5 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Hulu | Have A Ball With The Kids!


Football – The true love of millions of people around the globe! While some people like to call it soccer, the love for the game remains the same. Since soccer is so popular, so are the movies made around it. Soccer movies are also good to enjoy with your kids. If your kid is a soccer fan, then I’m sure you must be wondering what the best soccer movies for kids on Hulu are? Well, worry not since I have the perfect list for you.

Soccer cinema has a lot of different types of movies for us. From inspirational movies about unexpected wins by the underdogs to tearjerkers. From documentary movies based on the players’ real lives to movies filled with comedy. We have a lot to choose from. This genre has something for all ages of kids to enjoy. Soccer movies can act as motivation to the kids and be entertaining simultaneously.

So go and hop on over to Hulu and start streaming our recommendations to enjoy with your kids. Why Hulu, you ask? Hulu is one of the most famous movie streaming services available today. Whether you are looking for the best mystery movies to watch or the best sports movies, Hulu has it all. So get ready to add these movies to your Hulu watch queue.

5 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Hulu That You Can Stream Right Now!

Soccer movies have a great appeal to young kids and old ones alike. Weekend movie nights with the kids can be made wholesome by watching these soccer movies. If your kids are soccer fans, that is a win-win situation for everyone. Maybe these movies can be the first stepping stone in making your kids its fans if they are not.

1# Mean Machine (2001)

5 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Hulu | Have A Ball With The Kids!

Mean Machine is a movie based on the 1974 novel, The Longest Yard. Danny Meehan, a professional soccer player, is jailed for fixing matches. He gets threatened by the governor to coach the inmate’s football team as he has lots of professional experience. Meehan reluctantly agrees, and the movie explores his struggles of finding the right kind of players for the team. Mean Machine takes a rather comedic approach to the situation. 

Through lots of ups and downs, the inmates finally assemble a team. Meehan is then told he has to defeat the guard team in a match; otherwise, he will be punished. The inmates win with a team full of conmen and robbers, and all ends well. The movie stars Vinnie Jones, a real-life soccer player who played for Wales National team. It also stars Jason Statham in the role of Monk, a criminal with lots of anger issues.

IMDb Rating – 6.5/10

2# Looking For Eric (2009)

2# Looking For Eric (2009)

Looking For Eric is a funny British comedy-drama revolving around Eric Bishop, a postman. He meets with an accident and is recovering in a hospital. While in recovery, he starts imagining his favorite soccer star Eric Cantona. Postman Eric wants the soccer star Eric to guide him through his life. He hates that he is such a loser and wants to get himself back up. 

The imaginative version of Eric Cantona helps the postman win his wife back and get his affairs in order. Whether the soccer star is real or just a part of Eric’s imagination, I will let you watch the movie and then decide. It’s fun to watch with the kids and see real game legends indulge in acting.

IMDb Rating – 7.2/10

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3# Air Bud: World Pup (2000)

Air Bud: World Pup is a sweet little movie that you can watch with your kids. The movie is about Josh, who finds out that his new puppy is good at playing soccer. Josh gets selected on his school soccer team along with Buddy, his pup. Right before a crucial game, the pup goes missing. Luckily Josh and his friends save his dogs and the game just in time.

It’s a sweet tale of love between pets and their owners. The dog’s super ability to play soccer makes it an even more aww-worthy watch. It’s especially a great movie to watch if your kids are really little. Air Bud: World Pup shows the values that friendship and bonding hold.

IMDb Rating – 7/10

4# Shaolin Soccer (2001)

If you haven’t seen the movie Shaolin Soccer then watching it with your kids for a first experience is a great option. Shaolin Soccer is a comedy that mixes soccer with martial arts like Kung-Fu. It involves a crew of losers who realize they have great soccer abilities when they combine their forces.

The movie has action sequences of players kicking the ball in mid-air. Shaolin Soccer is a must-watch soccer movie for every kid, and the humor makes it great to bond over. I will guarantee that you will enjoy more from the laughter than the soccer.

IMDb Rating – 7.3/10

5# Soccer Mom (2008)

5# Soccer Mom (2008)

Soccer Mom is another movie that is filled with giggles and laughter throughout. It is about a mother who disguises herself as an Italian soccer star. She wants to coach her daughter’s team and thinks this is her best option. She finds it hard to keep up with the lie as the movie progresses. 

Along with being funny, Soccer Mom also has a lovely heartfelt interaction of the mother with her daughter. This movie can be used by moms to connect with their kids. Soccer bonding should not just be reserved for the dads. 

IMDb Rating – 5.1/10

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Final Words

Next time you are looking to have a movie night, these best soccer movies for kids on Hulu should help you decide. The movies I have listed are fun and have lots of hidden gems in them. Fans of soccer or not, these recommendations are sure to help you plan your time with your kids. Which is your favorite movie from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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