I know you are looking for the best small size games for iOS users, and you are at the right place; we have made a list of these games just for you.

These games are easy to play and will keep you entertained for a more extended period. These games’ graphics are never seen before. They are exciting and super fun too. You can download these from the apple store and enjoy them.

The best small size games for iOS users are Unblock Me Free, Flow Free, Two Dots, Teeter Pro- Free Mage Game, Fruit Slice, etc. These games are super enjoyable and also do no take massive space in your phone.

Let you read about these games and install them on our devices.

5 Best Small Size Games for iOS users

Following are the best small-size games for iOS users, which they can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

1. Unblock Me for Free

Unblock Me for Free
Source: Google Play

It is the best puzzle that you can play, which tests the race with time. You have to solve it in a given time frame. You can develop your skills in solving a problem through this game. There are four different modes of a challenge as well. This game is interesting which will make you think and act quickly.


  • In a relaxed mode, you have no time-bound option; hence it is stress-free and easy to play.
  • Therefore different methods for its player, as per their choices.
  • There is more than 21+ achievement options, which you can win and use later in the game.
  • Unblock is a light small size game that you should give a try.
  • There are options of playing it alone or with a lot of players.


It is available in the size of 12MB.

2. Flow Free

Flow Free
Source: Google Play

To create flow, you have to match similar colors with a pipe. It is a fun game and interesting too. You have to be careful and alert so that your line doesn’t overlap or coincide at any point in time. Give this game a try and experience the calmness behind this game.


  • It has around 2000+ puzzles for us to play.
  • It has very aligned and beautiful graphics and hence appears creative.
  • Flow Free is an innovative game, which is experienced before. 
  • You should be a part of this crazy, fun game.


It is available in size 39.4 MB.

3. Two Dots 

Two Dots
Source: Google Play

Very relaxing and easy-going game. It will keep you at ease whenever you play this game. In this game, you have to join dots, and it will become harder once you cross few levels. This is a very relaxing and less time-consuming game. It keeps you busy during your breaks.


  • There are around 1885+ levels of this game, so much fun.
  • You can also switch from a decided time to an uncertain time.
  • It is an easy game, which becomes hard in few upcoming levels.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, which is immensely satisfying.
  • Two Dots is one of the best games you can play and never get bored of.


It is available in different sizes depending on the phone.

4. Teeter pro II- Free Mage Game

 Teeter pro- Free Mage Game
Source: Google Play

It is a recommendation from my side. If you like playing balancing games and enjoying the fun it creates, this game is for you. Teeter Pro is one of those exciting games, which will keep you in a loop during boredom.


  • It is equipped with good quality graphics, which appear fantastic.
  • It is an enjoyable game; you will be addicted to it once you will start playing.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, very easy to play.
  • You also have a full-screen mode while playing this game.


It is available in different sizes depending on the phone.

5. Fruit Slice

Do you like slicing fruits and vegetables? It is an excellent game for you then. It is one of the exciting games that you can enjoy. Fruit slices is a quick game that will keep you alert. It is the best game you can play at any time.


  • It is an interactive game that will increase the level of your game.
  • It has a convenient, user-friendly interface, which helps you play the game easily.
  • It is smooth in terms of performance if you are aware of tools well.
  • You should install this game for enjoyment and having a fresh break.


It is available in different sizes depending on the phone.

These are the best games which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. You can also read about the best upcoming games in 2021. 


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