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After reading this title, you might have started recalling your favorite anime characters. But for today we have got you something specific, from the anime lot! We have got you a detailed thesis on Green Haired Anime Characters today.

Eye-catching characters, immersive virtual worlds, and continuous background music are some key features of anime series apart from their poppy hair colors. The anime world is so deep that we will fall in love with each and every element. But let’s not get distracted and jump back to the topic again!! 

Know About 10 Most Popular Green Haired Anime Characters

Green is the color of nature, but in the anime world, the craze for green guys has its own fandom. You also might have noticed some green-colored hair guys in anime shows like Naruto (2007), One-Punch Man (2015), Death Note (2006), etc. From such a popular anime series, we have made a list of green-haired characters. So, let’s start the thesis without delay. 

1# Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is a female superhero character from the anime series One Punch Man (2015-19). Tatsumaki is also known as Tornado of Terror. She has the immense mental power to plan and execute her power against the enemy. Apart from other things, she has a soft corner for the bald hero of  One Punch Man, Saitama. The love story of Saitama and Tatsumaki has attracted spectators to the show, other than those funky green hair!

Green Haired Anime Characters
Green Haired Anime Characters

2# Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura is a character from the haunted Manga TV series Tokyo Ghoul (2014). Tokyo Ghoul is based on the love story of humans and ghouls. Ghouls are the characters who appear to be human, but are zombies. Basically, Ghouls are man-eaters. Yoshimura, a man, falls for a ghoul Ukina, leading to the birth of Eto. Eto encompasses the powers of humans and ghouls. Her character is also based on similar ambiguities, so it is hard to say that she is a villain or a hero. I guess that could be one of the reasons for her green colored hair, not depicting natural human hair and that of the  villains’ too! 

3# Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss is a kid character in the anime TV series Hunter x Hunter (2011-14). Hunter x Hunter is a drama based on a kid Gon Freecss. Earlier, Gon’s father had abandoned his family to become a famous hunter. Now, Gon also aspires to become a hunter like his father. Gon’s character brings on a ton of drama, resulting in a 9/10 IMDb rating of Hunter x Hunter. The rating will definitely attract you as a viewer, but deep down you are attracted to his green hair. 

Green Haired Anime Characters
Green Haired Anime Characters

4# Broly 

Broly is a spiked green-haired character in the famous anime series Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is a series based on Saiyans (naturally aggressive warrior race), who want to control all the planets there in the universe. For the 1st time, Brolly appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (original 1993). Recently, a remake was released in 2018, named Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Broly plays the villain’s character, who is mentally unstable as an adult. In terms of powers, Broly is born with a power greater than most elite adult Saiyans and you can add his different colored hair too in that list.  He later becomes the “Legendary Super Saiyan.” 

5# Ciilan

If you are also a Pokemon crazy geek, you might know Ciilan already. Ciilan is a character from the Pokémon (1997-present) anime series. He is a cook and also a gym leader at Striaton City Gym. People don’t know, but he is also an A-class Pokémon trainer, belonging to Grass-type. He is capable of seeing the compatibility and closeness between Pokémon and their trainers. He has helped many Pokémon, including Panage, Curustle, Stunfisk, Basculin etc.

Green Haired Anime Characters
Green Haired Anime Characters

6# Mallow

Pokémon show is considered the all-time favorite Anime in the entertainment world. Mallow is a girl in the Pokémon series. Like Ciilan, Mallow also loves cooking. She appears as a cute teenage student with green hair at the Pokémon School is enough to make the show more charming. Rebecca Soler, a US-based dubbing artist, has given her voice to Mallow. Amazing i am telling you it is. Watch now! 

7# Erimaki Sharo 

Erimaki Sharo is a teen girl character in Naruto (1999) series. She is mostly known for her frilled-neck lizard, which helps her attack and fight. The Naruto series is based on a young ninja boy who wants to become a Hokage or leader of a village. Erimaki Sharo’s role is very short, but her green hair catches the eyes for a moment. 

Green Haired Anime Characters

8# Ayota Naoi

Ayota Naoi is a teenage boy’s character in the anime series Angel Beats (2010). Angel Beats is a high school drama showing middle-class kids’ school fights and love affairs. Naoi’s character is of a very mature person. He is a potter holding the presidency of the school. Previously, he was an isolated, lost guy, jealous of his elder brother. But, after the death of his brother, Nao helps his family to get stable, fulfilling the void of his brother. 

9# Tomohiro Nagatsuka

Tomohiro is a cute fatty boy from the love drama A Silent Voice (2016). A Silent Voice is again a high school drama, projecting a deaf hero Shoku, who faces regualr bullies in class. Shoku’s transformation into a successful boy, with a peripheral love story, is the main point of attraction for the audience. Tomohiro’s curly green hair attracts his fellows. Tomohiro’s unconditional sympathy and support to Shoku is very much appriciatable. 

Green Haired Anime Characters
Green Haired Anime Characters

10# Haku

Haku is a nerdy girl from Spirited Away (2001). Spirited Away is a fictional drama, where a little girl, Hiragi, manages to save her parents from supernatural powers. Haku’s character is shown as a riverine spirit of a girl, who later becomes a supportive friend of Hiragi. Spirited Away’s story of dare, with amazing VFX work will leave you amazed. 

Final Words

From TV shows to web series, Anime has caught our eyes very well. From kids to adults to the aged, Anime has the potential to entertain you very much. We tried to present you a list of all-time favorite and most popular Green Haired Anime Characters, but the list doesn’t end. So, explore your favorite anime show more deeply, might you find your unnoticed green-haired guy or girl! 


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