30+ Best Romantic Action Movies on Netflix 2021 Edition

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Romantic Action Movies on Netflix for couples: There’s a lot of Terrible things out there—in our personal lives, in the news, on TV, on social media. We all are now fed up of this.


But, Thankfully, we can all escape into movies—where the love might not be realistic, but our desire for the fantasy to be real is a powerful feeling.

And so, whether you’re feeling heartbroken or lonely or down—or even if everything is perfectly happy and you want to just be reassured—we’ve put together a list of the best romantic action movies on Netflix for couples to single everyone should watch out whenever your heart desires.

Netflix keeps on growing by making sure it offers something for everyone. In addition to a varied selection of horror, romantic, sci-fi, documentaries, and dramas, the service also curates a solid library of romantic action movies on Netflix.

I don’t like going out. I’m more of a watch TV, hang out, Netflix kind of guy. I don’t like leaving; I don’t like talking to people. It gives me anxiety.

-Pete Davidson

Your go-to guide for the best romance and action movies on Netflix for couples to singles right now.

Best Romantic Action Movies on Netflix

The love might not be realistic, but our desire for the fantasy to be real is a powerful feeling.

1. Marriage Story

Marriage Story
Source: Medium

Marriage Story is the best action movies on Netflix for couples to watch, directed and produced by Noah Baumbach. It stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, with Laura Dern, Alan Alda, Ray Liotta, Julie Hagerty, and Merritt Wever in supporting roles.

We can relate this movie to the real world where All marriages face this situation at some point – where husband and wife just let it all out, assess their different priorities, decide which direction they will take together or separately or whether they will support each other’s different goals.

“Marriage Story” is the best movie on Netflix because it turns the very basis for that talk into a crucial part of the action—and it goes in surprising directions to reveal the personal importance of such talk and the high price (both literally and emotionally) that its protagonists pay to unleash it.

2. Blue is the warmest colour:

Blue is the warmest colour is a film of A French teen (Adèle Exarchopoulos) forms a deep emotional and sexual connection with an older art student (Léa Seydoux) she met in a lesbian bar.

Adèle’s life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.

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3. The night comes for us:

The night comes for us
Source: WowShack

The Night Comes for Us is the best action and top mind bending movies on Netflix for couples that moves at a furious pace. The film begins as a group of enforcers for the South East Asian Triad massacres a village. 

The Night Comes for Us is a stylish thriller, with deft camerawork and a pulsing soundtrack; it’s also a wildly violent one. Most of the fight scenes leave the rooms decked in blood.

4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark:

All four Indiana Jones films are on Netflix you can watch out now, but the first still stands its ground as the best in the series and one of the finest action movies ever made. Indy (Harrison Ford) pursues the Lost Ark of the Covenant while evading and diverting Nazis chasing the power the Ark is believed to contain.

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5. Always be my maybe:

Always Be My Maybe is a 2019 American romantic and action movies on Netflix for couples, written by Ali Wong, Randall Park and Michael Golamco and directed by Nahnatchka Khan.

Where Childhood sweethearts have a falling out and don’t speak for 15 years, only reconnecting as adults when Sasha runs into Marcus in San Francisco. Although the old sparks are still there, the couple live in different worlds.

6. Howard’s end:

Howard's end

Howard’s is Directed by James Ivory, this 1992 romantic and action movies on Netflix for couples to watch out. Iconic Actors Anthony and Hopkins and Emma Thompson gave outstanding performances.

This story follows three families as they fight to make their mark on the world while the burgeoning love between Thompson’s Margaret and Hopkins’ Henry threatens to engulf everyone’s world in scandal.

7. Someone Great:

It is Netflix original that marks the directorial debut of Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who is also the screenwriter for Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder. This movie is a mixture of imaginative, unusual, and hilarious flick about love, loss, growth, and the bond of female friendship.

