5 Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Video | The Prime Class for Martial Arts!


When it comes to the best martial arts movies on prime video, there is a lot to watch. If you are a martial arts fan, you must be searching for some popular martial arts movies, right? No worries, here’s a list just for you!

Martial art is a genre that is popular among young people and adults. In order to maintain the popularity of this genre, many marvelous movies have tried to give their contribution. So, let me take you to the prepared list because I know you can’t wait much!

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Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Videos | You Will Thank Me Later!

Among many movies within the martial art genre, it becomes challenging to choose the best. Therefore, I have reduced your burden of selecting the best movies by presenting some hand-picked choices!

Miami Connection (1988, Re-release 2012) | A Movie That Got Fame After Proper Release!

5 Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Video | The Prime Class for Martial Arts!

Miami Connection is a result of Y.K Kim and P.J.K Group production companies. It’s surprising that the movie was unseen for more than a decade and got appreciated after its re-release. 

The movie’s plot does not feature just one character, it focuses on different groups of young men like Ninjas and Dragon Sound. The movie covers the life of the members of these two groups with their training in martial arts and how they use it to confront each other.

The most interesting conflict in the movie is between Yashito (leader of the Ninjas group) and his friend Jeff because Jeff gets romantically involved with Yashito’s sister.

All in all, watch this movie to enjoy music, catchy songs like ‘Friends Forever, and Kim’s talent of playing guitar (producer) in one of the songs.

Dance Of The Drunk Mantis (1979) | Tale Of A Boy Who Becomes A Savior

5 Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Video | The Prime Class for Martial Arts!

The primary driving force behind producing Dance Of The Drunk Mantis is Ng See-Yeun (producer) and Yuen Woo-Ping (director). 

Foggy is the leading character in the movie, who is an adopted son but leaves his family and becomes a savior. After leaving his family, Foggy gets a job at an inn, where he meets a Beggar Eventually, Foggy comes across the fact that the owner of the inn wants to kill Beggar, so Foggy tries to save him but fails. Beggar sends Foggy to a doctor who teaches him a ‘Sickness Boxing’ style. As a result, Froggy kills Rubber Legs (owner of the inn) when Rubber Legs tries to attack Beggar. What a true friend!!!

The movie is a treat for the eyes due to excessive drunken kung fu movements. Also, you will come across some unpredictable movements and drunk-style fights.

The Prodigal Son (1988) | A Boy Who Manages To Learn True Kung Fu Skills

5 Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Video | The Prime Class for Martial Arts!

The credit for The Prodigal Son goes to Raymond Chow (producer), and the eminent writer Sammo Hung.

The movie projects the dedication of Chang (son of a rich man) to learn the true skill of kung fu. Initially, he wins matches because his father would bribe Chang’s opponents. However, Chang realizes the need to learn kung fu after he knows about the truth behind his victory. As a result, he starts learning kung fu and finally defeats his opponents with his skills.

The movie has done a great job in action choreography and the free-flowing style of fights.

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The Invincible Armour (1977) | ‘Iron Armour’ Is The Hero Of The Movie!

The Invincible Armour is a visual manifestation of Lu Tung and was brought into vision by See-Yeun-Ng. 

The movie’s entire story is around assassinations and the people behind them, but the majority of the film indulges in showcasing the goodness of kung fu. The movie’s highlight is ‘iron armor,’ a technique of hardening the body and preparing to fight. Other than this, your heroes and villains use this technique while dipping themselves in water and freeing themselves from chains, making the movie full of excitement. 

If you are a true martial arts fan, you should not miss some of the amazing fighting techniques in this movie. 

Five fingers Of Death (1972) | The Masterpiece Of Martial Arts 

5 Best Martial Arts Movies On Prime Video | The Prime Class for Martial Arts!

Five Fingers Of Death, a masterpiece presenting martial arts, is the joint efforts by Run-run Shaw (producer) and Jeong Chang -Hwa (director). Do you remember Kill Bill? It borrowed the element of battle music from this movie.

The movie’s story is an excellent one, and it starts with a young man (Chao Chih-Hao), who gets shuffled between masters and tries to learn the necessary skills to defeat his tyrant. Throughout the movie, he struggles to learn the skill but finally manages to defeat his opponent and wins the hand of the girl whom he wants to marry.

This movie is a great presentation of martial arts and is considered one of the primary movies that popularized martial arts.

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Final Words 

All in all, these are some of the best martial arts movies on prime video that you can enjoy besides other movies. So, browse your Amazon Prime and have fun with these martial arts movies at your place!

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