There are so many games are available online and offline for PC. The developers produced hundreds of Best Popular Games for PC every day for gamers. But only a few games can cross the benchmark set by top Gamers. 

Hola Gamers, when a game sets a benchmark for others and becomes so popular due to its breathtaking features that make you go wow in seconds is featured in the list. You can check best games on Google and become so confused that which best popular games you should go for and that’s a tough job. But chill dude, I will clear all your questions in this single article. 

According to user reviews and some research on various articles, I had prepared a list of breathtaking best Popular Games for PC. The list includes Arma 3, SMITE®, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA5, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Rolling Sky, and many more.

I know that you have questions that why these are best popular games? What answers I am talking about above? I don’t disappoint you, Bro, I will let you know why you should have hands-on the above-listed Shooting Games.

Best Popular Games for PC 

The article below contains surprises for gamers, and in case you don’t want to miss and feel FOMO just make sure you go through the article and find why you should try these games. You can also try the best Shooter Games.

Arma 3

Arma 3 gameplay: Best popular games
Source: AltChar

Join true combat with traitors in a military war. The gameplay consists of single and multiplayer battle modes. The game is featured with more than 20 vehicles and 40 exclusive weapons. The Arma 3 takes you on an adventurous journey of the military sandbox. You have to prove the survival of the fittest. The battle-field of the Mediterranean covers all the expansive cities, to deserted lands. The hills and rivers are also there to gives you a realistic environment to battle in.


  • The in-game weapons and vehicles are amazing
  • The multiplayer and single-player modes are smooth 
  • Customized Arsenal 


Smite Gameplay: Best popular games
Source: Steam

Enough with the shooting, arcade, and storytelling games? Get ready to take part in the God battlefields. There is something wrong at God’s place. To unleash the power and protect the universe you have to come forward and battle with satans to become a legend. Each deity has its special power and weapon. The earth-destroying powers are in the wrong hands. Choose a God and enters a never-seen battle arena. Takes full control of Godlike powers.


  • Unique perspective
  • Legendary power and weapons
  • Flex move at the global level

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Flight Simulator logo: Best popular games
Source: Steam

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot? But unfortunate fate killed your dreams. Don’t worry and don’t be sad I have a surprise for you. The Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you an amazing experience of flying light planes to fighter-jets with real controls. You can complete pilot training and start fly challenges in a virtual world. You can create your plan for a flight anywhere in the world. You can have hands-on 30 handcrafted real airport designs. 


  • Real flight controls
  • VR experience
  • Realistic weather and directions

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption II logo: Best popular games
Source: Wikipedia

Join the Van der Linde gang on the adventurous journey to outlaws. Arthur is the main hero of the gang who is on the list of most wanted. The gang has to steam, rob, and threaten peoples to survive. The gameplay represents the bad bays as the main leads and will leave an impact on you that you like to live a bad life. The game is featured with the new episodes, story modes. You can choose the wrong path to create trades of illegal things. Graphical representation of the game is so amazing that you can start fascinating things in real life. The HDR effects present a real vivid image of the gameplay.


  • Exclusive weapons and cars 
  • Realistic graphics
  • A journey from nothing to legend


GTA 5 logo: Best popular games
Source: Rockstar

GTA-Grand Theft Auto needs no introduction in the gaming field. A perfect blend of a noob, a retired robber, and psycho criminals find themselves on the same path when their stories cross paths. The game has a series of dangerous heists that only you can perform perfectly without getting caught. The game featured the best in class graphics and a wide range of the customized options. The game is packed with amazing soundtracks. The online support of the game makes it more fun as you connect with other players on Steam.


  • Realistic design
  • Consistent storyline
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Support controller

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS logo: Best popular games
Source: CounterStrike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is action gameplay featured with new maps. The new characters, maps, weapons, and modes deliver everything that a gamer needs. CS is among best popular games since the launch of its first episode and the company deliberately delivers new features with every update.


  •  Amazing storyline
  • Upgraded weapons, character
  • Upgraded arsenal 


Minecraft Logo: Best Popular Games
Source: Amazon

Minecraft is a game to explore your creativity. It is a crafting game that allows you to create unimaginable things in your virtual world. You can collect resources and destroy blocks and build beautiful things. You can fight monsters who want to destroy your buildings. You can open an endless world of possibilities in-game.  


  • 3D support
  • Family game
  • Smooth interface


Hearthstone Logo: Best Popular Games
Source: Wikipedia

Hearthstone is a card battle game in which you can collect powerful cards and take control of the battlefield. You can make your own strategy to win against legends who are masters of their skills. You can build your deck and unlock the number of possibilities. You can unleash the beast on the battlefield and showcase your talent on the global level. Earn great cards by completing ashes and battle. You can discover great tricks by competing in PvP battles. Hearthstone is one of the best popular games for kids.


  • Dual player support
  • Practice mode

Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky Logo: Best Popular Games
Source: Pinterest

Rolling Sky is a single-touch relaxing game that addict you with its amazing 3D effects. Swipe the ball, defeat the obstacles, and conquer the gameplay. 

Rolling Sky is a simple game with amazing gameplay. You can unlock various game scenes by completing the lower one.