8. The incredible Jessica James:

It is a story of a girl where She’s passionate and fun, and Williams plays her with a comedic resolve that makes you fall in love with her. Her chemistry with co-star Chris O’Dowd makes for a goofy, sexy, and refreshingly honest exploration of love after heartbreak. Couples must watch this movie as there is honest exploration of love involves.

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9. Nappling Ever After

action movies on netflix for couples

Nappily Ever After tells the story of Violet Jones, played by Sanaa Lathan, who seemingly has it all — the job, the boyfriend, the hair. This Netflix original is a feel-good romance where one woman finds out what is most important to her.

10. The Spectacular Now 

The Spectacular Now may seem played out and sort of cheap. This movie is a mixture of romance and Action where Popular, charismatic boy dates quiet, inquisitive girl in their final year of high school and they unexpectedly fall in love.

11. Twilight  

Twilight: action movies on netflix for couples
Source: Netflix

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella Swan. A high school student who doesn’t want to change her life and be a misfit. Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward Cullen, a mysterious but handsome teenager. Bella falls for him when she first saw him. Edward Cullen’s beautiful eyes directly peer her soul. Lately, Bella found that Edward is a vampire. Bella falls in love with Edward and enters into a romantic relationship with her immortal soulmate without being scared.

12. Baby Driver

Baby Driver
Source: Gear Love

The story is about a baby, an orphan who loves to listen to music. Baby is an impressively talented child who enters the heist with Doc. The fantastic soundtrack makes the movie a masterpiece. Each scene connects you with the baby, who ensures the Doc’s bank-robbing plan fulfill. Baby is not part of the team for long, but he nailed the job on the first attempt.

13. Dead Pool 

Dead Pool
Source: FilmAffinity

Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Wade Wilson. The story is of an ex-operative who has been tortured, beaten, and converted into a mutant Deadpool. Wade is in love with a girl whom he met in a bar. The love story started but when wade is transformed into a mutant. His healing powers enhanced. The action begins when some hitman kills his girlfriend. Deadpool developed new killing abilities to hunt down all the men who destroyed his life.

14. Date Night

Date Night
Source: Film Affinity

It is the story of Phil and Clair who want to bring a spark to their romantic life. In Date Night, the couple had decided to go on a date every weekend. After some discussion, the couple head to a beautiful restaurant for a romantic night. After seeing the restaurant full, Steve cleverly imitates a no-show man for reservation. But the no-show man owes a lot of money to the mob. After that, all the action starts Phil and Clair has to run for their life.

15. Out of Sight

Out of Sight
Source: The Warning Sign

The story revolves around Meet Jack Foley, a robber who is a master of his skills. One day he manages to get out of jail. After absconding, one day, he steals something precious, i.e., Karen Sisco’s heart. Karen is smart, sexy, very unfortunate for Jack. But they willing to risk all they have just to find out there is anything between them.

16. This Means War

This Means War
Source: Netflix

The story is about the two CIA operatives who are best friends and mates. Their spying abilities, combat skills make them the top cops. Things were usual until they met a beautiful blonde. Their personal and professional bond is put at stake for the love of the blonde. The movie is available on Netflix. The action begins when both of them use their high-tech gadgets against each other.

17. Game Night

Game Night
Source: Saporta Report

The next on the list is an excellent romantic action movie. The movie revolves around two friends who planed for a game night. The boys are supposed to plan a fake murder mystery, but things get worst when one of them is kidnaped by real goons. The movie is available on Netflix with some romantic scenes.

18. Mr. Right

Mr. Right
Source: WRGB

The short and unique romantic story is about a girl whose life changed when she met her admirer. The boy is an assassin by profession. Instead of killing the targets given, he used to kill the person who hires him. The drama, love, and action all the things packed in the movie.

19. Love and Basketball

Love and Basketball
Source: Forbes

Love and Basketball is a story of two childhood friends who want to be professional basketball players. One born with talent, while the other worked hard to get fame. In their journey, they started loving each other. But their different journey to fame separates them apart. The movie is available on Netflix.

