Watch 5 Best Movies Like After | The Evergreen Romances! 


The sizzling romantic movies like After (2019) are like a cool breeze in our hectic life. If you have already watched this awesome love story, craving for more movies like After is obvious! Well, get ready to witness the best romances with me.

The After movie is an adaptation of Anna Todd’s novel of the same title. We fell in love with each character and fantasised about them! So, how about watching similar movies like After and enjoying the thrill again? I have made a list of the best ones you should not skip at any cost! See the details below!

5 Refreshing Movies Like After | The Never-Ending Romances!

Watch 5 Best Movies Like After | The Evergreen Romances! 

The After movie series became a sensation among the audiences due to its sensual, complex, and well-knit storyline. Tessa, a beautiful young woman, fell in love with a toxic handsome, Hardin, who brought drama, thrill, and emotional incidents with him. Though Tessa was already involved with Noah (her boyfriend), she became obsessed with Hardin. 

The sizzling chemistry and hot romance between Tessa and Hardin are the highlights of the movie that can raise the heat of your room! So, if you are yet to watch it, go now! Here are the best picks of similar movies like After for binge-watching!

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#1 Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015) | Different Shades Of Love And Romances!

You must have fallen in love with the song- Love me like you do from the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie! Not just the songs but the sizzling romance between Anastasia and Christian is also terrific and bold. If you have not seen it yet, Fifty Shades Of Grey will be the best start to watch movies like After. 

The movie will show you different shades of love, romance, and toxicity that will leave you wondering and gushing! The movie has the perfect cast- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, making the movie erotic, sensual, and filled with love. Fifty Shades Of Grey is available on Netflix.

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#2 The Last Summer (2019) | The Heat Of Romance Is Rising!

Watch 5 Best Movies Like After | The Evergreen Romances! 

The Last Summer (2019) is a teenage high-school romantic drama that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The more-than-friends group is struggling to balance between their career and studies. However, the road ahead is full of challenges and will tear them apart! You are gonna love the high-voltage drama, teenage romance, and a lot of thrilling twists. 

The movie is dramatically entertaining, thanks to its brilliant cast. It has a star cast including Tyler Posey, KJ Apa, Halston Sage, Jacob Latimore, and Maia Mitchell in prominent roles. The movie has a decent 5.6 IMDb score that you can trust! Get ready to watch this awesome entertaining movie on Netflix with your gang!

#3 When We First Met (2018) | Love In Different Timelines!

We all know that love has no boundaries but do you know one thing- it has no time barrier. This is exactly what When We First Met movie is all about! This movie is a romantic love story set in different timelines. The story’s protagonists meet at a Halloween party and get attracted to each other. This leads to sparkling chemistry and sizzling romances with many hilarious moments that will keep you entertained throughout the picture. 

When We First Met movie is surely a must-watch due to spectacular performances by its cast- Alexandra Daddario, Adam DeVine, Andrew Bachelor, and others. The movie boasts a 6.4 IMDb score, and you can watch it on Netflix. So, get ready to meet the new lovers-Noah and Avery, in their magical world of love and romances.

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#4 After We Collided (2020) | The Sequel To After Movie!

Watch 5 Best Movies Like After | The Evergreen Romances! 

I will not give you the major spoilers here because I want you to explore this awesome sequel that will make your heart beat faster! Yes, After We Collided movie is the next installation of the After movie series. The plot of After We Collided movie will address the next stage of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship and their uncertain future.

The After We Collided movie has the same star cast in major roles. However, a few new entries have played supporting characters brilliantly. You will witness the much-hyped interaction and confrontation between the duo in this movie. So, go and watch it on Netflix and witness the high-voltage drama with a lot of sensual romance and sizzling chemistry. 

#5 The Notebook (2004) | Every Page Is Filled With Love And Obsession!

The Notebook movie is a classic love tale that is a must-watch for all the true fans of the romance genre. The movie was released more than a decade ago, but it still has all the modern love story freshness and sizzling romances. You will envy the chemistry of Noah and Allie and, of course, their epic kisses! 

The Notebook is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ tempting novel with the same title. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling have done full justice to their respective roles and delivered awesome performances. The story has well-portrayed situations when two opposite personalities fall for each other. The magical chaos of romance tends to happen! Watch it on Netflix with your loved ones.

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Final Words

So, here are the best movies like After that will surely make your day (and nights, also!). Do not skip any of these gems and relish each film with your partners. Do not forget to share the names of your favourite movies like After in the comment section.

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