Best Health and Fitness Apps in 2021



Being healthy is not easy. We need to keep an account of various attributes of health so that we can enjoy the fitness journey. There are plenty of health and fitness apps that can guide us and help us at this time.

Free Health and fitness apps will keep an eye on our actual body rates, our calorie intake, and also which exercise is beneficial as per our age and body type. 

Best Health and Fitness Apps in 2021 are My Fitness Pal, Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, Sworkit, Fooducate, Glo, Zones for Training, JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log, Headspace, PEAR Personal Fitness, The 7 Minute Workout; etc. These are tried and tested apps.

Let’s read about these apps and make a choice to at least download one for being healthy. 

10 Best Health and Fitness apps in 2021

Following are the ten best health and fitness apps with which we can start our fitness journey. Being fit is everyone’s voice but you also have medical apps installed in case of any unknown emergency.

1. My Fitness Pal

The topmost of the chart of fitness and health apps is My Fitness Pal. Rather than taking advice from your gym Bro, this Pal will give you much better advice with a logical approach. Through this app, your fitness journey becomes easy and achievable. 


  • It has over six million healthy dishes that will help you lose weight and make this journey tasty. 
  • It can easily come into action with various other apps, like your fitness watch, etc.
  • It keeps an account of both your calorie intake and physical act if done any.
  • It provides you with customized health courses and exercises as per your demand.
  • It has a range of around 400 + modern exercise with complete steps.
  • It also allows you to find fitness restaurant around for ordering healthy yet, mouthwatering food.


  • It is the best app but asks for an amount to unleash its premium access.
  • The premium account has a gregarious amount. 

2. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

daily workout fitness tariner- best health and fitness apps for 2021
Courtesy: Glamour

Daily Workout Fitness Trainer app is the best partner you can ask for during the fitness journey. It prepares customized workout routines for both men and women—the beginners and the advanced level exercise as per your demand.


  • It has a certified-exercises by the trainers, and there are recommendations as per your requirement as well.
  • It helps you with some home-workout routines as well.
  • It demands no monetary benefits before customizing exercises for you.
  • It is highly recommended for beginners due to its simple and step to step exercise.
  • The length and the intensity of workout sessions is controllable.


  • It doesn’t keep an eye on your calorie intake.
  • This application is built on a heap of certain limits, limiting your reach to attain the desired goal.

3. Sworkit

sworkit- best health and fitness apps for android users in 2021
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It is an application, which will present everything in front of you. You should be smart enough to curate & customize the entire workout, as per your will and need. It comes with t Yoga, strength exercise, Cardio, stretching, etc. Sworkit is a kit that all the fitness freaks will swear on.


  • Various workouts are customizable; you can just tap on the type of exercise and curate a session.
  • It helps you to focus on areas that you wish to focus on. What do you want other than that? You have a virtual trainer who will help you focus on the areas.
  • It can be easily integrated with other apps and devices. This is the best part.
  • It also comes with very cost-friendly exercises. You do not require equipment to perform them. 
  • You can also have personalized trainers and their recommendations.
  • It makes you start from a beginner’s level and slowly shift from medium level to advance level. 


  • No track is kept for nutrition intake and calories consumed.
  • You have few days free trial but later demands fess for complete access.

4. Fooducate:

Fitness is not just exercise but what you are putting in your body. This particular application will help you make the best-customized list of recipes so that you can put the best and healthy food for being fit in the mere future.


  • It has an inbuilt barcode scanner, which will help you have complete nutrition value and data, that can help you make the right choice.
  • The required macronutrients are listed so that you can be aware of their benefits.
  • There are a lot of recipes and diets with tips and various recommendations.
  • It helps us understand the nutritional values in a very simple way.


  • For upgrade access, a fee is required that can be paid through any online mode.
  • There are no workout routines on this application.
  • It also keeps an account of your physical activities and lifestyle factors.

5. Glo:

Glo fitness app- best fitness app for android users in 2021

For a balanced body, yoga is necessary. This application will help you have the best yoga experiences with a customized approach. You can have plenty of yoga asanas for beginners to advance levels. This application is a must for all yoga lovers.


