Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android 2022 | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!


Playing games is leisure, and one always looks for more games. If you are a MOBA game lover, you must be finding the best MOBA games for Android. Am I right?  To end your search, I have brought you a list of some entertaining games. 

It is no surprise that many games have been added to the list of MOBA games. They are popular among casual players and are a draw in the field of the competitive gaming scene. There will be more for you to see in the list of MOBA games in the coming time. 

When discussing the best MOBA games for Android, it is a combo of real-time strategy and action Role-Playing-Games elements. Though these games have found life on PC, they have moved across mobile and currently thrive there. Another interesting fact is that MOBA has started gathering elements of other genres, starting from card battles to third-person shooters. 

Without letting your anxiety wait more, let’s give food to it!

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7 Best MOBA Games For Android 2022 | Get Some Exciting Options!

After waiting for some time, you will surely love the options of the best MOBA games for Android on our list. It’s high time when gamers should lessen playing old games and try to glimpse the latest multiplayer games. Let’s not waste much time and get started with some amazing options!

1# Vainglory 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

Yes, Vainglory is the gorilla of the mobile world that offers the most advanced games of 3-on-3 combat. Because it has been around for a long time, it has successfully placed itself among the best MOBA games for Android. 

You will love the stunning look of the game with immersive gameplay. It ranks high in visuals, and the cross-platform lets the user enjoy high-quality graphics. For detailed information, you can check out the reviews as well.

Developer: Super Evil Megacorp 

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA 

2# Arena Of Valor 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

You will be surprised to know that Arena Of Valor is one of the biggest rivals of the above option, packed with features and heroes. The roaster of heroes has been drawn from China, which has made it a massive hit there. 

Though it experienced a good start in the western markets, it witnessed a drop due to more titles similar to it. It features regular updates as well but lacks unique elements, due to which it has been unable to set itself apart from other mobile legends. Still, it is a popular game, and many players are active daily. For freebies, you can have a look at Arena of Valor Codes.

Publisher: Tencent 

Genre: MOBA

3# Heroes Strike 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

Heroes Strike has a mix of hues and fun for the player. The game has shown itself to be more interesting because four players fight with four against them. The game is quite different because it is intense and is unlike other titles. 

The golden key to winning the game is to DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES! Just remember that you need to keep destroying everything until everything gets damaged. You will be glad to know that the game has various fun elements and is one of those which has become loyal to its genre. It is a must-try thing.

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA

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4# FOG 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

After looking at FOG with a fantasy-themed title, you will come across a smart combination of MOBA, with RPG, survival, and battle royal elements.

In a nutshell, we can say that the game is about perfect planning and aiming. By doing so, you can get the ball in your court! The game will win your heart due to its fast-paced feature and customization of equipment. 

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA 

5# Battle Bay 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

Let me tell you that  Battle Bay is unlike others, and you will have a different experience while playing. You should know that it is a third-person naval game with positional tactics and regenerating hero powers in terms of basic details.

In a layman language, you can see it like World of Warships with fewer graphics. Just a minute! Do you think it is bad? No, it is just a unique game that will stay with you long. Did you know what’s more alluring? It’s action-packed!

Publisher: Rovio 

6# Frayhem 

The highlight of Frayhem is that it is a mini-MOBA 3v3 battle royale with a fun-looking setting. If you wonder how that goes, let me tell you it is exceptionally well.

This game may ask you to indulge more strategy with simple mechanics. It is less massive as compared to Wild Rift and Mobile Legends. For further guidance, there are several explanations and tutorials. 

Genre: Action, MOBA

7# Onmyoji Arena 

If you are crazy about graphics, then Onmyoji Arena is perfect for you! Its dramatic style is extremely intuitive. If you are acquainted with Onnmyoji games, you must have an idea of this game. This game distinguished itself due to the dramatic style that defines it. 

It is much of a strategy game for which you need to know and follow the typical rules of its genre. It offers quests, battle passes, and much more to its players. It is beautiful yet one of the easy games out there.

Genre: Action, Fighting, Strategy 

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Final Words 

I hope you have come across very well through these 7 MOBA games. These games will surely give you a thrilling yet enjoyable experience. If you are a game lover, you must not miss exploring these games for more. Every option that I have mentioned has its style and uniqueness to offer. Better try these games and then share your views.  

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