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I know you are bored with your regular dull and non-colored hair. Do you want to make them look peppy and spicy? If yes, then I would recommend you apply the best hair bleach so that you can make your hair look trendy and new. Bleach can make your hair enjoyable for a few days but after that, you will miss the real shine. Why? Is bleach bad for hair? Let’s read about bleach in detail.

Bleaching is a chemical way of dying hair that follows proper technique and takes around 20-25 minutes. There is a variety of options available with all bold and nude shades. Try going with safe bleaches with creamy and nourishing components.

Bleaching is a significant hair change and has advantages as well. It makes hair thick and irresistible for people with thin hair. Really??? Hell, Yes! Once you decide to bleach your hair it will never return to its natural color (I hope you knew this) because the color molecules are permanent as the dye reaches your hair follicles. It is specially designed for hair to pull out the pigment of the cuticle and lighten it. 

Let’s not waste time and check out various important aspects of hair bleaching, which will prove convenient and productive for you.

4 Best Hair Bleach For Dark Hair | Recommendations By Professionals

Bleaching has an alkaline agent that is responsible for the opening of the hair cuticle. The other bi-product is an oxidative agent that perforates the hair cortex and dissolves the natural melanin present in the hair. If you regularly color your hair, then soon, you have to use bleach. Hair bleach is a vital step when you lighten your dark hair or lighten already dyed hair.

Every hair bleach is different from one another in its composition as well as quality. There is a huge difference between a generic hair bleach brand and top professional hair bleach products. Nobody wants to damage their hair by applying regular or cheap bleach; instead, everyone wants to use the best quality bleach without compromising its quality because that is the only way to keep your hair smooth, strong, nourished, and beautiful.

Here is the list of top quality hair bleach kits which you can use at home without any allergies and significant side effects-

1# L’oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Colour

This product is widely known for its shimmering and edgy colors, transforming the hair from blah to brilliant. This product ranges in 50+ bold shades, from deepest black to platinum blonde. You can now bleach happily at home and free yourself from booking an appointment. 

1# L'oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Colour

L’oreal Lasting Hair Colours are available in different formulations and styles, giving permanent, semi-permanent, temporary hair color and root cover-up. This product cares about tresses, smoothening hair texture, and giving it a bounce.

Price- $38.03

2# JKS International All Plex Hair Defender

This Italian formula kit for hair bleaching is a miracle formula that prevents damage during the bleach. It ensures strengthening treatment by reducing 98% hair breakage. The product is free from sulfate, paraben, MI, DEA and from animal cruelty.

JKS International All Plex Hair Defender

This kit lasts for 80 applications and is a new molecular technology. It protects the scalp and hair during chemical treatment. Due to its emollients, it restores the hair’s natural structure and seals the cuticles, making hair shiny and smooth.

Price- $43.90

3# Bond Angel Plex Effect

This product is a rich formula composition of natural extracts and microelements with modern scientific developments giving wow results and provides maximum effects from all the procedures that are performed. This product lasts for weeks and gives hair a soft, bright, and beautiful texture.

 Bond Angel Plex Effect

It creates 100% platinum blond with the required safety and best quality of every hair fiber. You can also use Bond Angle for other procedures like coloring, straightening, hair repair treatment, etc.

Price- $49.97

4# Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

This product is a premium hair lightener that prepares hair for intense, vibrant colors. It lifts hair evenly from everywhere for incredible results. The bleaching kit has vegan and cruelty-free ingredients accredited by PETA.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

It prevents damage and has recuperative properties, that hydrates and ‘fills’ processed hair. It is always advised to follow the exact instructions and description as mentioned on the product packaging.

Price- $27.90

How To Apply Hair Bleach? Appy It Right!

According to colorist Rachel Bodt, you should never use any bleach on your hair at home, but not everyone has the budget to spend at saloons. In case if you don’t want to spend at saloons and want to bleach on your own, then follow the steps listed below. It is advised not to bleach on your own unless you know the proper techniques and methods.

How To Apply Bleach | Know The Right Way

1# Comb your hair correctly, put on some old tee and rubber gloves.

2# Mix developer and lightener.

3# Apply it evenly on each strand, section by section.

4# Apply it thoroughly, starting from the scalp.

5# Cover it up with foil strips.

6# Wash and rinse thoroughly.

7# Use a hair mask.

8# Add some hair toner to keep the frizziness away.

Ensure you rinse the bleach properly from your hair and follow it with shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask afterward. For a while, skipping heat styling your hair is recommended; enjoy your fabulous hair makeover. You can also do some cute and easy hairstyles to enhance the beauty of your freshly bleached hair.

How To Apply Bleach? Get Into The Details!

How To Apply Bleach | Know The Right Way

This bleach powder and developer are liquid chemicals with hydrogen peroxide, which activates the bleaching powder and lightens the hair. Developers are in different levels like 10, 20, 30, 40; it all depends on you, that is, how much of a color you like. To bleach, you have to mix the bleach powder with the developer, also known as cream peroxide. If you use volume 10, your hair color will rise by one shade. If the volume is 20, it will be lifted by two ghouls. Try not to exceed the volume of developers by 30.

Before mixing your bleach powder and developer

  1. Ensure you have all the required equipment like a plastic bowl, rubber gloves, brush, foil strips, sectional brush, and crocodile pins.
  2. Put bleaching powder in a plastic bowl and slowly add developer, adding a little at a time.
  3. Mix them thoroughly to get a smooth, lump-free, and well-combined mixture.

Mix the correct ratio of bleach powder and developer with a thumb rule to follow that is mix one part of bleach with two parts of the developer. Make sure that the volume level of both won’t get affected. If your mixture has less developer and more bleach, then the cuticle won’t get lifted, and if more developer and less bleach, this will end up damaging your hair without lightening.


# Don’t add the developer in a bowl all at once. Otherwise, all you will get is a coarse, lumpy, and chunky mixture.

# Forget not to wear rubber gloves. Otherwise, this can cause burns to your hand.

# Use brands recommended by professional colorists.

Final Words

Though bleaching hair is tough to process and it may seem not very safe to beginners. As long as you know all the tips-tricks, your hair demands, bleach qualities, and all you are set to go. Also, don’t forget to flaunt your bleached hair.