5 Best Kidnapping Movies On Hulu | Thrillers That Give Goosebumps!


One of the most interesting genres of movies is crime and thrillers. When watching such a movie, my favorite thing to do is try and solve a crime before the protagonist does. Movies that depict kidnappings and murders are great to hone our detective skills. God forbid we ever need them!! If you are looking for recommendations for the best kidnapping movies on Hulu, your search stops here.

Crime is the most popular type of plot we see in movies. Gone are the days when all the movies would either be romantic movies or family dramas. Films need to be filled with thrill and adventures now. For that, I have used my detective skills and tried to find the best kidnapping movies available on Hulu. With a diverse collection, Hulu is a great place to watch movies. Whether you want to watch the best mystery movies or the best crime movies, Hulu is your friend.  

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With lots of options available, searching through Hulu one by one for the right kind of movie can be tiring. Your search might not lead you anywhere, and you will end up not watching anything at all. Been there, done that! So let this guide help you in your quest to find the best kidnapping movies.

5 Best Kidnapping Movies On Hulu | Fear Of Abductions Won’t Let You Leave Your Seats!

Since my interests lie in the crime genre, I have used extra care to find the right movies. Kidnapping movies especially are a very overused genre. If not done right, the movie can feel boring. Let’s check out the movies worth putting on our watch list.

1# 10×10 (2018)

1# 10x10 (2018): 5 Best Kidnapping Movies On Hulu | Thrillers That Give Goosebumps!

The name of the movie is a hint about the movie itself. 10×10 is the room size in which a kidnapper holds his victim prisoner. With just an air conditioning vent, the room is empty. No windows, no bed, and not even a toilet. The room is small and soundproof, so efforts of screaming prove to be pointless. 

Unlike most other movies where the kidnapper has a clear-cut motive, in 10×10, the kidnapper’s motive is interrogation. He is not interested in any money or exchange that will benefit him otherwise. He wants to know all the information of the victim’s supposed “past life,” which is vital for him.

The movie stars Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly in lead roles. 10×10 has many thrilling and tense scenes, making it a very interesting kidnapping movie. The movie is quite scary as well. The fear inside me of being stuck inside a room so small makes my skin tingle (trust me, it does). 

2# Life Of Crime (2013)

2# Life Of Crime (2013)

Two criminals kidnap Mickey Dawson, wife of a rich businessman, and expect her husband will pay them huge sums of money for her. Funnily enough, things don’t work out the way they initially thought. After receiving a call from the kidnappers about his wife, the husband tells them he won’t pay them anything as has been planning to divorce Mickey for a long time.

The kidnappers are stuck in a weird situation, not knowing what to do with their victim now. The movie then shows how the kidnappers plot their next moves to get out of this situation. Life Of Crime stars Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher, and Tim Robbins in lead roles. Besides a unique plot, the acting of the main characters is also what gives life to this movie.

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3# The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (2009)

3# The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (2009)

Hands down one of the best kidnapping movies ever made, The Disappearance of Alice Creed is a must-watch. The movie manages to pull off a full-fledged storyline with just three characters. Danny and Vic are two ex-cons who just got out of jail. They plan to kidnap the only daughter of a very rich man in town. As usual, the hope is to get huge amounts of money in return. 

Ready for the twist? The girl they kidnap, Alice, is the secret lover of Danny. It has been Danny and Alice’s plan all along. After they get the money from Alice’s dad, they plan to murder Vic and run away so they can start their new life together. The acting by the three actors is what takes this amazing movie to another level. The Disappearance of Alice Creed deserves to be on your watch list.

4# The Den (2013)

4# The Den (2013)

Directed by Zachary Donohue, The Den portrays a different take on conventional kidnapping movies. While chatting with strangers on the internet for a school project, Elizabeth witnesses a murder online. She has footage of the sequence of events that she decides to take to the police. The real issue starts when she returns from the police and finds out about her boyfriend’s kidnapping. 

The Den explores bizarre series of events that can take place when we reach certain parts of the internet. More powerful than the storyline is the strong performance from the cast. The movie serves as a reminder that dangers on the internet are not that far away from us if we don’t stay vigilant. 

5# Hound Of Love (2013)

5# Hound Of Love (2013)

Imagine having a fight with your parents and then getting kidnapped. Who will even pay the ransom then? Ransom aside, what if they don’t even want any ransom and only want to hurt you? Hounds of Love is kind of like that. 

A young girl named Vicki fights with her mother and runs away from her home in a fit of anger. While she is on the road, a sweet-talking couple convinces her to go along with them. They take her to their home, where Vicki is tied up and tortured. The only hope for Vicki is to try and break free as no one knows where she is.

Whether or not she is successful in making her escape, I will not ruin the movie for you. Hounds Of Love is a psychological thriller and will keep you on the edge of your seats. One thing is for sure, after watching this movie you will not fight with your parents and storm out at night.

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Final Words

Getting into criminals’ minds is sometimes fun as long as it’s all fiction and happening on TV. Crime thrillers and movies with kidnappings are not everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe it is yours, and if you were looking for the best kidnapping movies on Hulu, then this list should help you. What is your favorite kidnapping movie, and did it make it to the list? Tell me more about it in the comments down below!

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