Best Realistic Games For Android 2022 | HD Graphics Will WOOO You!


Games I tell you! There are plenty and plenty of games around all of us, but we all want to play those 4K graphics enriched realistic games for android devices. Why is it so? Why we all are looking for such high-quality games?

The reason for choosing realistic games for our devices is because we will get to experience the highly defined graphics of characters, tools; etc. It will be more like an animated cinematic view.

If you guys are not trusting me, then I would recommend you to go through the list prepared and experience it yourself.

Best Realistic Games For Android 2022 | Experience The So-Called Real Characters Virtually!

There are many popular offline games and online games, but to experience the characters which seem real is only possible when you’ll put your hands on the popular realistic games.

Dear, iOS users, don’t be sad we have a list for you as well. You can also find out your best realistic games for iOS users so that you don’t miss this chance in 2022.

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1# Call of Duty: Mobile 

Call of Duty: Mobile: Best Realistic Games for Android

If you love playing games that have high-quality 3D graphics, then COD Mobile is one of the best realistic games available for you. It has well-defined characters and all the

Get ready to battle in some of the most adventurous and challenging missions. Experience the thrill of the most beloved shooter game globally. Use your skills and strategy to compete in 100 player Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and many more.  

Highlights of the game:

  • Thrilling 3D graphics and an amazing sound system 
  • Console quality HD gaming 
  • Customizable controls with voice and text chat 
  • Play from iconic multiplayer maps 
  • Features PvP multiplayer modes like Frontline, Free For All, Domination, etc

Ratings: 4.5 stars on Google play store 

Download Size: 1.95 GB

Price: Free with In-App purchases 

2# Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3: Best Realistic Games for Android

Shadow Fight 3 is the better, updated, and loaded version of shadow fight. Everything is big and better about this game from the thrilling gameplay, to the enemies, and most importantly, the highly optimized graphics of this game is to die for. This game is my personal favorite on the list 

Take your sword and get ready to start your adventure on this journey of constant battle with thrilling action. The world is on the edge of an epic war and your actions are going to change this destiny. Which sides will you join to save this world? 

Highlights of the game:

  • Choose a faction and influence the storyline
  • Battle in thematic in-game events 
  • Challenge other players’ heroes 
  • Thrilling 3D graphics with an optimized gameplay 
  • The game is available to play both online and offline 

Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google play 

Download Size: 118 MB

Price: Free with In-App purchases 

3# Vector 

Vector: Best Realistic Games for Android

If you haven’t played vector before, you are missing out on one of the best graphics games ever made. The developers have done a great job of making something look so realistic with the dark running characters. 

The game is an arcade-style exciting game featuring you as the exceptional runner who runs, climbs, and slides using some of the best techniques while being chased by the “Big Brother” who wants to capture you and bring you back to the Totalitarian world.  

Highlights of the game:

  • High-quality realistic graphics with elaborate animations 
  • 20 challenging levels with 40 in the deluxe version
  • One of the best arcade based gameplays
  • Supports intuitive controls 
  •  Sophisticated designs challenging the most in-demand players 

Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google play store 

Download Size: 92.61 MB 

Price: Free with In-App purchases 

4# The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: Road to survival: Best Realistic Games for android

Plot the perfect plan and recruit a team of fighters to help you rise to victory in this zombie apocalypse. The walking dead is your road to survival in an uncompromising series of events. The game not only amazes you with its realistic graphics but it will also make your heart skip a beat. 

The game has a dark aesthetic and keeps you hooked on it. It will reflect your judgment and the decisions that you will have to make as you make strategies for the ultimate survival. 

Highlights of the game:

  • Strategic turn-based gameplay
  • Eye-catching aesthetic with high-quality graphics 
  • Level up, upgrade, and customize your survivors 
  • Explore new 3D maps with real locations from comics of the same name 
  • Multiplayer alliances with battle strategies to keep you safe  

Ratings: 4.1 stars on Google play store 

Download Size: 81.06 MB

Price: Free with In-App purchases 

5# Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG: Best Realistic Games for Android

Evil lands is an epic multiplayer game set in the backdrops of the medieval period in the world of fantasy battles and magic. Get ready to be a hero and fight evil bosses, monsters, and dragons hiding in the evil lands. Challenge yourself in CO-OP or PvP modes. 

You can also play with your friends and other players from all over the world. Choose your character and go on exploring the darkness of dungeon forests, magical environments to complete the quests and master your battle skills. 

Highlights of the game:

  • Console level stunning 3D graphics 
  • Online real-time multiplayer RPG modes 
  • Choose from a variety of maps and intriguing quests 
  • Customize your characters however you want 
  • Multiple gaming modes like a co-op, PVP, PVP combat 

Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google play store 

Download Size: 796 MB

Price: Free with In-App purchases

6# MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game 

MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate fighting Game: Best Realistic Games for Android

Choose from over 130+ characters and assemble an elite team of warriors to fight in epic 3v3 battles. Bring the ultimate fighting game to your mobile screen and prove yourself as the greatest warrior on the biggest fighting tournament on Earth. 

The game has become much better now with better and improved graphics. Collect over 130 mortal characters from the kombat universe including Ermac, Cassie Cage, Scorpion, and many more. 

Highlights of the game:

  • Win epic quests to earn special rewards 
  • Stunning and improved high-quality graphics 
  • Trademark fatalities with over the top action 
  • New challenge added every week 
  • Top your Faction leaderboard to earn prizes

Ratings: 4.2 stars on Google play store 

Download Size: 1.22 GB 

Price: Free with In-App purchases 

Final Verdict: 

According to Google Play, all of the featured games are powered by high-quality stunning graphics that make the players feel like fighting in a real-world environment. These games have been tried and tested by us to make sure that they provide you with impressive gameplay. Battle with your favorite characters and let us know in which game you liked battling the most. 

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