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Best gym in Jammu City: Welcome! If you are new to the fitness lifestyle. When it comes to staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle, the first things that pop up in our mind is probably hitting the Gym. 

If you are one of those people looking forward to getting started with your daily dose of fitness and searching for the Best Gym in Jammu, You are in luck! Before you make a decision and sign up, visit a few local gyms when you would normally be exercising. Set yourself up for success by choosing the fitness center that will inspire your active lifestyle.

This particular post, we are going to introduce you to the 10 Best Gyms in Jammu City which also considered it as a  Top fitness gym in Jammu. S0, Here are the Top 10 Gyms in Jammu you need to work out at least once in your lifetime. Let’s jump right in!

How to Find the Best gym in Jammu City | What to look For When Joining a Gym | 8 Easy Ways to Find the Right Gym in Jammu City

What do you look for when trying to find a good gym? Here I will list 8 easy things to consider when taking the time to find a membership with qualities you are looking for.

1. Location: Pick a location that is easy to reach and a quick trip from your home, school, or work. Having a gym near you makes it easier to go – and more likely that you’ll stick to your exercise routine.

Fysiq Bungee Studio St Louis MO
Fysiq Bungee Studio St Louis MO

2. Hour: Many gyms are available 24/7, but others are closed on Sundays or weekends. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Make sure that the gym’s schedule meshes with yours.

3. Staff: You should be greeted upon arrival and made to feel welcome. Don’t feel shy about asking for the staff’s qualifications. Are our staff members readily available to answer questions or spot you on a machine? Can you book sessions with an on-site massage therapist or nutritionist?

4. Equipment: Check out What type of strength training machines do they have, and how many? Several broken machines are a bad sign. Ask about other equipment that is available for your use, including yoga balls, medicine balls, TRX straps, exercise mats, boxing bags, kettlebells, and stackable steps.

5. Gym Size and Crowd Control:  Some people prefer a giant fitness center where they can be anonymous; others like a smaller gym that feels more like a community. Are there enough machines to go around, or is every treadmill busy? If cardio machines have a sign-up sheet, will it bother you to have to wait in line to get in your workout? Does the gym feel crowded?

6. Classes and Personal Training:  You should check What schedule of classes are offered at the gym? Are they included in your membership fee, or do they cost extra? Can you attend a sample class for free? Is personal training available, and if available check out at what cost?

7. Price: Follow these Steps-

  • Consider the monthly cost of membership, what the membership does or doesn’t include, and whether or not you must sign a contract. Is there a free or reduced-price trial period?
  • Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when deciding between local gym

8. Vibe:  How does being at the gym make you feel? Welcomed or weary? Are people friendly and professional – or staring and awkward? Would you feel comfortable exercising here? Do you hear loud music, weight-lifting yells, or non-stop chattering? Some gyms are more high-energy, while others are chilled out – and the vibe can often vary throughout the day.

The 10 Best Gyms in Jammu City to Join in 2020 – Best Gym Chains

1. Anytime Fitness Gym in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu City
  • open now, until 23:30
  • Location: 1st Floor, Plot No.28/6, Narwal Jammu Narwal
    Gym/Physical fitness center
  • Website:- anytimefitness.co.in

When we talk about Best Gym in Jammu city, Anytime Fitness Gym comes on the list. Their professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need. Membership includes a free, no-pressure fitness consultation, global access to more than 4,500 gyms, and always-open convenience.

They provide a variety of training options, guidance, and support to help you stay on track and reach your goals. Anytime Fitness team will prescribe the perfect program to get you started and on track to meet your fitness goals.

2. Gold’s Gym in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu City
  • Address: 2nd Floor, above Vishal Mega Mart, Bahu Plaza
  • Telephone: 9070628888
  • Web site: goldsgymindia.com

When we talk about Famous Gym in Jammu, Gold’s Gym comes on the list. The Gym will follow a globally Prove Fitness training with State-of-the-Art-infrastructure.

They provide Personal Training, Strength Training, 8-Stack Multistation, Abdominal Bench, Arm Curl, Benches, Chest Press, Chin Up Bar, Dumbbells, Multi-Adjustable Bench, Pec Fly, Preacher Bench, Cardio Machines, Treadmills, Cycles, Lateral Raise Machine, Rowing Machine, Cross-Trainers, Crossfit Training, Bodybuilding, Kettlebells, Zumba, Aerobics & Yoga Classes. Gold’s Gym has the atmosphere and experience you need.

