6 Best Japanese Dramas To Fill The Void | Enjoy While You Are Stuck At Home!


2021 may have put our travel plans on hold, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the scenic beauty of destinations like Japan at home. With the best of the best Japanese dramas that the multiple OTT platforms are serving, drowning in Japan’s beauty and intricate lifestyle has become easy for everyone. 

Many people often confuse Japanese dramas with Korean dramas because of their similarities, but that’s where they are wrong. Unlike Korean dramas, Japanese dramas don’t focus only on love. They often focus on essential topics such as day-to-day struggles, survival in today’s world, and other important things. Though romance isn’t dead in Japan, they like to balance by mixing one or two important topics. 

Japanese dramas may be underrated, but they are worth watching because of their length, intense chemistry between the characters, and intriguing storylines. Unlike the Japanese movies that feel like a drag, dramas have a different entertaining vibe that will make you fall in love with the characters with each episode. 

Now that I have your full attention let’s move ahead and take a look at the best Japanese dramas that will keep you company throughout the day. 

6 Fun Japanese Dramas To Watch Over Weekend | Enjoy The Beauty Of Japan At Home!

There are a lot of Japanese dramas available on multiple different platforms, but you won’t get the time to stream all of them, would you? So, it is better to start the journey with the dramas worth your time that give you a sneak peek into authentic Japanese life. Below listed are a few popular TV series that are not only fun to watch but will also make you learn a lot of new things about Japan. 

1# For You In Full Blossom- Ikemen Paradise (2011)

1# For You In Full Blossom - Ikemen Paradise (2011) Best Japanese Dramas

For You In Full Blossom is a story of a young girl named Goo Jae-hee who is fascinated with Kang Tae-Joon, a field, and a track athlete. During one of the races, when Kang Tae gets severely injured, Goo Jae disguises herself as a boy and transfers to an all-boys school to meet him. Once she enters the school, everything starts to turn upside down, and Goo Jae starts questioning her random life decisions. 

Streaming Platform: SBS TV 

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10  

Director: Jeon Ki-sang  

Star Cast: Sulli, Lee Hyun-woo, Choi Min-ho, Kim Ji-won 

2# Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo (2018)

2# Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo (2018)

Kotoko Aihara is an average high school student who falls in love with a fellow student Naoki Irie, also known as the pretty boy of the school. Since Naoki does not find Kotoko smart at all, he rejects her but later starts developing feelings for her. When Kotoko’s house is destroyed, she and her father are forced to live with family friends, who turn out to be Naoki’s parents.  

Streaming Platform: Crunchyroll 

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 

Director: Nagata Koto, Kawano Koji 

Star Cast: Yuki Furukawa, Yuki Yamada, Honoka Yahagi, Yuga Aizawa 

3# Million Yen Women (2017)

3# Million Yen Women (2017)

How would you like to spend six months of your life with five different women willing to pay for your expenses but in return they only ask not to question their lifestyle. Popular Japanese drama Million Yen Women offers the same story about an unpopular novelist Michima Shin whose father is in jail for killing three people. One day five women from different backgrounds start living with Shin only to find that six months later, all of their lives change forever. 

Streaming Platform: Netflix 

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Director: Fujii Michihito 

Star Cast: Rena Takeda, Rena Matsui, Rila Fukushima, Miwako Wagatsuma 

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4# Code Blue (2008)

4# Code Blue (2008)

Popular teen drama Code Blue is influenced by the famous “Doctor Helicopter” system, which was made legal in Japan back in 2007. Code Blue revolves around the story of a team of 4 young doctors who are sent to provide medical assistance on the field. At first, everything seems easy to them, but once they start their field job, they begin to experience trauma due to intense medical situations and the sorrow of families losing people close to them. 

Streaming Platform: KissAsian 

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10  

Director: Nishiura Masaki 

Star Cast: Manami Higa, Reika Toda, Tomohisa Yamashita, Yosuke Asari 

5# Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you start catching feelings for a humanoid? Start streaming the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend and find out for yourself. Kronos Heaven is a developer who completes his dream project “Night Tenjo,” a humanoid designed to be devoted and loyal to its partner. Izawa Riiko is a temp worker chosen to participate in the trial, but soon she catches feelings because of the humanoid’s devotion. 

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Director: Hijikata Masato, Sato Genta 

Star Cast: Mocomichi Hayami, Miki Maya, Saki Aibu, Jingi Irie 

6# My Boss My Hero (2006)

6# My Boss My Hero (2006)

My Boss, My Hero revolves around the life of Sakaki Makio, a 27-year-old grumpy high school dropout who needs to graduate if he wishes to take over his father’s company as the next CEO. If Makio does not complete his graduation, his father will give his younger brother Mikio the position. To avoid that, Makio joins a nearby high school, but the real test begins when he has to keep his identity and age a secret. 

Streaming Platform: My Asian TV 

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10 

Director: Toya Sato, Sakuma Naroyoshi 

Star Cast: Tomoya Nagase, Yuu Kashii, Yui Aragaki, Koki Tanaka 

Final Words

If you are new to the world of Japanese TV series, these are the perfect drama stories to begin with. However, if you are a pro and have a few more suggestions, don’t be shy and make sure that you drop the names in the comments section below so that our viewers can enjoy their weekends to the fullest. 

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