Best Offline Games in 2021


Are you searching for the best offline games? There are thousands of the best offline games available online. But choosing among the top games is quite tough. 

The offline games don’t match our expectations sometimes. The gamers are always confused about which game they have to spend time on or that game is really valuable or not. So for helping all the gamers out there, I had prepared a list of the best offline games for my pro gamers. 

According to user ratings and reviews, and some investigations on various offline game articles, the Best Offline Games for PC are Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Resident Evil 6, Batman Arkham Origins, and many more. Among so many offline games why only these are the best offline games?

Now, you have hundreds of questions running through your mind. Why you have to try these games? Why these are the best offline games? Don’t worry!!!! In the article below I have marked all the solicitudes.

Best Offline Games in 2021

Read along with the article to find a proper explanation of the above-listed games. You will find the features, price,  computer requirements, and detailed descriptions of the game. You can also try the Best Paid Games in 2021.

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In...
Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2022

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Sekiro Gameplay: Best offline games
Source: Microsoft

You have to carve your own path to lead the victory. In-game you are a lone wolf armed with weapons. Sekiro has a dark life the warrior is just rescued from death. Now you have to owe the king and bound to protect the lord. The storyline takes you to an unexplored world. Where you have to fight deadly enemies and their clans. The Young Lord helps you to regain your honor in the dark world.

The game revolves around the death and life of the character. You can upgrade and customized deadly weapons in the arsenal.


  • Realistic graphics
  • Deadly weapons    
  • Hand to hand combats

Resident Evil 6

Resident evil Gameplay: Best offline games
Source: Resident Evil

The story of the game revolves around survival and action-adventure. The horror scenes blend in the game to make it a class game of its category. The characters are joined to face new challenges and the horror mission. A type of deadly C-Virus is spreading throughout the American and European states. You can join any four distinct, to save the world from the virus in solo and multiplayer mode. The game needs not any introduction it is the best offline games among all the games.


  • Not restricted to a specified location
  • Solo and multiplayer support
  • An amazing and thrilling adventure
  • Realistic design

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Gameplay: Best offline games
Source: Steam

Batman Arkham Origins is a single-player game with an advanced storyline that keeps you engaged with the missions over-night. Join Batman to protect Gotham. The crime in the city increased in the last few months, Bruce had decided to save his city anonymously, so he created Batman. But Bruce needs your help to guide Batman to fight against criminals and notorious elements of the city. The dangerous criminals are now out of the hand of Cops. The city needs a superhero who can save the dignity and control crime in the city.


  • Realistic City Design
  • Multiview stunts and fighting scene
  • Enhanced mode with new case files
  • Advanced weapons and vehicles
  • Responsive controls 

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman Gameplay: Best offline games
Source: Steam

Join the cricket league with your favorite team. The Don Bradman Cricket 17 is reviewed as the best game by many sportsmen and companies. The game has featured HD graphics and a realistic experience. You can play ashes, league matches, and championship trophies. The in-game features bring a revolution to old-school cricket games. You can completely control players with an additional controller. You can bat, bowl, and field like a pro. Deeper career modes give you an option to choose difficulty mode. Don Bradman Cricket 17 is among the best offline games for PC.


  • Realistic design
  • Multiview stadium scene
  • Enhanced controller mode
  • Responsive controls 

The Witcher 3

Witcher Logo: Best offline game
Source: YouTube

The Witcher 3 is an open world of role-playing games. The game is featured with a stunning graphical universe. The game will leave an impact on you. You will be so fascinated by the stunning world of the game. You will be a professional monster hunter in the game. You have to find the son of prophecy to end the monsters and witches from the world. You can cross various hurdles like merchant cities, dangerous mountains, and pirates grounds.  


  • Powerful spells and weapons
  • Find rewards and upgrade weapons
  • Fight with beast and predators

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Logo: Best offline games
Source: Capcom Mobile

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is a one on one fighting game. In this game, you can have your hands on 32 fighters and test your skills. It is a treat to all street fight lovers. The game comes with many features and training modes so you become a master of your skills.

Street Fighter IV makes you a legend from a trainer. Street fans can join the action and can live their dream instantly. The game is free and contains virtual pad mode to give full control of the player. 


  • 32 fighter collections
  • Exclusive arenas
  • Supports Bluetooth controller
  • Different training modes
  • Supports single and multiplayer battle

Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower Logo: best offline games
Source: YouTube

Have you ever thought about what it feels when someone snatched your freedom? If you want to experience a princess life who is kept in a high tower that is guarded by dragons. What you could do to be free. 

Yeah, you are right!!! You have to fight for your freedom. You need a plan and it’s a long journey to freedom. It is an adventurous game in which the princess is strong enough to make decisions and would fight for her freedom. The game is very interesting and gets harder as you move down.


  • Every level is unique
  • Different modes of level
  • Exclusive power-ups  

Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom New Lands Logo: Best offline games
Source: Steam

The Game is about a monarch king who is struggling to build a kingdom. Kingdom: New Lands packed with great resources that help you to construct and recruit soldiers and build defense because as the nightfall comes the greedy and dark wait for you. Kingdom: New Lands gives an easy and challenging environment to test your skills. 


