In the time, staying update with breaking news or a buzz feed is essential. The best news and magazines apps bundle up all the stories and shortlist the news according to your preference. 

Many peoples nowadays wouldn’t think of buying a newspaper because the news is widely available across all social media platforms. But people are more precise about the authenticity of news spread on social media. So here are the top news apps that get you authentic news from a trusted source.

After comparing the benefits of the top news and magazines apps, the list includes

  • Apple News
  • Google News
  • PressReader
  • Microsoft News
  • Financial Times
  • The New York Times
  • BBC News App
  • Microsoft News
  • Google News
  • Flipboard
  • The Week 
  • News360
  • Knewz
  • SmartNews

Still, choosing the right one quite difficult. In the article below, I have given the features of the above-listed apps.

Best News and Magazines Apps in 2021

To make it easy to choose from the best news apps, We have given an unbiased opinion after comparing the features, algorithms, and categories of the apps.

Apple News

Apple News: Best news and magazines apps
Source: App Store

Apple News is a preloaded application in newly updated iOS. The app shortlisted all your preferred news in a streamlined manner so that you can’t miss anything. You can read short stories, watch short videos and even find the entire newspaper in-app section. The news is readily available on the app when a source website uploads a story. You can access over 300 magazines for just a 10$ subscription every month. 

Wait!!! Here is a lot more. Apple News suggests the News Digest and important stories according to your preference. Also, the app lets you access your favorite newspaper or editor in the following section.


  • Notification reminders for buzz feeds
  • Compiles buzz feeds and stories
  • Ads-free

Google News

Google News: Best news and magazines apps
Source: Google News

Google News is the straightforward newsreader that collects stories to tailor your preference. The app relies on many news websites to provide authentic news. You can also recheck the authenticity of the news article with the community section. You can find your favorite publication and news editor on the app. You can set a daily briefing for your publication to cover all the trending stories. 

The app has an offline download feature so that you can download specified stories and articles for reading later. Google News has an AI which gets better with time.


  • Powered by AI
  • Smooth user interface 
  • Gesture control 
  • Offline download  


Pressreaders: Best news and magazines apps
Source: SelfTalk

PressReader is another amazing news app that curates all the important stories and articles. The app supports thousands of publications houses. Some articles on the app are free, while you have to pay for most of the stories. The app has a $30 subscription a month. The app is expensive but justified with the content available on the app. You can read a large number of magazines or newspapers. If your nearby publication houses support PressReader Hotspot, they give complimentary access to everything. 


  • Support local publications
  • Wide range of magazines
  • Amazing readability 
  • Authentic news

Microsoft News

Microsoft News: Best news and magazines apps
Source: MSN

MSN News or Microsoft News offers a short story with a crux to save your valuable time. The easy-to-use app that quickly shortlists your preferred story in a glance is a myth. But not anymore, as Microsoft News has everything that keeps a reader update about politics, entertainment, and sports. Upon installation, the app asks you a bunch of questions includes the topic you like most. The home screen shows the news you like, and the other window shows the news you may like.

Microsoft News has a choice of light and dark themes so that you don’t get eye strain. The app sync with all the devices so that you always stay updated.


  • Dark and light themes
  • Great readability 
  • Sync with multiple devices 

Financial Times

Financial News: Best news and magazines apps
Source: Financial Times

Financial Times is one of the oldest publications, covers all the breaking and big stories. If you want authentic news, there is only one name FT. Financial Times stands apart from other news houses in the finance and business category. The opinions, analysis, and prediction of Financial Times are way more accurate than others. The news app covers all the national and international stories too. You can follow a particular topic according to your interest and can get notifications for every story. 


  • Oldest and reliable
  • Appropriate for business and finance news

The New York Times

The New York Times: Best news and magazines apps
Source: The New York Times

I don’t think that The New York Times needs any introduction. America’s biggest and best publication house is now available digitally. You can follow their website, social media handle but don’t get preferred news as you get on their app. The app shortlists all the useless stories according to your preference. The app has got a lot more features other than shortlisting.


  • Watch short videos on the app
  • Share news on social media
  • Smooth user interface   
  • Breaking news alert 

BBC News App

BBC News: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: App Store

BBC News needs no introduction. The most trusted and recognized news channel is now available as News App. You can watch the latest news on the app screen on the go. BBC News App is an interactive way to access world news on a single screen. You can watch live videos, videos-on-demand, and educational podcasts in-app. You can opt for a notification reminder for your personalized news.


  • App by BBC News
  • Live streaming or video-on-demand
  • TV-like experience on mobile


Flipboard: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: Google Play

Flipboard covers all the magazines and editorial editions. This news app featured the first look of the most selling magazine on the home screen. You can purchase the full edition of the magazine from the app itself. The app’s interface is smooth, which makes your browsing and reading experience great. The readability of the app is also great. Flipboard offers a wide range of magazines as well as newspapers.


  • Readability
  • Smooth scrolling 
  • Easy and lag-free interface  

The Week 

The Week: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: The Week

The Week is one of the best top-news apps for teens and elders. The intuitive and friendly interface makes this app the best source for news. The personalized feeds and breaking headlines flash on your notification bar. You can read the story’s crux from the notification bar itself or read the full story in-app. 


  • Personalized feeds
  • Popular and trending story
  • Entertainment buzz feeds


News360: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: News360

Staying updated with the local news is difficult sometimes? But don’t worry!!! News360 knows everything about your local publishers. News360 featured news from the local publication house to your mobile screen. Sometimes, you know everything that is going around the world but unaware of what is happening next to your street. News360 helps you to cover all the local as well as national news that is categorized in-app section. 


  • Local headlines
  • Smooth scrolling between news
  • Zoom option available


Knewz: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: KNEWZ

Knewz app shortlisted the avalanche of news content based on user preferences. The selected list of favorite genres is processed by AI and shortlisted to provide you with a better and more advanced experience. You can pick your favorite list to know more about it according to your taste. The news is authorized and checked by many trusted sources so that you can rely on the information.   


  • News from a trusted source
  • Unbiased opinions and editorials
  • Share news on social media 


Smart News: Best Maps and Navigation Apps
Source: News Wire

SmartNews is the same as its name. The news content is smartly shortlisted according to your taste so that you can enjoy your favorite news with a cup of tea. The app looks at news from different sources, then shortlists the news according to user preferences. You get the most trending and viral news before others. The in-app notifications ensure that you won’t miss trending and upcoming release


  • Trending news notification 
  • Authentic source
  • Online and offline access available  

Final Verdict 

The above-listed best news and magazines apps are picked under the category after a detailed analysis of their features. The apps cover all the breaking as well as local stories. You can catch the newly published article or story easily with the help of these apps.

If you think we missed any best app, you can feel free to contact us in the comment sections. 

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