18 Best MOBA Games 2022 That You Should Not Miss!


You must be familiar with the term MOBA games but can’t find the best MOBA games so easily. 

I know conventional MOBA games have become a cup of tea for gamers and they have nothing new to get entertained. However, I have done the task of finding some interesting MOBA games for them. Check out these interesting options to enhance your knowledge of MOBA games

In layman’s language, these games are called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Did you know that they make a huge chunk of the gaming population? This genre of the game finds its roots in player-made custom games. Let’s not get much into its history; otherwise, you will get bored.

The release of iconic games like StarCraft and WarCraft has established the stage for a better interactive experience and user-based content. But we are not going to end our search for the best MOBA games here.

With all this in mind, let’s start our journey of finding the best options for you!

18 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

With multiplayer games like MOBA, you can work on improving your skills and seeing your progress in parallel. These games offer a lot of excitement and fun to players. You may feel addicted after playing some games. NAAAH…. Just joking! You are going to fall in love with these games. 

1# Smite

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

Smite’s inception can be traced to be in 2014. Since then it has been able to hold the grip of popularity. The plot is simple, choose a role and indulge in combat to kill the Phoenix and Titan. The reason for the smile on your face after playing this game will be its conquest mode. I am sure you will love it!


  • Characters from myths and different cultures
  • Buy weapons and other upgrades
  • Also has a Switch version
  • Developed by Hi-Rez Studios

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2#  DOTA 2

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

DOTA 2 is an up-gradation of the original version and the Source 2 Engine has revamped it. Though it offers the basics of MOBA games but offers a chance to control the hero or character. You might get taken aback after learning about its competitive gaming scene.


  • The aim is to defeat the other players
  • Offers a suitable environment for tournaments and leagues
  • Has been cited as one of the best MOBAs
  • Released on PC, Linux, and OS X

3#  Strife

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

Strife can be looked at as the last game that used the Doom engine. But don’t misunderstand it to be a replica of Doom. The settings have been done with the medieval environment in mind and not only mindless shooting. 


  • The aim is to destroy enemy
  • Gaming time is around 30-40 minutes
  • The name of the structure that has to be destroyed is ‘the Crux’
  • Experience points for the hero outside the game

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4# Battlerite

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

The most interesting thing about Battlerite is that champions have been categorized into three attributes so that you can choose the one whose attribute appeals to you the most. However, don’t get confused after getting exposed to a brand of heroes! After playing MOBA games for a long duration, you may feel quite weird because it has short matches.


  • Efforts have been put to offer action-filled gameplay
  • A different approach has made it the best MOBA game
  • Offers unlike experience to the players

5#  Demigod

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

Demigod introduces two different groups in the gameplay named Assassins and Generals. The former bears outright defeat for the opponent and the latter is nuanced. In terms of uniqueness, I will give thumbs up. A planned action can turn the table for you!


  • Choose from 10 demigods to play
  • The title has originated from the character
  • Released in 2009 for Windows
  • The choice can be further narrowed whether you choose to play as an Assassin or General

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6# Prime World

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

Prime World’s gameplay has been put on the table through the lens of an interesting narrative. The fight is for a mysterious and godly substance of prime, which sounds quite interesting. Other than this, the aim is to dominate the world of prime. Let me reveal to you an astonishing feature of the game and that is 42 heroes in the game. Isn’t it a lot to choose from? That’s not it! It offers two units of nations named Ha’ka and Da’ka.


  • The two crucial nations are Keepers of Adornia and the Dokht Imperium
  • Every match goes for around 30 minutes
  • Invite your friends through Facebook
  • Has been credited for winning the ‘IGN Best Strategy Game 2011’

7#  Paladins

7 Best MOBA Games 2022 | They Are Going To Make You Crazy

Don’t tell me you don’t know Paladins. It’s a recent one! Dwell in the role and get locked in the battle. Remember strong strategy is the only key to win so better have hands-on experience in it. The division of teams into the front line, damage, support, and flank will keep you away from the feeling of surrealism. The secret to winning the game is a wise selection of characters because killing 40 is not an easy nut to crack! I hope you are going to make a wise choice and conquer the battle.


  •  Choose among Siege, Onslaught, and Team DeathMatch modes
  • Siege is the standard one
  • Onslaught is more focused on points
  • Team DeathMatch is a classic one

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8# Arena Of Valor

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

Arena of Valor introduces real-time experience to the players. You will be excited through its seasonal updates, which come in various forms. You can become frosty, start a snowball fight, and do a lot more with the help of these updates.

The game will let you select over 100 characters with special abilities and make a perfect team for crushing your enemy. The game has many interesting features which make it the future of MOBA games. Legends can establish a firm position through this platform.

App Store Rating: 4.7/5

Developer: TiMi Studios

9# Vainglory

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

First of all, let me tell you that Vainglory is an award-winning mobile game. The game has got placed on the list due to its cross-platform accessibility. It has been developed with the assistance of strategic depth and mechanical skills. You will fall in love with its beautiful yet smooth graphics accompanied by superior performance.

