5 Best Horror Anime Series Worth Time Spending On!


People get excited about anime shows because there are many reasons for their popularity. What if I present you with a segregated list based on how horrifying the anime series is? If yes, today I have a list of the best horror anime series of all time, worth giving time to. 

Anime is already so popular that you will get excited when I will sprinkle the spice of horror. It is best to watch these series alone. Yes, if you won’t watch them alone, how will you experience the scary vibe, and no one will help you complete the entire list. Lol (Internet Slang). 

The best horror Anime series of all time which will make your heart pump a little faster are –

  • Blood +
  • Death Note
  • Umineko 
  • Hell Girl 
  • Mirai Nikki 
  • Corpse Party Tortured Souls
  • Monster 
  • Gantz
  • Another
  • Parasyte

These Were some of the bests. I have discussed the top five and my favorites in detail, chose one to get the thrill. 

5 Best Horror Anime Series of All Time | Scary Ride Worth Going for 

Following are the five best horror anime series that can make your experience scary as hell. Do not forget to order some delicious food from your favorite Food and Dinking Apps. 

Tip: Eat your food before watching because the scary vibe will not let you come out of the blanket. 

1# Blood +

Blood +: Best Horror ANime Series

It is one of the scariest anime series which you would love to watch. The protagonist Saya Otonashi is attacked brutally by an evil and horrifying creature, namely Chiropteran. The anime series title is so apt that you will see a lot of it in the film. 

The film’s narrative is so edgy that it will keep the audience hooked for the longest time. The story revolves around Saya and her journey of defeating these horrifying powers and recognizing her own when the film ends. 

This anime horror movie is a must-watch, and you should make sure you watch it at night because horror movies are much better when watched at night.

2# Death Note

Death Note

Reasons to watch Death Note are many because it has everything fantastic to serve its viewers. It is one of the most exciting and talk of the town as it has many questions to ask, to answer and lead to some critical evoking thoughts. 

Death Note is content made on the power given to you of writing names of the person you want to see dead. Now the most significant barrier in this is that of morality. Are you killing people for a good change or want to see that person finished? 

The horror genre is quite out there in the entire narrative, and I think you will be able to witness that part very beautifully while watching Death Note.

3# Umineko 


As an extension of the series When They CryUmineko is entirely a new concept of fear and an unexplanatory family reunion experience. The narrative is written so well that you will feel it and will be head over heels by the end of the series, so if you are watching that, make sure you be of no prejudice and see it to find out what it meant. 

This anime series is layered, which unfolds at every step, so the beautiful narrative entirely hooked me without a doubt. The complete Drama between the family is very intriguing and gruesome. 

I am damn! Sure, you will enjoy this piece of the story, and it will scare you as the tale walks up from the start till the end. 

4# Hell Girl 

Hell Girl

Will she make your life hell, or is it just a title given? You will watch the show and will understand it yourself. Hell Girl is about a girl who is into taking revenge. There are other characters, too; we can’t blame her alone. 

The narrative is about a girl who is into taking revenge, but at the same time, is thinking over her decision. The sorrow and pain are what we all experience, but based on that, we cannot think of sending someone to hell. 

Hell Girl is an intriguing story, and it stands alone without an extra or extension from other old narration. It would help if you watched this show.

5# Mirai Nikki 

Mirai Nikki

It is based on “chaos, love or affection can create.” It is a serious game where murder is to be done to get rid of a situation. It is inclined towards a psychopath’s position, which ultimately makes it horrifying for its viewers.

Mirai Nikki was one of the leading shows the day it was out, and even today, the stir that it creates amongst the viewers is unmatchable. Mirai Nikki is one of my favorite too, so, guys, I want you all to watch this extremely crazy show and enjoy the scary vibes. 

Do not forget to put a latch on all the doors and windows because the slightest sound can scare the sh*t out of you. 

Final Words

These were some of the best anime horror shows, which can scare you to the extreme. The best part of these shows is that they have a beautiful narrative to catch hold of and make the entire experience of watching horror anime worthy. So, watch them before it gets stale. 

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