15+ Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Watching Them!


Do you like to watch romance movies loaded with drama? If yes, then you must have already watched Love (2015). And now, you’re searching for more movies like Love. You want to watch some more movies that have a similar storyline as that of Love. It’s alright, though. The movie is so popular that your wishes are well justified. Plus, how many drama films are too many drama films??

Love is an erotic drama art movie that follows a couple’s life. Initially, the man gets involved with another woman and the couple drifts apart. After breaking up, he gets involved with her again, and she ends up getting pregnant. As a result, both the man and this girl start living together. Interestingly, there are some other movies that follow the same concept of Love, so you have a lot more to explore!

 If you can’t get over it and are looking for more romance movies or erotic movies, here are some flicks like Love waiting for you!

4 Best Movies Like Love | Get Ready For More Romance!

The movie is full of intimacy and tender moments between a unique couple. Besides this, it features some other themes, such as loyalty. If you wish to watch more movies like Love, consider the following options this weekend for your binge-watch ritual!

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1# The Dreamers (2003) | Feelings For Sister!

4 Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Them Watching!

The Dreamers is an uncommon movie that makes a wider picture of the hedonistic lifestyle.

The movie’s plot deals with a student who starts living with a brother-sister duo in Paris. As a result, they start developing a bond, which turns out into something else when the sibling’s parents go out. In the end, they sleep together, but the situation becomes weird when the brother starts developing feelings for his sister. 

The movie is similar to Love in many aspects, but the ending is quite interesting. So, go and watch it today!

Watch It On: Netflix

IMDb: 7.8

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci 

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2# 365 Days (2020) | Passion For Love! 

4 Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Them Watching!

Unlike Love, 365 Days is similar to it in terms of passion and bold and intimate scenes. 

The story is about a young man who takes over the mafia and dr*g business after his father passes. Also, he’s a dangerous man and plans to kidnap Laura (sales director). Surprisingly, he gives Laura one year to fall in love with him, but things start to heat up before one year.

Watch this movie to learn how to become passionate about love with a lot of romance. 

Watch It On: Netflix 

IMDb: 6.3/10

Director: Tomasz Mandes, Barbara Bialowas

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3# Lobster (2018) | Finding Match Is Not Easy! 

4 Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Them Watching!

Lobster is an interesting movie that showcases a different way to find your ideal match.

The movie’s plot revolves around a man named David, who enters a world where everyone is forced to get a partner. Eventually, he starts developing feelings for a woman, but the rule of the place is to have no romance. After David gets into a hotel, he finds her blindfolded and waiting for him. As a result, he becomes insane and finds it difficult to get control over his feelings. But wait till the ending as it becomes highly interesting!

Watch this movie and take a look at love from a different perspective. The movie is a must-watch as it teaches you the real meaning of loving someone.

Watch It On: Hulu

IMDb: 7.2/10

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

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4# Ivan’s Childhood (1962) | Revenge Gets Turned Into Love 

4 Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Them Watching!

Ivan’s Childhood is a wonderful movie and a perfect example of a non-linear story. Besides this, there are a lot of ups and downs in the movie. Interestingly though it is a romantic movie, so you will find it similar to Love in many ways. 

The film’s plot revolves around a young boy who gets captured by the opponents and is taken as a hostage for investigation purposes. After getting released, he plans to take revenge on his opponents. As a result, he enters the opponent’s area but falls in love with a girl. 

Watch this movie to enjoy an interesting love story that faces many challenges. 

Watch It On: Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb: 8.1/10

Director: Andrei Tarkovsky 

The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

15+ Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Watching Them!

The Kissing Booth 2 is the second installment in The Kissing Booth series. It follows the life of high school senior Elle as she desperately tries to balance her long-distance relationship, studies, college, and friendship with her childhood best friend.

But, nothing is in Elle’s favor. She has long lost touch with who she was. On top of that, her dreamy boyfriend has grown closer to a perfect girl he met in college. She too has made friends with a handsome classmate Marco, who already has feelings for her. Will Elle and Noah’s relationship stay as it was?

Watch It On: Netflix

IMDb: 5.7/10

Director: Vince Marcello

Wings Of Christmas (2013)

15+ Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Watching Them!

The plot of Wings Of Christmas follows its protagonists as each of them is granted an opportunity to make a wish. When they do so, their lives take pre-ordained paths. Each of them achieves what they wanted the most.

However, several events transpire in the film that teaches the viewers an important lesson. They teach us to hold ourselves accountable for the lives that we have, and everything that we do. And, not only that, but the film also urges viewers to take responsibility for what they say, think, and desire.

Watch It On: Netflix

IMDb: 5.9/10

Director: Karin Babinská

When We First Met (2018)

15+ Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Watching Them!

Have you experienced the pain, humiliation, and horror of being in The Friend Zone? If yes, then you can relate to Avery. He had (or he thought he had) a perfect night with a girl he recently met. But, she soon put him in the friend zone.

Three years passed, and every single day, Avery thinks about what could have gone so wrong. Unexpectedly, he is granted an opportunity to go back in time and fix that night. And, this singular thing is going to change his fate forever.

Watch It On: Netflix

IMDb: 6.4/10

Director: Ari Sandel

Two Ships (2021)

15+ Best Movies Like Love | Don’t Miss Watching Them!

Two Ships (2021) revolves around the intense but short-term relationship of Eliska, a psychologist, and Martin, a musician. Their relationship ended when Elsika died of suicide.

Eliska entered Martin’s relationship entered Martin’s life like a spaceship but left long-lasting pain, clothes, things, and a farewell letter. Despite this, she’s still with Martin; he carries her in his heart, like a muse.

Watch It On: Netflix

IMDb: 6.0/10

Director: Jan Foukal

Here Are Some More Movies Like Love | Watch Them Now!

After you’re done watching the above-mentioned movies like Love, do not forget to binge-watch other such movies listed below!

Movie’s NameDirectorIMDb Rating
The Shipping NewsLasse Hallstrom6.8
The New RomanticCarly Stone5.7/10
Paris, je’t’aimeOlivier Assayas7.3/10
One DayLone Scherfig7.0/10
Autumn in New YorkJoan Chen5.5/10
Punch-Drunk LovePaul Thomas Anderson7.3/10
Bridget Jones’s BabyPeter Cattaneo, Sharon Maguire7.4/10
What Happens In VegasTom Vaughan6.1/10

Final Words

All in all, these were some movies like Love. So, if you are willing to watch movies based on romance, you can consider any of the above options. Also, some of them deal with other themes, so these movies are great to watch!

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