Now comes the most exciting part! You can choose among over 48 heroes and have the upper hand in the game with one of the best graphics-supported gameplay.

App Store Rating: 4.7/5

Release: 2014

Developer: Super Evil Megacorp

10# League Of Legends: Wild Rift

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

League Of Legends: Wild Rift has gained massive popularity because it is a mobile version of already famous games. It offers a mesmerizing charm on iOS devices. Due to its uniqueness, it has established a special place. For this game, it is best to say that the golden key is TEAMWORK.

This game will demand developed character skills and strategizing gameplay with smart tactics to get the ball in your court. The most alluring part is freezing the enemies with across-the-map ice arrows.

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

Release: Beta, 2021

Developer: Riot Games

11# Heroes Of Order And Chaos

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

If you were waiting for exceptionally rich and addictive gameplay with real-time battles, then your wait is finally over! Just like the above options, in Heroes Of Order And Chaos you can choose your hero with upgraded equipment. You can give a tough fight solo or through multiplayer mode.

So, pull your socks to enjoy fast-paced battles with real players across the world. Develop teamwork with smart moves and get ready for the battle in one of the best MOBA games for iPhone and iPad. With continuous efforts, you can be the ultimate winner of the game.

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

Release: 2011

Developer: Gameloft

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12# Heroes Evolved

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

Are you ready to destroy the base of your enemy? If yes, then choose among over 100 unique heroes and enjoy a classic PC-like MOBA experience on your device with Heroes Evolved. Just like its name, you will find yourself evolving in every game.

This is not it! The different custom modes will give you a personalized feel and you will feel confident enough to conquer the battlefield. You will find it to be the right platform to showcase your skills with continuous development. Don’t forget to interact with the world in real-time!

App Store Rating: 3.4/5

Release: 2017

Developer: NetDragon Websoft Inc

13# Legend Of Ace

7 Best MOBA Games For iPhone And iPad! | Com'on Gamers!

Here comes another game with MOBA action and detailed graphics. Legend Of Ace is an action-packed game that offers cards to enhance a hero and offers an opportunity to have a unique strategy for a hero. Get a chance to meet players across the world through a matchmaking system.

With developed skills, you can overpower your enemy and make the passage for victory. Not only me but many people believe it to be the best game on the earth. Don’t underestimate it due to its rank in the article! It has its capability to famous a player who is loaded with skills

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

Developer: Still Gaming

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14# Heroes Strike 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

Heroes Strike has a mix of hues and fun for the player. The game has shown itself to be more interesting because four players fight with four against them. The game is quite different because it is intense and is unlike other titles. 

The golden key to winning the game is to DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES! Just remember that you need to keep destroying everything until everything gets damaged. You will be glad to know that the game has various fun elements and is one of those which has become loyal to its genre. It is a must-try thing.

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA

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15# FOG 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

After looking at FOG with a fantasy-themed title, you will come across a smart combination of MOBA, with RPG, survival, and battle royal elements.

In a nutshell, we can say that the game is about perfect planning and aiming. By doing so, you can get the ball in your court! The game will win your heart due to its fast-paced feature and customization of equipment. 

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA 

16# Battle Bay 

Unveil 7 Best MOBA Games For Android | Game Lovers Should Not Miss!

Let me tell you that  Battle Bay is unlike others, and you will have a different experience while playing. You should know that it is a third-person naval game with positional tactics and regenerating hero powers in terms of basic details.

In a layman language, you can see it like World of Warships with fewer graphics. Just a minute! Do you think it is bad? No, it is just a unique game that will stay with you long. Did you know what’s more alluring? It’s action-packed!

Publisher: Rovio 

17# Frayhem 

The highlight of Frayhem is that it is a mini-MOBA 3v3 battle royale with a fun-looking setting. If you wonder how that goes, let me tell you it is exceptionally well.

This game may ask you to indulge more strategy with simple mechanics. It is less massive as compared to Wild Rift and Mobile Legends. For further guidance, there are several explanations and tutorials. 

Genre: Action, MOBA

18# Onmyoji Arena 

If you are crazy about graphics, then Onmyoji Arena is perfect for you! Its dramatic style is extremely intuitive. If you are acquainted with Onnmyoji games, you must have an idea of this game. This game distinguished itself due to the dramatic style that defines it. 

It is much of a strategy game for which you need to know and follow the typical rules of its genre. It offers quests, battle passes, and much more to its players. It is beautiful yet one of the easy games out there.

Genre: Action, Fighting, Strategy 

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Final Words

I hope my efforts will not go futile and you will ponder over these 7 options. I know you are in the dream of games like StarCraft but Hey, wake up! Some other amazing games have made their way. Don’t be lazy and browse these games to choose the best MOBA game for you! Don’t forget me guys, experience these games, and drop some comments!

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