20. Amelie 2001

Source: Youtube

Amelie is a romcom and action-adventure available on Netflix. The Amelie 2001 story revolves around a young woman whose unnatural comedy connects you with the scene play. The romantic hits when she wants to see the beautiful part of Paris. The movie has been shot in 80 locations.

21. Secretary 2002

Secretary 2002
Source: Netflix

Secretary 2002 is the story of a young woman who is emotionally wrenched. The woman has a history of emotional suffering. She tried hard and found a job as a secretary, where her emotional desires start fulfilling by her boss. The woman started realizing her boss’s demeanor, but she starts loving the sadomasochistic relation with him.

22. Love Actually 2003

Love Actually 2003
Source: Youtube

Love Actually has nine stories intertwisted to give you a perfect blend of romance and action. All the characters are witty; the story is about a newly elected Prime Minister who fell for his young staff member. The complicated love story and the arrogance of power make this story unforgettable.

23. Before Sunset

Before Sunset
Source: Pinterest

Before Sunset is a sequel story of Before Sunrise, the story is of a guy who travels across Europe where he spends a night with a girl. The girl in the morning finds the boy and spends a day with him before he has to leave again for the flight. The twist in the story is the climax. The movie is available on Netflix.

24. The Holiday

The Holiday
Source: Couple Love

The story is about a depressed girl (Iris). Iris agrees to swap her home with a girl to bring some happiness to her life. But the life of Iris changed when she gets to know about the romantic pick-up in the villa. The girl fell in love with a selector.

25. Once 2007

Once 2007
Source: IMBD

The story is of a repairman who wants to be a musician, and he waits for a big break. Soon he able to find an immigrant, in which he started to visualize his dream fulfill. The couple decided to support each other, they together compose a song, and the music reflects their love.

26. North by Northwest

North by Northwest
Source: Britannica

North by Northwest is an action-suspense movie. An executive of government is followed by a ruthless spy, whom he wants to kill. The journey ends up in the cross country row. The storyline connects you with the screenplay. The director puts so much effort into making the scenes so realistic.

27. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Source: Youtube

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a story of a couple in a stagnating marriage, deceptively mundane their extension. The couple, John and Jane, started hiding things from each other. Both are assassins working for different agencies. The romantic scenario changed when they were assigned to kill the same target. The couple gets to know about each other. But a tragic moment happens, and then they are assigned by the companies to kill each other.

28. The Gateway

The Gateway
Source: Pinterest

The Gateway is a story of a scientist who is depressed after the death of her husband. She does a lot of experiments to bring back her husband. But she failed miserably; then, she decided to travel a parallel world to find her husband. In the parallel world, she finds a lot more difficulties.

29. Casino Royale

Casino Royale
Source: Space Coast Daily

Casino Royale is an excellent story of a secret agent who has a license to kill. The spy goes on a journey to assassinate the leading associate of a terrorist organization, where he bonds with different girls to gamble his manliness for a terrorist commander.

30. Titanic

Source: American Film Institute

Titanic is an excellent movie for couples as well as singles. Not only love scenes of the film, but action scenes give you goosebumps. The ship crashes with an iceberg, and most of the onboard passengers lost their life. But for saving the girl, the boy lost his life in ice-cold water. what an epic love story. It is also considered one of the best films of all time.

Best Romantic Movies For Action Fans [+Suprise]

Best Romantic Movies For Action Fans [+Suprise]
  • Knight and Day
  • True Romance
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • The Bodyguard
  • Drive
  • Romancing the Stone
  • True Lies
  • Killers
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Prizzi’s Honor


These are the top romantic action movies available on Netflix. So far, watching movies was associated with going to the cinema, turning on the appropriate TV channel, downloading a file from the Internet, or dusting a forgotten DVD player everyone used now free movie apps to watch movies. If you are not more of a romantic film person, you can watch documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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