh but will also make you scream. Read on the list and find the best horror picks for your next family movie night. Also, if you have more suggestions, we will be happy to read the names in the comments section below. 

#1 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy the vampire slayer: Funny Horror Movies

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, is one of the best funny horror movies made to this date. The story is about a Californian girl Buffy, whose life changes after she meets Merrick. Merrick is there to teach Buffy how to slay vampires as he has a gift of supernatural powers. When Buffy becomes a pro, she takes a student under her wing but saves him the entire time. 

The movie isn’t scary at all. The film is full of humorous scenes, perfect comic timings, and hilarious performances by the cast. The real fun starts when Buffy has to on a mission again to slay an uncontrollable new vampire.

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#2 Scooby-Doo The Movie

Scooby doo the movie: Funny Horror Movies

Scooby dooby doo, where are you? If you are singing along these lines in your head, then you are a true scooby fan. The movie brings the Mystery Inc. group together after two years when they decided to shut their adventures forever. The mysterious island is full of paranormal activities, and what better than calling the best mystery-solving group for investigation. 

Scooby-doo fans will love watching the film as it full of hilarious scenes from Shaggy, Scooby, and the whole crew. Stream the movie with your family today and have a good two hours full of laughs.

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#3 The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted mansion: Funny Horror Movies

2003 was the age of perfectly made funny horror movies, and we are saying this while streaming The Haunted Mansion, a Disney production in the horror-comedy genre. When a real estate agent is accused of not giving his family time, he decides to take a family vacation and prove his wife and children wrong. 

Few miles later, the family is ready to take a break at the sinister mansion, but it is haunted by the master of the house along with his not-so-sweet butler and a few servants who are looking for a way to break the curse. 

Streaming On: Disney+ 

#4 Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters: Funny Horror Movies

Proving the existence of paranormal creatures and activities is probably the best recipe to make funny horror movies. Ghostbusters proves this line with its indigenous series of events where Abby and Erin are constantly trying to prove ghosts in society. 

Suddenly the whole of Times Square is filled with ghost appearances and thousands of mischievous paranormal creatures. Here comes the moment when the team of two turns to others for support, and soon the four women are on the outs preparing for a battle filled with nitty-gritty scenes and plenty of attitude.  

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#5 Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness: Funny Horror Movies

Sequel to another hilarious horror comedy movie, Army of Darkness does not fail to impress the viewers with a stellar performance by the cast filled with humor. The film can be easily counted as one of the best funny horror movies because of its plot that revolves around Ash.

Ash is sent back to the days of the medieval age where he needs to find the Book of the Dead. The book is the only totem that will help him go back to the time where he came from.  

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These are the eight best funny horror movies that will leave you laughing out your tears. All the films on our list will turn your gloomy day into a happy one with their humor-filled characters and perfectly timed comedy scenes. If you are in a bad mood today, make sure that you watch at least one comedy horror movie from our list to feel good. 

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