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If you love farming and like to play games that allow you to grow plants, then harvest moon and games like harvest moon are the best choices for you. However, if you have had your sweet time with the harvest moon, then it is time to find some great alternatives.

Harvest Moon is a fun game that you can play during your free time. The job is simple in the game. You have to harvest a farm in a beautiful town, tend to animals, woo the Mayor and the villagers, and then get married. Now that you have had a good time taming animals, you are in the outs to look for some bonus alternates. 

Being the good friend I am, I took the responsibility on my shoulders to find the best games like Harvest Moon for you. Here are the picks that I liked and enjoyed playing a lot. 

  1. Graveyard Keeper
  2. Travellers Rest
  3. Valheim
  4. Staxel 
  5. Garden Paws
  6. Farming Simulator 19
  7. My Time At Portia
  8. Stardew Valley

I did my part. Now it is your time to look at the best alternatives to the game and pick the ones that appeal to you the most. All the games below have their platforms mentioned, so you can easily select the ones that fit your requirements. 

8 Best Games Like Harvest Moon

Games Like Harvest Moon

At its core, all these games will give players the benefit of digging land and taking care of animals. However, all of these games have some additional elements of surprise that will make them love this game more than the original Harvest Moon. 

#1 Graveyard Keeper

Would you like a game that will let you dig up graves and then participate in witch burnings? If yes, you must play the Graveyard Keeper, the first in our list of games like harvest moon. The 16-bit visuals are the same in both games; however, the story is different. Graveyard keeper is one of the best simulator games and has kept all the players engaged with its unique gameplay. 

Available Platforms

Android, iOS, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

#2 Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest

Next on our list of games like harvest moon is Travellers Rest. If we look at the gameplay, it is a bit similar to Harvest Moon, but there are still many differences. In the latter case, you work on a farm and get married, while here, you have to brew drinks, take care of the food and the farm, and even manifest in relationships with the villagers. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish that make this game fun to play and enjoy.

Available Platforms


#3 Valheim

If you liked Harvest Moon because of the farming situation in its gameplay, I am sure you will love the next game on our list. Valheim is a next-level survival game based on a player’s farming skills. If you have good tactics to craft a farming tool and cultivate land right in time, there is nothing to stop you from surviving in this game. Craft, grow, plant, and prepare food while protecting your land from chaotic animals. 

Available Platforms


#4 Staxel


The next entry on our list of games like harvest moon may look similar to Minecraft visually, but the gameplay is entirely different. There is no survival mode like Minecraft in this game. Staxel is loosely on the concept of sandbox gaming, where you create and build your farm from scratch. You don’t have to worry bout enemy territories raiding you or coming after your farm. Relax and enjoy farming by making your friends your neighbors in the game and have fun in multiplayer gaming mode with various quests and adventures. 

Available Platforms


#5 Garden Paws

Garden Paws is a world full of tiny cute animals surviving in the woods because of their skills. The visuals of this game are magical and will keep the players hooked to their computer screens. The game lets you take over a cute miniature animal and take care of the shop, farming, and complete quests. Additionally, you will also have to help your other animal friends in taming and fishing. Remember to join a quest with full preparation as they take endless hours to complete, so be full prepared about your survival in the woods in the dark hours. 

Available Platforms


#6 Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19

We all know how crazy simulator games can be with all the realistic visuals and the entire gameplay seeming to come out of our screens, right? Farming Simulator 19 is precisely the type of game you will love if you are a big fan of realistic games. The competition in terms of farming is similar to harvest moon but minus the elements of romance and a super cute town. In this game, your entire focus will be on farming and upgrading your tools. Explore the surroundings and the animals that are too good to be true with this game. 

Available Platforms

PS4, PC, Xbox One

#7 My Time At Portia 

My Time At Portia is one of the best games like Harvest Moon that brings players a mix of Role-playing genres and creation mechanisms. You got married in Harvest Moon, but what about the kids? In this game, you do farming, harvesting, even fight the monsters, and look for resources, and after that, you get the option to have kids either by adopting them or pregnancy. The game is full of adventures and will provide gamers a fun session. 

Available Platforms

Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4

#8 Stardew Valley 

If you have ever played the match-3 game Homescapes, you will find that the beginning of Stardew Valley is similar to that in some aspects. You start with a plot that you have inherited and work on to turn it into a beautiful farm full of fresh veggies and fruits with happy animals. Besides the apparent gaming features, Stardew Valley came out as a ground-breaking game with its concept of supporting LGBTQ communities by depicting same-sex marriage in its gameplay. 

Available Platforms

iOS, Android, Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch 

Final Words:

These are the eight best games like harvest moon that you can play when you are in the mood for farming. All these games have an entirely different set of features, but the core concept of farms and animals remains the same. Play these games today, and let us know about your experience in the comments below. 

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