20 Best Funny or Weird Texts That will Leave You In Splits



Just as a pizza is incomplete without a coke, similarly a day is incomplete without a dad joke because we’re so used to it. But today, we have decided to leave this rich genre aside to give a fair opportunity to some other funny or weird texts or jokes to tickle you. (All the dad’s smiling proudly at a corner)

Next time you see your dad cracking his signature dad jokes, make sure you get inspired by some of these funny or weird texts and compete with him. Because every day, you need to prove to him that you are his child ( plus he should also get a taste of how the audience feels after listening to his not-so-funny-but-somehow-always-work-jokes).

For the sake of convenience, we’ve decided to split these funny or weird texts into three categories – Siblings, mother-child, and couples. Do not forget to take a cue from these funny or weird texts to make your loved ones laugh.

So, introducing to you the innocent banter of moms, the love-hate-ridicule relationship of siblings, and the naughtiness of the couples – all in a single article! So if you are done with reading all the knock-knocks and dark jokes, you should certainly read this article and try something different this time. Who repeats the same toppings of pizza every time, after all?

20 Extremely Funny or Wierd Texts That Can Help You In Everyday Conversations

The following are some of the funny or weird texts which you’ve been looking for – 


siblings funny or weird texts

1. Sister – If you get a chance, can you flush the toilet next time you take a dump. Thanks.

2. Sister 1 – Someone broke into the house and took your denim jacket so strangely.

Sister 2 – I hope that it returns tomorrow. fingers crossed!

3. Brother – Turn down your shitty playlist, or I will wipe my arse with your toothbrush again

4. Sister 1 – You are a hoe

Sister 2 – how I am a hoe ? 

Sister 1 – well, you did a lot of guys

Sister 2 – what kind of hoe knows the name, ages, and info about all the people they have slept or been with.

5. Sister 1 – I lost my debit card last night at the bar, so my life’s a joke.

Sister 2 – your life was a joke before that.

Sister 1 – well, damn.

6. Brother 1 – I know you’re the one who took mom and dad’s whiskey

Brother 2 – No idea what you’re talking 

 Brother 1 – I know you snuck out to see Emma last night

Brother 2 – if you tell mum and dad I swear I will murder you, and they will never find the body

Brother 1 – 5 bucks

Brother 2 – fine

7. Brother – How’s your day, babe?

Sister – It’s great, babe… that’s supposed to go to your wife. Either that or siblings day just got weird.

Brother – whoops

8. Brother – hey

Sister – hey

Brother – I can’t sleep 🙁

Sister – I Can. Goodnight


couples funny or weird texts

1. Boyfriend – babe, I have two questions.

Girlfriend – OK, Ask.

Boyfriend – Where have you been all my life?

Girlfriend – Aww, That’s so sweet. And the second question?

Boyfriend – Can you go back there, please?

2. Wife – Hey, did you find some cash in my pants pocket or the washer?

Husband – Did you lose some?

Wife – Yes

Husband – New phone. Who is this?

3. Girlfriend – You spend way too much time on Xbox and never spend any time with me

Boyfriend – But I’m trying to unlock a new achievement.

Girlfriend – Hey, guess what?

Boyfriend – What?

Girlfriend – Achievement Unlocked: SINGLE 

4. Girlfriend – I had such a bad day!! I need 2 see your 8===D

Boyfriend – This is Daniel’s mom. That’s so sweet!! You had a bad day and want to see his smile 🙂

Girlfriend – Yeah! I missed him so much 2day! Can you show him the text?

Boyfriend- Sure! I showed him, and he said he can’t wait to see your (.)(.) I Think he means eyes!! You guys are so cute together 🙂


mom funny or weird texts

1. Mom – What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?

Kid – I don’t know, love you, talk to you later.

Mom – OK, I will ask your sister.

2. Kid – mom, where are you

Mom – leaving Walmart. Halfway home. Why sweetie?

Kid – you brought me to Walmart with you.

3. Mom – please stop changing google so much; I like the original one.

Son – Mom, I don’t change the Logo, Google changes

Mom – don’t you run the Google on my computer

Son – if I did, I would be driving a 2004 Ford.

4. Mom – Hey my little pregnant girl, would you manage to do some dishes?

Daughter – What, how do you know? Is it that obvious?

Mom – oh, and do the laundry. And I meant pageant girl, haha

Mom again – wait… What??

5. Mom – the road was a little icy out today. Be careful when you drive.

Daughter – I will

Mom – YOLO

Daughter – It’s usually not meant as a warning, mom.

6. Son – I got an A in chem!

Mom – WTF, well done!

Son – Mom, what do you think WTF means?

Mom – Well, That’s Fantastic

7. Mom – your aunt just passed away. LOL

Daughter – why is that funny?

Mom – why do you find Lots Of Love funny?

Daughter -mom LOL means laughing out loud.

8. Mom – I will not be at home this weekend. Threw $100 in your room, clean that shitty place if you want to use that money for buying food.

9. Mom – don’t forget to unload the dishwasher

Mom – did you finish your homework

Mom – We have to go to grandmother’s house

Mom – Dad and I talked, we are going to buy you a car next month.

Son – You are? Thanks.

Mom – No. We’re not. I was checking that you were getting my texts.

In a nutshell

So these were some of the jokes we wanted you to read and laugh at, and we hope you have managed to grab some content from these funny or weird texts. So, do not miss any opportunity to use them in your everyday interactions and be a total badass.