If you are tired of searching for the best small-size games for android in 2021, you should read this article.

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There are many games available online, and you have an option to download them from your play store or app store. After substantial research and reviews, a list of small-size games for android users is prepared.

It includes Archery Master 3D, Knock Down, Chess, Jewel Land: Match 3 Puzzle, Solitaire, etc. These games are exciting and can be played very smoothly on our devices; These games also received excellent reviews online.

Let us read about these games and make the choice of which one you will download.

5 Best Small Size Games for Android Users in 2021

Following are the best small-size games for android users in 2021, which we should know.

1. Archery Master 3D

Archery Master 3D
source: YouTube

The most loved and enjoyed game on the internet is Archery Master 3D. It has never seen graphics and animations. But it is user-friendly at the same time. In this game, you shoot arrows on your target and win points in terms of coins. This game is super fun, and if you enjoy such shooting games, you should play it.


  • It has four different locations: Rain Forest, Deadly Desert, Archery Field, Pine Forest, etc.
  • It has professionally developed graphics and 3D animations.
  • It has 25+ well-designed archery tools for its players.
  • It has exciting and crazy levels once you complete one level.
  • You have an option of playing one on one battle.


Its size will vary from device to device.

2. Knock Down

Knock Down
source: Sensor Tower

It is one of the best small-size games for android devices. In this game, you can win and earn points by knocking all the available boxes or objects floating on the surface. It is a replica of the Angry Bird game. It is super with the kind of music it has. It will keep you busy for a good time; hence it will refresh you too.


  • It has around 22+ exciting and challenging levels.
  • It has never seen graphics and also new trendy music.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the game, you can play it without the internet.
  • You should have excellent targeting skills to win this game.


It is available in the size of 4.5 MB

3. Chess

source: Chess.com

It is loved by all and is everyone’s favorite too. Chess is a box game with two opponents right before one another. In this online mode version, you can play it with AI or with some other player by sharing codes. It is similar to that of chess and can win this game easily.


  • You are allowed to take help from an online assistant available.
  • It has around 10+ levels which get more challenging once you move ahead.
  • You have a theme customization option as well.
  • You have the option of connecting with people around the globe.
  • It has fantastic music, sound, and graphics.


It is available in the size of 4.2 MB

4. Jewel Land: Match 3 Puzzle

Jewel Land: Match 3 Puzzle
source: APKPure.com

Jewel land brings you back in memory lane. This game is a complete nostalgia for all the kids who used to play it before smartphones came in. Now it is more developed and is in all its new avatar.


  • It has some energy booster option, which will help you win more jewels.
  • It has more than 1000+ levels as it is never-ending.
  • It is entirely free for all its users.
  • It is available in around 17+ languages, which is a wow feature.
  • It also has upgraded its few features of match 3, which makes it more exciting.
  • Jewel Land: Match 3 Puzzle is the best game you can play on your device.


Its size will vary from device to device.

5. Solitaire

source: Wikipedia

It is one of the fantastic small-size games that anyone of any age can enjoy. Solitaire is relatively easy for you to understand. It is user-friendly. If you are new to this game, you will play this game like a pro.


  • It is user-friendly, it is easy to play.
  • It has never seen before graphics.
  • It is around 30+ levels and more than that, so that this game will keep you engrossed for a more extended period.
  • You also have an undo option, which is unlimited without a restriction.


It is available in the size of 12 MB

These are some of the best small-size games you can install on your device because they will keep you engaged for a reasonable amount of time. You can also read about the best Board games in 2021


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