Want to master your skills in a different way rather than the traditional methods? Ever heard about puzzle games, if not then you should because that might be the ultimate solution to your problem. 

Puzzle games are actually brain teasers that are of great help in mastering one’s logical and problem-solving skills. With so many games coming out every day, how do you choose which one is going to actually help you and which one will waste your time? Want to know the answer, keep reading the article below. 

The Best Puzzle Games for PC in 2021 are Portal 1 and 2, Minute of Islands, Hexcells, Infinite, The Room, SpaceChem, and LIMBO 

While you are in dire need of finding the best puzzle games for PC, you can also check out our list of best puzzle games for both Android and iOS devices. 

Best Puzzle Games for PC 

Read the full article below to know more about the features of these games along with other details based on Steam ratings and reviews.

Portal 1 and 2 

No puzzle game is complete without the award-winning puzzle game series portal 1 and 2. The game with its innovative gameplay and storyline managed to earn over 70+ industry accolades and garnered a cult following. 

The game is set in the mysterious Aperture Science Lab and hosts a season of fresh characters and puzzle elements in its 2nd edition. Players must solve the puzzles, open the mysterious portals to maneuver the objects and their own self through space. 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Single-player and multiplayer game mode 
  • Explore challenging levels with advanced physics 
  • Features original soundtrack 
  • Impressing next-generation gameplay 

Minute of Islands

best puzzle games for PC
Source: Softonic

Get ready to explore the wonderful islands and strange dark labyrinths in the great depths of the island. Minute of Islands is a narrative-based puzzle game that takes you on the quest of young mechanic Mo. 

The game is yet to release but has already created a buzz with its impressive gameplay. The game is receiving some great reviews ahead of its release like “Eye-catching (and beautifully animated) comic-book art.” 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Story-based environmental puzzles 
  • Interactive platform based puzzle gameplay 
  • Emotional poetic story by Actress Megan Gay 
  • Multiple unique islands spread across a handcrafted world  

Hexcells Infinite 

Hexcells Infinite: best puzzle games for PC
Source: GameSpot

If you are looking for a logic-based puzzle game for PC, then hexcells infinite is a perfect fit for you. The game is nothing like Microsofts boring age-old freebies and instead offers a logical solution to every puzzle.

The game, in the beginning, might look like a simple combination of Griddlers and minesweeper but it has a lot more to offer than that. The game has a very intriguing ambient logic behind it and has a total number of three editions to its account. 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Features 6 worlds of 36 levels 
  • Minimalistic art style between a contrast of orange and blue tiles 
  • No punishment for making mistakes
  • Locate all the blue tiles with fewer mistakes 

The Room 

The Room: best puzzle games for PC
Source: Steam

“How are you, old friend?

If you’re reading this, then it worked. I only hope you can still forgive me.” This is where it all starts. The Room is based on the story of a mysterious invitation to an abandoned house. Once you enter the house, there is no turning back. 

With this game, you fall into a world of bizarre contraptions with alchemical machinery. Get ready to go on an unexpected timespan journey to extraordinary places while following a trail of cryptic letters. 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Impressive 3D gameplay 
  • Winner of BAFTA and other prestigious awards
  •  Exciting pick-up-and-play-design 
  • Single finger touch controls 


SpaceChem:  best puzzle games for PC
Source: The Gemsbok

Take the role of a reactor engineer and transform raw materials into valuable chemical products. You are working for a leading chemical synthesizer “SpaceChem” which exports chemicals to frontier colonies. Sounds pretty easy, right? 

Well, here comes the challenge. You can make chemicals by solving the puzzles. Two remote manipulators namely “Waldos” will help you every time you solve a puzzle. Only when you solve a puzzle right, the atoms, and molecules will interact the way they should and produce the chemical. 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Explore 50+ brain-challenging puzzles 
  • Original soundtrack by Evan Le Ny
  • 20+ challenging achievements 
  • Player performance compared after every level


LIMBO: best puzzle games for PC
Source: OMG! Ubuntu!

Torn between the uncertainty of your sister’s fate and the desire to find her, you enter LIMBO. Wandering through the woods filled with traps and monsters waiting to jump in. You start to realize how sometimes simple perspectives can turn into horrifying scenarios. 

The game is divided into two halves with you fighting the creatures of the dark that are either dead or have to come to harm you. In the second half, you have to solve all the mechanical puzzles to reach the end of the game. 

Highlights of the Game: 

  • Fail and die multiple times before finding the correct solution 
  • Features trial-and-death mechanism to start over right before you died 
  • Dark greyscale aesthetical graphics 
  • A minimalist 2D environment with an ambient soundtrack 

Final Verdict: 

All good things must come to an end just like this list of the best puzzle games. All of these games can be played easily on your PC systems without causing any trouble. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and become a master of logical skills with these puzzle games and don’t forget to share your valuable feedback in the comments. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of puzzles?

Cryptic puzzles.
Logic Puzzles
Math Puzzles
Mechanical Puzzles
Trivia puzzles
Word puzzles
Pattern Guessing

What is the difference between jigsaw and puzzle?

When used as nouns, jigsaw means a saw with fine teeth and a narrow blade that can cut curves in wood or metal, whereas puzzle means anything that is difficult to understand or make sense of. When used as a verb, jigsaw means to cut something using a jigsaw, whereas puzzle means to perplex (someone). 

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