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Are you looking forward to spending your Saturday night with your partner but really don’t have any plans? If that’s the case, then we have a solution for you. You can spend your time watching some good romantic action movies on Netflix and cuddling bae. Sounds like a good plan. Doesn’t it?

But wait a minute and hear me out first. If you are planning to surf through Netflix and pick on a random movie, then you are not doing it right. Because it will take you a lot of time and there is also a good chance that you may not fight a good movie. So, give me a chance to help you out by taking you through a list full of the best romantic action movies on Netflix.

16 Best Romantic Action Movies On Netflix | Make Your Weekends Cuddle Worthy!

Now that you have decided to listen to my advice, allow me to lead the way and introduce you to some of the best romantic flicks filled with action on Netflix. Get ready with bags full of popcorn and glasses full of wine!

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1. Marriage Story (2019)

1. Marriage Story (2019): 16 Best Romantic Action Movies On Netflix | Stream The Best!

One of the best romantic action movies on Netflix, Marriage Story brings to you the story of a married couple facing issues in their blissful life. At a certain point, the couple starts outgrowing one another and decides to put their focus into things they feel like prioritizing at the moment. The movie will bring tears to your eyes as you will get to see if the couple will support one another or throw rocks into the other person’s journey.

2. Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

2. Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue Is The Warmest Color brings to you the story of Adele Exarchopoulos, a French teen who shares a deeply emotional and sex*ual bond with fellow art student Lea Seydoux who she met at a bar. Things start to change between Adele and Lea when the former meets a beautiful young woman Emma with blue hair. Emma helps Adele grow into a strong and confident woman while going through a journey full of love and loss.

3. The Night Comes For Us (2018)

3. The Night Comes For Us

Indonesian action-thriller movie The Night Comes For Us may be a little low on the romance side but it does not miss out on the lovey-dovey factor completely. Ito, a gangland enforcer is stuck between the clutches of his crime-laid assassin family and the murderous gangsters as he spares a young girl’s life during a massacre. The movie is a great entertainment time pass if you wish to see how an assassin starts to act when he falls head river heels for someone.

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4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

An original action-adventure classic Raiders Of The Lost Ark brings to its viewers the story of a glorious battle between an intrepid archaeologist and a band of nazis. Played by the legendary Harris Ford, Indiana Jones finds himself fighting a treacherous snake phobia and a vengeful ex-girlfriend. The constant Tom and Jerry chase between Indiana Jones and his ex-girlfriend is worth every second. But the real question is, “Will Indiana Jones find his way back to his ex-girlfreind”?

5. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

5. Always Be My Maybe

If you are watching Always Be My Maybe and looking for some hardcore action sequences, then you are making the wrong decision. 2019 movie Always Be My Maybe is a lighthearted action-adventurous rom-com with a few hints of action here and there. Sasha and Marcus are childhood buddies and plan on living the same way forever. But when they have s*x, they know the bond is ruined and there is nothing they can do to fix it. So, what happens when years later they will find themselves crossing paths once again?

6. Howards End (1992)

6. Howards End

Are you an admirer of periodic romantic drama movies? If yes, then you have to watch Howards End this weekend with your partner. Helen Schlegel and Paul Wilcox have slowly started turning from friends to lovers but when Helen’s sister Margaret becomes friends with Paul’s mother the equation changes completely. Paul’s mother promises Margaret the family house Howards End in her will but after her death the will disappears and fingers are on everyone.

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7. Someone Great (2019)

7. Someone Great

Oh, how the tables turn in a happy relationship when you get dumped by your long-term boyfriend while you are planning to take the next big step with them! The same happens to Jenny Young, a budding music journalist who gets dumped. So, what does she do? Cry and eat ice cream straight out the tub? NO!!!! Jenny recruits her two best friends to enjoy a much-needed vacation in New York before moving to San Franciso, the city of her dreams.

8. The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

8. The Incredible Jessica James

Romantic action comedies hit on a different level when the protagonist is trying to get over a recent breakup, right? If you still haven’t had a fill of feel-good vibes after watching Someone Great, you can try watching The Incredible Jessica James. Jessica is an aspiring playwright in New York city working harder every day to hit the next level. But when she is left heartbroken by her boyfriend, she goes into a slump. But when she meets Boone, they decide to make the best out of their situation and get over their breakups together.

9. Nappily Ever After (2018)

9. Nappily Ever After

Do you happen to be a sucker for meet-cute love stories where the protagonists help each other rise from the ashes and realize their true worth? If yes, you need to watch Nappily Ever After this weekend and enjoy two hours full of self-love and self-appreciation. If your partner has been stressed for some time because of work, this is the perfect cure for them. The main protagonist in the movie Violet is visiting the salon for her regular cut but a small incident and a little help from the barber make her realize a lot of things.

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10. The Spectacular Now (2013)

10. The Spectacular Now

Unexpected romances hit the best, especially when your love story is an unexpected one too. Stutter and Aimee, the central characters in the movie, The Spectacular Now, are two worlds apart from one another. Stutter is a popular party animal whereas Aimee is the shy, laidback girl already planning what to do with her future once high school is over. When they cross each other’s paths, it becomes a little chaotic in the beginning but soon sparks fly out and the feelings go spiraling.

11. Twilight (2008)

11. Twilight

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella Swan. A high school student who doesn’t want to change her life and be a misfit. Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward Cullen, a mysterious but handsome teenager. Bella falls for him when she first saw him. Edward Cullen’s beautiful eyes directly peer her soul. Lately, Bella found that Edward is a vampire. Bella falls in love with Edward and enters into a romantic relationship with her immortal soulmate without being scared.

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12. Baby Driver (2017)

12. Baby Driver

The story is about a baby, an orphan who loves to listen to music. Baby is an impressively talented child who enters the heist with Doc. The fantastic soundtrack makes the movie a masterpiece. Each scene connects you with the baby, who ensures the Doc’s bank-robbing plan fulfilled. Baby is not part of the team for long, but he nailed the job on the first attempt.

13. Out Of Sight (1998)

13. Out Of Sight

The story revolves around Meet Jack Foley, a robber who is a master of his skills. One day he manages to get out of jail. After absconding, one day, he steals something precious, i.e., Karen Sisco’s heart. Karen is smart, sexy, very unfortunate for Jack. But they willing to risk all they have just to find out there is anything between them.

14. Game Night (2018)

14. Game Night

The next on the list is an excellent romantic action movie. The movie revolves around two friends who planed for a game night. The boys are supposed to plan a fake murder mystery, but things get worse when they are kidnapped by real goons. Game Night is available on Netflix with some romantic scenes.

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15. Amelie (2001)

15. Amelie 2001

Amelie is a romcom and action-adventure available on Netflix. The Amelie 2001 story revolves around a young woman whose unnatural comedy connects you with the scene play. The romantic hits when she wants to see the beautiful part of Paris. The movie has been shot in 80 locations.

16. Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005)

16. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a story of a couple in a stagnating marriage, deceptively mundane their extension. The couple, John and Jane, started hiding things from each other. Both are assassins working for different agencies. The romantic scenario changed when they were assigned to kill the same target. The couple gets to know about each other. But a tragic moment happens, and then they are assigned by the companies to kill each other.

Final Words

These are the top romantic action movies available on Netflix. So far, watching movies was associated with going to the cinema, turning on the appropriate TV channel, downloading a file from the Internet, or dusting a forgotten DVD player everyone used now free movie apps to watch movies. If you are not more of a romantic film person, you can watch documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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