3. K16 Gym & Spa in Jammu

Best Gym in Jammu City
  • Website: k16gym.com
  • Address: 87- B.c, Road Rehari Chungi, Near J&K Bank, Jammu Cantonment, Jammu and Kashmir 180005
  • Phone: 097960 12394

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu, K16 Gym & Spa in Jammu comes on the list. K16 Gym is one of the Famous and best Gym in Jammu. The Gym provides general fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health. The gym offers a variety of services to improve health, beauty, and relaxation through personal care.

Also, they provide Cardio Training, Biceps Training, Triceps Training, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Resistance Training, Muscle Building, Flat Benches, Barbell Exercises, Functional Training, Kettlebell Workouts, Squat Racks, Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Leg Press, Shoulder Press, Power Racks, Multi-Adjustable Bench, Bodybuilding, Cable Cross Machines & Treadmills.

4. KC Sports Club in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu City
  • Address: Opp. KC Public School, Akhnoor Road, Jammu Jammu City
  • Telephone: 9086061681/84/53
  • Web site: kcsportsclub.in

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city, KC Sports Club in Jammu comes on the list. KC Sports Club is the only world-class indoor-outdoor sports facility not only in J&K but also in north India. With its three floors of air-conditioned space measuring nearly 64000 square feet, it is a Mecca for individuals and families who wish to seek respite from their day-to-day mundane and hectic lifestyles.

Also, they provide, the Gym, the Cricket Hall, the outdoor Cricket Oval, the indoor swimming pool, 2 Squash Courts, the outdoor fitness arena, and 2 multi-sports halls offering facilities in all major sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Futsal, Fencing and various other health and fitness activities such as Aerobics, Gymnastics, Yoga and Martial Arts.

5. Transform Fitness in Jammu

Best Gym in Jammu City
  • Address: sec 2, Channi Hiimmat, near ICICI bank, Jammu Cantonment, Jammu and Kashmir 180015
  • Phone Number: 094694 87503

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city, Transform Fitness comes on the list. Transform Fitness is the Jammu’s First outdoor/indoor health club with the latest cardio and strength equipment comprising of 10000 sqft area.

They offers Specialise training such as Functional Training, Bootcamp, Rope Climbing, Crossfit Workouts, Kettlebells, Weight Management, Personal Training, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Barbell Exercises, Squat Racks, Exercise Balls, Cardio Machines, Elliptical Cross-Trainers, Exercise Cycles, Treadmills, Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Weightlifting, Power Racks & Multi-Adjustable Benches. Also, the Gym provides a wide range of equipment by offering a great atmosphere with friendly staff to help you achieve your goals.

6. Women Alive Gym in Jammu

Best Gym in jammju City
  • Address: Channi Himat, Jammu Cantonment, Jammu and Kashmir 180015
  • Phone: 094191 04585

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city for Women, Women Alive comes on the list. Women Alive is all about keeping the woman in you alive. The environment of the fitness centre suits just right for women who come from every walks of life – from working professionals and housewives to students. It has certified and qualified fitness trainers. For those looking for a complete fitness package, this place serves your right.

7. International Gym in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu
  • Address: Tank Rajpura Road Tawi – Jammu
  • Telephone: 9419124126

International Gym India has launched India’s very first International Fitness Management Institute -international Gym Fitness Institute. It offers certificate courses in Fitness Management, Personal Training, and Group Exercise Instructing. Covering a spacious 200 sq feet area at the international Gym, retail colony Road locality, international Gym Fitness Institute covers a range of subjects to comprehensively address and ensure the best international brand practices in India. These include Physiology Kinesiology Sports injuries Nutrition Weight training and Supplementations.

8. Royal Fitness Club Gym in Jammu

Best gym in jammu
  • Address: Near JDA Park Patoli More, Old Janipur, Jammu Jammu City
  • Telephone: 9086299699

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city, Royal Fitness Club Gym comes on the list. We want to just perfect ur body shape. U can fully be dependent on us. We promise u to give our best to build ur body.

9. Planet Fitness Gym in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu
  • Address: Satyam Road, East Extention, Trikuta Nagar Jammu
  • Telephone: 9419140112

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city, Planet Fitness Gym comes on the list. It is a Fitness club situated in Trikuta Nagar that serve the fitness needs of minors, young and old. It is a health club that is Equipped with modern cardio and strength equipment along with aerobics, dance aerobics, pilates, yoga, power yoga the club is committed to making its members fit!!

10. Volume Gym-Unisex in Jammu

Best Gym in jammu city
  • Address: opposite narwhal hospital Jammu
  • Telephone: 8803614282

When we talk about the best gym in Jammu city, Volume Gym-Unisex comes on the list. It is the best gym you can get in Jammu. They provide great facilities, staff, programs, and overall a fantastic gym. Also, Separate ladies timings are provided. Professional trainers along with dieticians (nutritionists) available.

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