7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!


Are you getting bored? If yes, then this list of some Interactive Netflix Shows is something very essential for you. You will definitely enjoy this experience and will later recommend these shows to others. (I would suggest you share the article instead)

Interactive shows are best at capturing the audience’s attention by making them feel like they are also a part of the show. They are shows that you should give a try and enjoy the different trip altogether. 

If you are ready to try, then here’s a list of interactive shows for you!

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7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Try Out A Different Genre!

Among some top shows, interactive shows can add more to your entertainment. Trust me! You will not regret choosing these shows. So, let’s have a look at some hand-picked shows!

1# Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | The Show That Aims Adults 

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Black Mirror is one of those shows that have been credited for introducing a lot of people to interactive content. If you are aware of this show, it’s high time to start exploring it.

The show targets adults that offer high narrative complexity. Because the show features several endings, you can go back to the previous stories at any time to understand what was going on. As a result, re-navigating becomes much easier, and one can thoroughly understand the plot. 

No matter whether you will be able to watch the entire show, it’s a must-watch show for you. 

2# Carmen Sandiego: To Steal Or Not To Steal | A Combo Of Games And Animated Series

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Carmen Sandiego was earlier released as a computer video game in 1985. In 2020, Netflix adopted a few games and animated series elements to create this show. 

The show is highly fun, where Carmen Sandiego chooses her adventure story. She performs her best to save her friends in the clutches of the V.I.L.E criminal organization. 

The show is like old point-and-click adventure films and introduces its audiences to one of the most iconic multimedia entertainment. 

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3# Minecraft: Story Mode | Experience Lengthy Episodes 

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Minecraft is one of those unique shows that offer long yet relaxed interactive experiences to its audiences. As a result, Netflix features five episodes, and each of them is quite lengthy than your expectations.

The show offers a unique visual flair by framing every order with distinctiveness in terms of interaction. Though the episodes are lengthy, they are fun to watch. When they add something to a story of a particular episode, they add a notice so that you can check out the latest update.

The show can deliver subtle interaction, and the engagement is satisfactory. Overall, it’s an add-on for the fans of Minecraft that can keep them engaged. 

4# You vs. Wild | Explore Wilderness 

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

You vs. Wild is an interactive multi-episode series that gives a chance to its audiences to make themselves aware of a new aspect of Wilderness. If you have ever come across a survival show, it will be easy to know the difference.

Though it is an interactive show, it is very simplistic. Also, you will come across decisions by Bear Grylls (host of the show) that have various impacts. The show will leave you thinking about the possible ways to come out of a particular situation. (Bear Grylls asks for options)

Interestingly, every scene has an explanation behind it, which the show’s host gives to the audience. Whenever you feel confused, replay and start from the beginning!

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5# Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile | Treat For Young Fans

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Buddy Thunderstruck is a treat for the fans of its original series that targets younger fans.

Young fans can choose action, and the consequences are not that series on the rest of the story. Adding more to it, Buddy Thunderstruck offers more humorous options to try and see what happens next. 

It is not less than a silly special that requires much of your brain to understand.

6# Puss In Book: Trapped In AN Epic Tale | Enjoy Several Cameos 

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Puss In Book is an interesting show on Netflix that has added several cameos to guide the fate of Puss Of Boots. Because it targets children, it has a lot of things for them.

For those new to this show, automatic resets and various options make the plot interesting. To tell the young watchers which choice of the show they have watched displayed the viewed choices. (there are multiple choices, e.g., choosing the show with a different cameo will help Puss differently). 

For better interactiveness, there are distinct story paths. Also, it features some directing hints so that the young ones can make a good choice. All in all, the show is full of fun. 

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7# Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend | Find Faults In This Adult Comedy

7 Best Interactive Netflix Shows | Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the interactive Netflix shows with a pinch of adult comedy. If you have not heard about it, you will enjoy it more. Unveil the exciting parts!

The show offers different endings to the audience, and the interesting part is finding out the flaws. The comedy content of the show is highly rich, and you will have a great time exploring it.

So, if you search for a comedy on Netflix, don’t miss out on this option!

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Final Words 

I hope you have added some of my suggested shows to your best interactive Netflix shows library. Now, it’s time to stream them and add more to your fun!

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