Best Indie Games for Android 2021


Are you tired of playing boring old games and want to treat your inside gamer? Then this article is for you, I have a list of the best Indie Games for Android that you must try.

Indie Games are usually small games with great interactive connections with the user. There are millions of Indie Games for Android are available online. Finding good games among millions is like finding a needle in the haystack i.e. tough and difficult. But don’t worry! I have made a list of the best indie games after researching their genre and reviews.

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According to Google Play users reviews and ratings, the best Indie Games for Android for 2021 are:

  • Alto’s Adventure
  • Machinarium
  • Geopoly
  • Limbo
  • Fast Like a Fox
  • Terraria

I have given a brief detail about the above-listed games. Read the article below to find the size, ratings, and user reviews about the games.

Top Indie Games for Android in 2021

Read along with the article to find about the developers and availability of games and find the best game according to your wish, you can also check casual games.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure Logo: Best indie games
Source: AltoAdventure

Alto’s Adventure is a fictional endless snowboarding journey. You can join Alto in his journey that passes through alpine hills, villages, and woodlands. In the journey, you can win rewards and unlock tracks, and rescue llamas. 

Alto’s Adventure connects with you from the first track. You start loving the snowboarding journey with Alto. The game is easy to understand, but it is difficult to master. You require a lot of patience to become a master of all skills. 


  • Endless tracks with rewards
  • From exotic locations to the native village, the game covers all
  • Every snowboarding character has a unique ability


  • Some track are hards
  • Some lacks in the notch phones 

Game Rating: 7 years +


Machinarium Logo: Best indie games
Source: YouTube

Machinarium is an adventurous story game of a Robo Josef who is on a mission to save his girlfriend from the Black Cap Brotherhood gang. 

Join Josef to save his girlfriend from the gang members. In-game you can find puzzles, mechanics, and a beautifully crafted storyline. The game is awarded among all the best indie games for android by many agencies.


  • Interactive storyline and gameplay
  • Relaxing game with smooth soundtracks
  • Simple but amazing design


  • The game is paid and in-app purchases are expensive
  • Some puzzles are hard to pass-through

Game Rating: 9 years +


GEOPLAY Logo: Best indie games
Source: Google Play

Geopoly is an augmented reality game in which you can localize yourself in any part of the country and buy, sell and rent a property. You can create your real estate empire.

Geopoly is a virtual reality game for those who want to live a second life as a real estate king. You can compete with the world’s top multi-millionaires and check your global ranking. You would be lost in-game menus and find yourself addicted to the gameplay. 

Here’s more!!!!

When you become a real estate king you will start your branches and raise your income limit to compete with global ranks. You can create chains, discover properties, and more. 


  • Augmented Reality feature
  • Simple and easy


  • Geolocation fails sometimes
  • Game freezes sometimes

Game Rating: 13 years +


LIMBO Logo: Best indie games
Source: Youtube

Limbo is running adventure. The game starts with Limbo who is stuck somewhere in dark and needs your help to escape. You need to guide Limbo on a path that is full of spiders, traps, and dangerous life-taking articles. 

Limbo is an interesting running game different from all the other games available in stores.


  •  Interesting and breathtaking experience
  • Simple and easy


  • Paid game
  • Dark interface

Game Rating: 11 year +

Fast Like a Fox

Fast Like a Fox Logo: Best indie games
Source: Youtube

Fast Like a Fox is a tap game developed to make users active. The game uses mobile sensors to track the moment of the player and act responsibly. You can unlock treasures, find rewards, and much more.

Fast Like a Fox is an easy game to play but requires lots of concentration and patience to master your skill. You can unlock track by completing goals and engage yourself in the competition with friends. 


  •  Free and adventurous 
  • Collect rewards by playing and unlock treasures
  • Share scores with friends


  • Sometime freezes 
  • Short levels
  • Bad controls

Game Rating: 9 years +


Terraria Logo: Best indie games
Source: Youtube

Terraria is a Creative game that gives you the control to fight, build and grow. The game in-app provides lots of features including tasks, fight and improve your creativity by constructing a kingdom. 

Terraria is a multi-player game that you can play with your friend. You can change controls according to your need and ease. You can become the master of the architect in-game by constructing the buildings with creative options.


  • Endless maps
  • Amazing tools 
  • 400 enemies to battle


  • Paid game 
  • Expensive in-app purchase
  • High-end phones required 

Game Rating: 13 years +

Final Verdict

The above-listed best indie games are based on user reviews. It is hard to choose among the best indie games, but you can go for them according to your favorite genre.

So gamer what are you waiting for? Try these games and tell us what best indie game you like the most and also share your favorite games in the comment section, we would love to share it with other users so that the other users also have hands-on them!!!! 

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What is an indie game?

An independent video game also called an Indie Game. It is a video game created by a single or small group of individuals, without support from a publisher.

What is indie in game design?

Indie stand “independent”, refers to a game made by one person or a small team, especially one without financial support from a publisher.

Why are indie games so popular?

Indie Games have strong followings. That is why they become successful and tend to be very active on social media, gaming forums and various expos.

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