  • Simple UI
  • One-hand control

Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Logo: Best Popular Games
Source: Sensor Tower

Pokémon GO is a realistic design that makes you believe that we are living between pokemon. Pokémon GO uses your phone camera and graphically designed to make us feel how it looked like to live between pokemon. Pokémon GO is packed with amazing tools and a creative line-up story that takes you to another world. 

You can follow the pokemon trainers around the world. You can discover and explore more pokemon. You can train your pokemon to make it stronger and earn rewards by competing with other trainers around the globe. Play gym battles and make your pokemon strong. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start the reel-life adventure.


  • High-quality graphics design
  • Realistic battles
  • Powerups and amazing rewards

Among Us

Among Us Logo: Best Popular Games
Source: Steam

Among Us is a deduction game in which you have to find the imposter. You can play online or on a local network with other players and friends respectively. You have to find the imposter among others or if you failed you lose your life and get thrown out in the darker space. The imposter is one who can sabotage everything and cause chaos. 


  • Play with friends
  • Unique skins and places
  • Easily playable game
  • No skills required

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Logo: Best Popular Games
Sources: Angry Bird

Angry Birds is a casual game that needs no introduction also marked the top position in Editor’s Choice Game. The game is crafted to take you to another imaginary world of pigs and birds where pigs hack birds and stole their eggs. Now it’s your turn to join Angry birds and help them to save their eggs. 

You can unlock various birds and each bird has its own power that helps you to fight against pigs and enter the pig’s castle. The Angry Birds game is a complete package for gamers. Angry Bird is one of the best popular games for relaxing.


  • Each level is unique
  • With more powerups comes great difficulty
  • Skill test

Genshin Impact

Genshin Logo: Best popular games
Source: YouTube

Genshin Impact takes you to a different world completely full of a different life and elemental energies. As you move deeper into the world a God is in deep sleep that awake into a new world. You have to begin your journey to seek the answer from all the seven Gods (God of all elements). On your journey to answers, explore hidden treasures and powerups. You are holding great powers that can solve countless mysteries.

Genshin Impact comes with a great open world to explore endless possibilities. You are going on an immense adventure of finding possibilities. 


  • Endless in-game creations
  • Magnificient Visuals
  • You can build whatever you want
  • Multiplayer support

Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile Logo: Best popular games
Source: CNET

Call of Duty: Mobile is specially designed for mobile platforms is a 5v5 game. You can join and create a team to fight with other teams in order to win. The Call of Duty: Mobile is free to play for mobile phones with customized controls and 3D graphics and sound. There are various exclusive in-game maps to learn new strategies. The game is packed with death-dealing weapons. The graphics connect you with the game in no time and you start living in-game.

Call of Duty: Mobile comes with social play and competitive mode. You can fight to unlock dozens of skins and characters. The game rewards are great that you can use to customize your player. The loadouts brought into the battle to thrill battle. CoD: Mobile is one of the best popular games for Android and iOS.


  • Sync data on the cloud
  • Exclusive skins and characters
  • Handcrafted maps
  • Smooth user interface


GRIS Logo: Best popular games
Source: Steam

GRIS is a young girl lost in the other world of pain and sorrow. Help GRIS to unfolds the pages of pain and to grow emotionally and stronger. Players can explore a unique world as the story grows. GRIS connects with the player with light puzzles and new paths for exploring her abilities. Players can connect with high-quality anime, detailed arts, and elegant storyline. 


  • Unique storyline
  • High-quality graphics
  • Unimaginable world

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Logo: Best popular games
Source: Codemaster

GRID Autosport is a racing game for racers who want to explore keen feasibility on android devices. The game is packed with awesome HD graphics and a number of unimaginable tracks to race on. GRID Autosport is a multiplayer game that you can play between 2 to 6 players. You can compete with your friend or all the racers around the globe. The game is checked for mods by the No 1 AI system, so you cannot probably cheat in-game. 


  • High end detailed graphics
  • Race lobbies to show off skills
  • Exclusive cars and maps
  • World-class arena

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Logo: Best popular games
Source: Telecomdrive

Legends of Runeterra is a card game based on a strategy where your skills and creativity help you to win the game. There is no luck only your skills can help you to win the game. Within the game, you can connect with the legends and new characters. Play and earn cards and it is on you how you control your collection. You have to react to your opponent’s move to counter its move and win the league. You can explore the epic regime to find hidden treasures.


  • Multiplayer support
  • HD graphics
  • Increase creativity

Final Pronouncement

The above-mentioned best popular games for PC are released many years ago but still tops the list due to their unique storyline, gameplay, and thrilling fact listed by Youtubers. The intensity of the game takes you to another world.  

These best popular games will leave an impact on you which stays on you for a while. These games are available on App Store, Google Play Store, and Steam. These games are so addictive. The writer solemnly not responsible for your gaming addiction. Try your hands-on and flex your move. Take care gamers until our next meet.  

What are the best popular games?

The list includes Arma 3, SMITE®, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA5, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

What are FPS and TPS games?

The FPS is First Person Shooting game and TPS is Third Person Shooting Game. The experience of both the view is depends upon the Gamers

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