  • It is the best and trusted application for all the yogis performing yoga.
  • It is like a classroom experience with a daily update.
  • It can be easily connected with various other devices.
  • It is a simple app, which does not demand internet connectivity.
  • The trainers are well-qualified and trained.


  • There are fewer efforts on meditation, Pilates, etc.
  • It keeps no track of Nutrition and calorie intake.
  • It demands a fee after a free trial.

6. Zones for training 

zones for training: best health & fitness apps for iOS  in 2021
Courtesy: Flask LLP

You want to be aware of your heart rate, your glucose rate and keeping a record of it. Zones for training is a monitoring app that will help you know about your body and its activity, with the help of your pulse rate.


  • People who all are experienced in exercising; this app is the best choice for them.
  • You can connect your Apple watch with it, to keep track of it.
  • It has the best strength and cardio exercise depending on your pulse rate to not lose on it.
  • No payment is required for complete access to this application.
  • There is fat-burning recommendations and feedbacks, which can make the journey easier.


  • It is not suitable for beginners and also people on medication.
  • It only provides factual data about the workout, instead should provide the actual workout videos.
  • For accessing the upgraded version, it asks for a fee.

7. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log- best health & fitness apps in iOS in 2021
courtesy: Facebook

If you are a gym freak and cannot find a trusted advisor for exercise, you should go ahead installing this app. It will customize the basic exercise for you, and therefore you will be able to make better exercise choices.


  • this has the best-customized exercise for each individual.
  • It also provides you with post analytics, that helps you to understand the gap in a much better way.
  • It has a library which can help you find the best exercises from the lot.
  • Statistics can be underlined using this application.


  • There is no guidance on the nutritional track or calories intake.
  • Fees is required to get access to its upgraded version.
  • It only supports strength training and nothing else.

8. Headspace:

headspace- best health & fitness app in 2021
courtesy: Best Designs

If you are going through a lot of stress in your day-to-day life and cannot analyze which asanas are great for you, then this app is the right choice. It helps you analyze the real reason behind the stress and make you do amazing yoga asanas and exercises.


  • It helps you go through a meditation phase and enjoy the calmness.
  • It can help you inform your self with wellness issues and also health issues.
  • It also has a great recipe, weight loss sessions and global food in one application.
  • It has proven mindfulness yoga practices.


  • No traditional exercises available, which are more beneficiary for the users.
  • There is no nutritional guidance delivered through this application.
  • It cannot even keep a record of your various body rates.
  • A good fee is required for upgraded access to this application.

9. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach:

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach- best health & fitness app for iOS in 2021
courtesy: AppAdvice

Fitness can be controlled by keeping a record of your calories and keeping a required control on it. This particular health and fitness app will help you count on the calories and make a noticeable change in the weight loss journey.


  • It helps you link it with your music app to link a session with a playlist.
  • It has a personal view on your training session from a beginner’s level to an advanced pro level.
  • It has a variety of basic exercises like cycling, yoga and running.
  • It will help you track the calories but at the same time will help you with better recommendations.


  • No tracking for your food intake makes it somehow a questionable app for installing, because primarily its focus is to keep a track on calories intake.
  • A minimum fee is required for accessing the entire application after free trails.

10. The 7 Minute Workout 

the 7 minute workout app- best health & fitness app for iOS in 2021
Courtesy: AppAdvice 

This app is an amazing health and fitness app for people who always have a busy schedule. It sorts the workout sessions for the user as per his/her demands. It has a basic workout session, the has a 7 minutes real intense workout and gets over with a sweat session for a complete workout.


  • It has a list of beginner-friendly workouts, that can help you become a pro at exercise.
  • It sorts the exercise sessions for those who have a busy schedule.
  • It also brings in forth exercises which are without equipment.


  • There is not track for calories intake.
  • A minimum fee is required for accessing the full minute videos.
  • There is the limit of 7miniute to all the session.

With these apps’ help, we can maintain a balance between our eating habits and exercises. If you want to know more about Health and fitness apps based on your android device or App Store tap on the links.