Best Gifting Apps for iOS in 2021


Picking the right gift for your loved one requires time, thoughtfulness, and energy [Ahm, to visit multiple stores]. But what if we say that some best gifting apps can cut down the time, save some bucks, and energy too. 

Buying gifts is such a hassle; you have to take a leave from your work, postpone all the important meets, and mooch around stores to find the best gift for parents, friends. But it doesn’t have to be in this way if you shop gifts online. Fortunately, you have iPhones and iPads; why don’t you let the best gifting apps help you with this challenging situation. We have the best apps that can help you to find, curate, and deliver customized gifts. 

According to the Apple Store, the best Gifting Apps are:

  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Artifact Uprising
  • Giftagram
  • Givingli
  • Zeel
  • Giftster 

How these apps help you to buy a perfect gift? These apps will help you buy and choose an ideal gift for your loved one and provide you with an idea of what they like more. 

Best Gifting Apps for iOS 

Without further fuss, here below, we have explained the apps in detail; these apps guide you through the process with ease.  

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Source: 1800Flowers

Have you ever stumped on what to gift? 

Don’t worry; flowers work on every occasion. You can buy fresh flowers on the 1-800-Flowers app. The app has a wide variety of flowers and makes the process of buying more effortless. You can book bouquets and send them to others in a flash. The app is really amazing if you want to gift flowers to your loved one easily and conveniently. 

You can send your loved one flowers, fruits, and handmade baskets in few clicks. Let your family and friend feel that you always miss them whether you are near or far.   

Artifact Uprising

Source: Artifact Uprising

Gift the favorite memory of your loved one with Artifact Uprising. Gifting someone a photo book or album is a unique way to express love and feelings. The app access Instagram photos and photos on other social networking sites and create gorgeous photo book, prints and more. 

You can gift memories that never fade away. There is no need to get confused between complex layouts; you can choose predefined custom layouts with the book get delivered with just one click. The best part of the app is quality products at an affordable price with great discounts. 


Source: Giftagram

Giftagram helps you to order a product with ease and comfort. The app sync with the contacts to deliver gifts directly to the friend or family member. You can choose from customized gifts like desserts, gadgets, clothing, plants, and more. The app has a reminder tab to ensure that you will never forget any birthday, anniversary, and party. The app also syncs with the calendar and reminds you about the special days and events. You can browse the items by category or price; it is the best app to find a perfect gift under budget. 


Source: Adweek

Do you think gift-giving is a woe? Then Givingli is here to solve all your woes and worries. Givingli is a platform to buy and ogre customized gift cards that are cute and adorable. These cards are just perfect for any occasion to express your feelings. Your loved one will surely love these handmade customized cards. You can buy a physical or a virtual card depends on the occasion. The app has hundreds of beautiful digital greetings, stickers, and fonts that you will love. Wait!!! You can also buy gift vouchers of brands to gift with these cards so that your friend can choose whatever he/she likes. 


Source: Jcount

Do you know someone who loves a massage? Now you can pamper your siblings and bestie with Zeel at-home massage app. You can book a masseur or masseuse with the type of massage that you want to gift. 

Imagine after a very long day, your mom is so tired, and when you gift her a relaxing massage, what can be more desirable than that for her. Gifts can be varied, but gifting remains the same.  


Source: Giftster

Have you ever stuck on a picky/choosy friend? We always!!! Giftster is here to save you from these choosy friends and family members. You can create a group on the app where everyone can share their favorite items they loved to have, and you can easily buy for all from the app without -hassle. You can be a Santa for everyone.  

Final Verdict

The above-listed apps are the best gifting apps for iOS. These apps have everything that one can demand. All the apps are great and provide you a wide variety of products that are perfect for gifting. These apps make gifting very easy and convenient. You can buy products with one click and easily. 

If you think that we have missed any app that you believe should be on the list, please don’t forget to share your valuable comments in the comment section below.  

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