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If you are the kind who enjoys watching Gordon Ramsay unleash hell, then we have prepared the list of the best Kitchen Nightmares episodes for you. Though the show has plenty of episodes to binge-watch, there are few close to everyone’s especially Gordon Ramsay’s heart.

Kitchen Nightmares is a popular American TV series hosted by chef Gorden Ramsay. Ramsay is invited to spend a week with the owners of the failing restaurants and understand their work process in order. After evaluating the restaurant, menu, and ambiance, the chef offers his insight on the condition. Gordon Ramsay’s role in the series is to help the failing business survive. 

Eat Out or in, Cost, Health Benefit...
Eat Out or in, Cost, Health Benefits - Episode 004

Kitchen Nightmares is available in two different versions for the people of the U.S and the U.K. Based on the two versions, the show completes its 14 seasons and more than 100 episodes to stream. These episodes feature Gordon Ramsay in his hot-headed avatar, but few episodes are far more memorable due to the chef’s wrath and insults. The episodes bring out the best of the chef and the worst of the restaurant owners, which is delightful to watch. 

Well, without waiting anymore, let’s move ahead and take a look at the best kitchen Nightmares episodes. Don’t forget to keep a tissue box; you will need them more than anything. 

Gordon Ramsay Misses Home | The Best Kitchen Nightmares Episodes  

Kitchen Nightmares never disappoint when it comes to intense brawls between the staff members and the owners or facing Gordon Ramsay’s unfiltered judgment. If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay’s show, you will thank us at the end of the article as we have shortlisted the best Kitchen Nightmares episodes full of drama, fights, and emotional moments. 

#1 Fiesta Sunrise – Episode 9 Of Season 2 

Fiesta Sunrise

Fiesta Sunrise is a Mexican restaurant owned by Vic Flores in West Nyack, New York. Fiesta sunrise is another classic example of a daily restaurant functioning poorly because of the mismanagement by the owner. Vic Flores is running the restaurant that is funded by his wife Yolanda and step-daughter Patti. It is no surprise to the viewers that Vic is only interested in sucking up the funds, leading to the restaurant failing. The episode is a must-watch if you are up to some intense family drama combined with shouts from the chef. 

#2 Amy’s Baking Company – Episode 16 Of Season 5 

Amy’s Baking Company: best kitchen nightmares episodes

Amy’s Baking Company is perhaps one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of Kitchen Nightmares. The baking company was located in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the time of shooting the episode. Amy and Samy Bouzaglo are the owners of the restaurant and the most popular characters on the show. Well, you must be wondering what they did to gain so much popularity? After criticizing Amy’s pizza, the owners never completed shooting for their episode and asked Gordon to leave the restaurant.  

#3 Oceana – Episode 14 Of Season 3 

Oceana: best kitchen nightmares episodes

Go ahead and stream this episode if you are interested in witnessing the dirtiest kitchen of the series, along with a hot-tempered co-owner and an ignorant chef. Oceana is a seafood restaurant located in New Orleans, LA, co-owned by Rami and Moe. As you progress in the episode, you will witness how Gordon’s judgment creates a feud between him and the owners. Moreover, during the kitchen tour, Gordon finds three dead cats in the kitchen, and soon things take a nasty turn. 

#4 Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack – Episode 3 Of Season 2 

Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack

Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack is perhaps the only restaurant in the series that has managed to make Gordon happy with their settings. Not only does he like the messy main course of soul food, but he also clears his plate and takes it to the kitchen himself. Clearing his plate is a first for the chef in the show, making this episode heartwarming and fun to stream. The restaurant reminds the chef of his home, which makes the owner emotional.  

#5 Mill Street Bistro – Episode 11 Of Season 5 

#5 Mill Street Bistro - Episode 11 Of Season 5 

In the words of the one and only Jake Peralta, this episode of Kitchen Nightmares will give you literal chills. Joe Nagy is the owner of Mil Street Bistro and perhaps one of the most awful bosses ever to appear on the show. Joe claims to be a top chef who knows all about food, but in contrast, he even does not know how to spell it. At one point, Joe even compares himself to Gordon, to which he leans in and replies’ “I can cook, Joe.” EPIC! 

#6 Nino’s Italian Restaurant – Episode 10 Of Season 5 

Nino’s Italian Restaurant

What happens when Gordon Ramsay decides to pay a visit to Nino’s Italian Restaurant? Nino’s is a family restaurant owned by the eldest son, who also goes by the name of Nino. The restaurant owner manages to shock everyone, starting from the chef Gordon himself to his colleagues and brother. It isn’t late when Nino’s brother Michael and sister Carina confront and hold him responsible for destroying the ancestral business. 

#7 Prohibition Grille – Episode 14 Of Season 5 

Prohibition Grille

Prohibition Grille is a southern restaurant located in Everett, Washington, and is owned by Rishi Brown. Rishi is nothing like the other restaurant owners on the show. She isn’t arrogant or conniving and short-tempered but relatively ignorant. Rishi cannot understand the basics of a restaurant, but she has opened one herself, which leads her to a path of substantial financial losses. Tune in to watch this episode and witness flirty exchanges between Gordon and Rishi.  

Final Words

Kitchen Nightmares is not only fun to watch because of Gordon’s straightforward judgment, but it is also insightful to the restaurants. Even if short-tempered Gordon Ramsay does not visit your restaurant, you can learn a lot about boosting your business while sitting at home. Apart from that, if you are only interested in drama and fights, we are sure these best kitchen nightmares episodes will not disappoint you. 

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