Video editing is one of the trickiest works to do, but when you have iOS video editing apps with you, why are you trembling in fear. iOS video editing apps are easy to use and quick with their rendering.

When you have a lot of old footage and you are in question about what to do with them, just go ahead with turning them in the video. This way you will be able to add emotion to those images. This is all possible through these video editing apps.

If you want to edit videos on your iOS devices, then you can install these best iOS video editing apps, iMovie, Power Director, Luma Fusion, Filmic Pro, Final Cut Pro. These apps are for beginners except the Final Cut Pro. Few of them are paid and few can be easily installed from the App Store.

Let’s talk about these apps and know, how can be used in our day-to-day process of video editing.

5 Best iOS Video editing apps in 2021

Following are some of the best tried and tested iOS video editing apps, which can be installed easily on your iOS device.

1. iMovie

iMovie  app- best iOS video editing app
Source: Macworld

This preinstalled video editing app will help you edit the video at a very basic level. It will edit your video to the end product, but furnishing which is required will be missed as this video editing app does not have a newer version of transitions, backgrounds, fonts, etc.


·It has a lot of templates in it, like that required for a news show, a match, a recorded tape; etc.

·It has very a smaller number of font options, so you will be limited in that particular area.

·The already built-in audios for various noises and sounds, are of exceptional quality.

·iMovie is the best video editing app for beginners.


You can easily install this video editing app from the iOS App Store, but it is always preinstalled. It is unavailable for Android users.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

2. Power Director

Power Director- best iOS video editing app
Source: apkzr

Power Director is the quickest and amazing video editing app. It helps you to edit the videos in a 4K quality and also helps you to stabilize the old footage. Power Director is the easiest video editing app, that can help the director himself/herself edit the content. It can directly post the video on social sites, otherwise, you can just save it on your device or any external storage.



·It has a variety of fonts for creating eye-catchy titles.

·A shaky footage can be stabilized with the help of this video editing app. Be cautious while using this tool, it can also slow down the pace of the video.

·It has the best blending effect and overlapping effects which will give a push to your video and editing skills.

·If you want to edit the video quickly this is the app for you.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


You can install this video editing app on any of your iOS devices.

3. Luma Fusion

Luma Fusion- iOS Video editing app

Luma Fusion is the most trusted and used video editing app on iOS devices. It come s with world-class UI. It has a lot of free tools that will not fetch any penny from your pocket. It can also give your video a furnished look with the help of advanced tools. This is one of the most recommended iOS Video Editing Apps.


·It provides you from 18fps to 240fps of the framework.

·It has a plethora of free audios on this application, which will help you add interesting sound and music, royalty-free.

·It also provides a newer version of transitions and effects that can make your videos the best.

·You have an option for adding notes to your timeline so that you do not forget about important points later.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


You can install this application from your app store.

4. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a video camera app but also helps to enhance the aesthetic of the video. It also has an option of editing the video from an outer source, which is filmed using a normal camera. Filmic Pro is the first choice of professionals because, if you film the video on it, it does not demand any further editing. But you can trim and add effects; etc.


·It has the best quality of tools and effects, that will help you create magic.

·You can also be called a one-stop-shop for video making and video editing.

·Filmic Pro has a lot of never seen before transitions that can be added once the video has been shot.

·Filmic Pro is one of its kind, never seen before the app, that helps you click images, make videos and edit both.



Rating: 4 out of 5.


You can download this application on your iOS device after installing it from App Store.

5. Final Cut Pro

If you are searching for a supreme powerhouse of iOS video editing app, then this software is a must for you. You can have an amazing experience of video editing using this app. It is widely used by professionals around the globe.


·The most amazing transitions for videos are available on this software.

·It has sharp cutting tools, that will help you trim the video and also crop the frame.

·This is also announced as the world’s best editing application, you why don’t you install it.

·Final Cut Pro is the first choice of all the professionals.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


It is a paid application, available on the App store.

These are some of the amazing applications, you should download them and edit your videos, seamlessly.


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