6 Best Racing Games for iOS in 2021


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Racing games don’t need any introduction. Are you done with finding the best racing games on the internet? If no then don’t worry you are at the right place. I can assist you with the best racing games. 

Racing games are those in which you participate in a virtual game and experience the racing world. These games boost adrenaline in your bloodstream and make you excited for the rush of entertainment, which you will be experiencing while playing this game. I am a big-time lover of racing games and I know the struggle of finding the best racing games. The Apple store is full of racing games and finding a good game is difficult. You can try the best realistic games for iOS.

According to the Apple store reviews and searching a number of articles, the Best Racing Games for iOS in 2021 are:

  • CSR2: Street Car Drag Racing‬
  • Need for Speed: No Limits
  • Gear.Club – True Racing
  • Rush Rally 3
  • Real Bike Racing
  • Nitro Nation Drag & Drift‬ 

Why these are the best racing games? Why these top the list of the best racing game? I know you have a ton of questions. You can find all the answers to your question here below in the article.

6 Best Racing Games for iOS in 2021

Read along with the article to find the features, pros of the games and also check which game is better for beginners and professionals.

CSR2: Street Car Drag Racing‬

CSR2 Logo: Best Racing Games

It is an advanced and redesigned version of street car racing. The game storyline depends on the detailed streets on which you have to drag to win titles. The game wipes out the thin line of console games and mobile games. The developers packed the game with detailed graphics and an iMax experience. You can feel the next-generation graphics in-game. 

You can customized cars and gear them with great accessories. The controls are smooth with nitro-boost you can turn, tumble and perform stunts.


  • No-ads will pop up while playing the game.
  • A garage full of sports cars is available.
  • Realistic detailed graphics are what this game presents.


  • In-game purchase is expensive.
  • It is quite a hidden game, its versions are hard to find.


The size of the game is 2.6 GB with an age rating of 4+

Need for Speed: No Limits

NFS No Limit Logo: Best Racing Games

Need for Speed: No Limits is loaded with realistic graphics. The game has a wide variety of stadiums and tracks. You can unlock and upgrade a car according to your need. The garage is full of gears and equipment you need to go through a level and obliterate the enemies. 

The game takes you to the imaginary world of racing where you can perform illegal stunts without worrying about the police and rules. You can drive as fast as you can and claim the crown of the world’s best racer.


  • Realistic and 3D graphics make your mind go vrom-vrom.
  • Variety of supercars and cool tracks, adds to its features.
  • Multi-view stunts are performed in this game
  • Police chase missions are what this game is about.


  • In-game purchase is expensive.
  • High-speed internet required to upgrade various equipment. 


The size of the game is 2.6 GB with an age limit of 4+

Gear.Club – True Racing

Gear Club Logo: Best Racing Games

Gear.Club – True Racing is more than its name. True racers know what does it feel like when you are ruling the scoreboard and one of the enemies tries to cross your position. Adrenaline is rushed in the body to compete for the position and perform the best you can with your big boy toys. The game comes with a realistic graphics design and the world’s best tracks to compete on. 

Gear.Club – True Racing gives you the full customized control to the garage to create and upgrade your super toys as you like. 


  • Full control of cars and their tracks through the controller.
  • Daily missions are quite easy if you are at an advanced level.
  • Exclusive rewards do exist.


  • Some users report lagging, it is due to weak software
  • A high-end phone is required while playing this game.


The size of the game is 2.9GB with an age rating of 4+.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally Logo: Best Racing Games

The game is a realistic presentation of the off-road rally race. The game is loaded with the best off-road vehicles. You can battle against and unlock new off-road cars to enhance your skills in the world of a rally race. There are different modes for beginners, professionals, and masters of the league.

You can combat on different off-road tracks and gear up your vehicles to rule the scoreboard.


  • Realistic off-road design is exciting.
  • Customizing features is a task, but it stands as an add-on.
  • Smooth and responsive controls make it fun.


  • Some classic vehicles are paid, which is the only minus thing , i suppose.


The size of the game 223.8MB with an age rating of 4+

Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing Logo: Best Racing Games

Don’t worry if you are not a car racer, we got you covered with the best bike racing game. The Real Bike Racing is a simple thrilling game. You need to start the game and start racing with the world’s best bikes on the amazing tracks. You can showcase your skill on a global level. 

Real Bike Racing is packed with multiple bikes, locations, and different difficulties.


  • Superbikes are quite fun & stylish.
  • 3D design and realistic graphics make it intriguing.
  • Unique challenges are what it offers.
  • Customized bikes are an added feature.


  • Some bugs may trouble you.
  • Some users report VR incompatibility.


The size of the game is 210MB with an age rating of 3+.

Nitro Nation Drag & Drif‪t‬ 

Nitro Nation Logo: Best Racing Games

What is more exciting than the drifting on supercars. The Nitro Nation Drag & Drift‬ comes with a fair play that means you don’t have to wait for riding or drifting just choose your car and burn the tracks with your breathtaking experience of drifting.

You can compete with others and made a team to slay the scoreboard.


  • The multi-angle camera design makes it intriguing.
  • Stunning track upgrades after every game, as it is believed.
  • Responsive controls while drifting is an in-built feature.


  • Daily huge upgrades makes your device slow.


The size of the app is 2 GB with an age rating of 4+.

Final Verdict

The above best racing games are based on user reviews and ratings. These games top the list of best racing games due to their unique features and amazing experience. 

So gamer what are you waiting for? It’s your turn now. Go check out these best racing games varies from beginners to experts. If you an android user, there are the best racing games for android users too. Comment down your favorite racing game… 

What is the best online racing game?

The best online racing game is Need For Speed: No Limits.

Are racing games free?

There are so many racing games available free as well as paid. Some game are worth paying for their unique feature.

What is the No 1 Android game?

Asphalt 9 is reported as the number 1 mobile racing game. You can also check other top games for android in the article.


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