  • Rich resources
  • Build or construct an empire
  • Exclusive recruits 
  • High graphics

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey Logo: Best offline games
Source: NDTV Gadgets

Alto’s Odyssey is a game about Alto and his friend who are on an adventurous sandboarding journey. You can join Alto in his adventure and explore hidden treasures. You can explore various biomes in-game. 

What do you need more? Wait!!!! Here is more, the original soundtrack and top-picked music are added to enhance your experience.


  • 6 characters with unique abilities
  • High definition graphics
  • Zen mode and photo mode


JYDGE Logo: Best offline games
Source: Wikipedia

In this game, you have to build a JYDGE that takes you to Edinbyrg, a megacity that never sleeps and it’s your duty to make the megacity safe and free from crime. Build your own augmented JYDGE by adding several rifles, guns, and explosives. The game is featured with billions of configurations that help you to choose between rockets, lasers and other exclusive weapons. JYDGE is among the best offline games for Android.


  • Interactive design
  • Exclusive weapon
  • High-end graphics

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Implosion: Never Lose Hope Logo: Best offline games
Source: YouTube

Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a triumph to bring the AAA console experience directly to your mobile. After the fall of earth, the remaining part of the human race is near to extinction. An unknown life-form preparing to fight off against humanity. 

What you need more when you get the console gaming experience on mobile?

But wait!!! The game comes with realistic graphics that connects you with the in-game action. The game is totally free. You can sync your data to save the last location and to use it on multiple devices.


  • Free
  • Stunning graphics
  • Set of superweapons


BadLand 2 Logo: Best offline games
Source: YouTube

Badland and Badland 2 is an award-winning game that starts in the forest where you have to fly and survive through a deadly forest. There are other habitats present in the forest that make the forest more deadly to survive. You can control forest inhabitants and find what’s going wrong in the forest. The scene becomes ugly and hard as you move into the dark forest. The Badland and Badland 2 is a local multiplayer game. The gamers have to prove the survival of the fittest. You can do anything to survive. In the end, the only thing that matters is who is the winner.


  • 3D touch support
  • High-quality video and audio experience
  • World-class levels

Alto’s Adventure 

Alto's Adventure Logo: Best offline games
Source: The Verge

Alto’s Adventure is a game about Alto and his friend who are on an adventurous snowboarding journey. You can join Alto in his adventure and explore hidden treasures. You can explore various hills, mountains, and rooftops. 

What do you need more in a snowboarding game? Wait!!!! Here is more, the original soundtrack and top-picked music are added to enhance your experience and boost your mood.


  • 6 characters with unique abilities
  • High definition graphics
  • Zen mode and photo mode

Jetpack Joyride

JetPack Joyride Logo: Best offline games
Source: Halfbrick

Jetpack Joyride is a flying and endless running challenge that keeps you connected with the game. It’s time to join Barry in his jetpack adventure and equip some of the coolest machines with rear upgrades. There are endless things to do in-game and find exclusive machines. The game is packed with awesome and exciting music that makes the gameplay awesome. 


  • Coolest equipment
  • Customized looks
  • One-touch control
  • Earn coins and unlock rewards

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer Logo: Best offline games
Source: YouTube

Subway Surfers is a running game in which you have to dash as fast as you can and dodge the coming trains on the track. Help the characters to escape from the police officer by helping them to surf on the tracks with great powerups. The game comes with great rewards and powerups to score high. The interface is smooth and easy but needs hands-on to become an expert.  


  • HD graphics
  • Single touch control
  • Sync online to backup unlocked data

ATTS Anti Terrorist Squad 3D

ATTS logo Logo: Best offline games
Source: Amazon

ATTS Anti Terrorist Squad 3D is an easy shooting game that you can play online and offline according to the situation. The in-game features are TPS, FPS, and shooting in a single game. Be a gamer!!! Help cops to make the city crime-free. You have to kill enemies with advanced weapons. There are multiplayer chapters in the game that you unlock with each level. 


  • Easy and single-hand controls
  • 3D graphics
  • FPS, TPS views available

Into the Dead 2

Into the dead 2 Logo: Best offline games
Source: Nintendo

Every gamer loves the zombie apocalypse. So here is an exciting game to fight with zombies to save the human race. In-game you can arm yourself with deadly weapons to fight against zombies and save humans. You would be entrapped in the game storyline. 

Here is more, every story mode has a different ending, so choose wisely. The game has powerful weapons and ammo perk for all gamers.


  • Additional storyline
  • Offline battle mode
  • Stunning storyline

Final Verdict

The above-listed offline games are based on Youtube Professional Gamers user reviews and ratings. These are the best offline games awarded for their unique content and user ratings. Try above them and share with us about your gaming experiences in the comment section.  

What are the best offline games?

The best offline games are BADLAND, BADLAND 2, Alto’s Adventure, Jetpack Joyride and Subway Surfer.

Are offline games can be played without internet?

Yes, the offline games are those games which you can play without internet anytime.

From where I can download offline games?

Offline games are available on the Apple store.

What is the best offline game?

The Once Upon a Tower is all time best offline game.

Is PUBG an offline game?

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game. For gamers who do not have a steady and uninterrupted internet connection, playing PUBG Mobile can be frustrating.

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