5 Best Los Angeles Pizzerias | Finding Pizzeria Is No More Difficult


“Pizza is hitting my veins, coz for me it’s Cocaine.” Yes, you got it right! Pizzas are like cocaine which you carve for now and then. So, where are the best Los Angeles Pizzerias? Don’t stress, levitate like Pizza aroma; we have already prepared the list just for you. 

Pizzas are a kind of Italian Bread, a heavy base layered with sauces and cheese, making it a wholesome meal, which can be gulped with any drink. Pizza is like bae should always look steaming hot and make you feel happy internally. The reason why so many people are single is that Pizza is universal Bae. 

Some of the famous Los Angeles Pizzerias, which I have hand-picked for you are – 

# Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

# Cosa Buona

# Ospi

# Lodge Bread

# Dough Box

Let us read about these places in detail and choose one for the weekend while coming back from the best water park.

5 Popular Los Angeles Pizzerias | Munch the Italian Bread

Following are the famous Los Angeles Pizzerias which will make the weekend and your tummy feel the sense of satisfaction- 

1# Tomato Pie Pizza Joint | Best Pizza Restaurant

I love the name and the taste. I assure you that you will not come out with a pizza satisfaction level. Tomato Pie Pizza does not deal with Tomato Pie’s but also gives a wholesome experience to their customers. 

Tomato Pie Pizza has everything of worth, its pizza, its prices, and thin or thick crust is to die for. It has some fantastic flavors and, yes, the famous Syracuse-style sauce, making it sizzling hot. 

2# Cosa Buona | Best Pizza Place 

Filled with many ingredients, this traditional-looking pizza will give your taste buds a new untouched flavor. The Pizza cooked here in Cosa Buona can provide you with some of the healthiest options for pizza. 

Munching on your favorite pizza but want a drink too, then this popular Pizzeria in the town has that for you. Cosa Buona is an equilibrium between traditional pizza-making process ad flavors, but at the same time, they are up with experimenting with new flavors too. 

3# Ospi| Best Pizza Near Me (Los Angeles Only)

Los Angeles Pizzerias

Italian food is not just a straightforward process of adding things onto the base but flavoring it with rich spices is what Ospi does well. If you are thinking of eating a pizza and ant something new on your plate, then I would suggest you visit but, yes, forget about every other taste you had of pizza, Because things will are different and you will be tasting some of the most incredible spices. 

Ospi juts not only deal with pizza. It has some more Italian recipes ready for you. You name it, and you will get it. As a food enthusiast, I give Ospi 5 stars. 

4# Lodge Bread | Best Pizzeria in Town 

Los Angeles Pizzerias

Lodge Bread has given a new look to the Pizzas. They have named their bread and have some of the exotic tastes now. Lodge Bread serves pizza bread and helps other spices-filled bread, which can be eaten as a side option.

So, if you are thinking of romantic dates or a Friends reunion, then visiting Lodge Bread is an option for you. I highly recommend this place for all the high school kids. Food is tasty and will even fall in your budget. 

5# Dough Box | Best Cheese Pizza in LA 

Los Angeles Pizzerias

I wonder why we are not talking about cheese when we are entirely engrossing ourselves in Pizzas. If you are from LA or outside LA, Cheesy Pizzas here at Dough Box are unbeatable, and I feel no one can make a pizza like them.

So, if you plan to impress your boss or want to give your parents a Sunday brunch, then I think this place is best ad cheesy for you. I hope. You will like some activities to do after consuming so many calories. 

Final Words 

These were some of the most popular and enthralling places in LA for you to eat pizza and enjoy the weekends with friends, family, and some loved ones. You can also choose to visit some of the best patios in la, keep this plan for next week. 

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