Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid’s Life!!!


Do you want to inspire your kids with the legendary soccer game but in a visual treat? What could be the best way than showing them the awesome soccer movies! It is not just a game but an emotion, a part of the culture. Maybe, the future of soccer is living in your house right now! Inspire and entertain these young talents by showing the best soccer movies for kids on Prime Videos and unleash their inner sportsmanship!  

You will get various movies related to soccer that explore the game, the drama, action, and romance of the characters. So many options sometimes can create confusion, and you miss out on the best pieces. That is why leave this tension on me as I have already solved your problem by choosing the best soccer movies for the kids on Amazon Prime that your kids can binge-watch (you can thank me in the comment section!). You need to plan your movie time and some snacks, of course! 

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Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Amazon Prime That Are Must Watch!

As the popularity of soccer increased, we saw an influx of their cinematic representations, not just for the adult viewers but also for the budding aspiring younger generations. Keeping their age, preferences, and choices in mind, here is a list of the top best movies for kids on Amazon Prime that you won’t regret watching. Moreover, I want these little jumping balls not just to see them, but to feel also! So, without wasting more time, let us jump to the list now-

The Other Kids (2016)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

The movie The Other Kids will give you an emotional ride and inner joy. You will keep smiling and crying as the kids on the screen will show you their struggle, passion, and love for soccer! The movie is like a documentary highlighting the plights of the young budding soccer players of the poverty-stricken areas.

The movie has a lot of inspirational moments that will teach you how to enjoy and relish the moments instead of complaining. The kids in the movie do not have much access to the resources, but they still follow their passion for soccer. The beauty of the movie will bewitch you!

Ronaldo Vs. Messi – Faceoff! (2017)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

I can bet nine out of ten people have heard these legendary names, and some have fought over them! Well, if your kid is also a fan of any of these two, this is your chance to make them feel proud of their choices. The greatest debate- who is the best soccer player- Ronaldo or Messi- is never-ending, but this documentary movie Ronaldo Vs. Messi – Faceoff! is proof of their greatness.

The movie explores their respective personal lives, career, and personalities which both fan camps must watch to learn from. You can enjoy watching their classical soccer moves and best field moments here. In the end, decide which one is better? For me, Messi is better, and Ronaldo is hot🔥!!!  

Men In The Arena (2015)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

The movie Men In The Arena, one of the best soccer movies for kids on Prime Videos is the classic masterpiece you need to show your budding kids for various reasons. First, the movie has beautifully depicted the true team spirit and how the players can uplift each other. Secondly, it has depicted the power of belief! The lead characters see soccer as the hope that will change their fates.

The movie’s story revolves around Somalia’s political and social background during the crisis period. Thus, it also has elements of drama and thriller that will keep you hooked. The movie’s central theme is based on the struggle and faith of the players in soccer that will blow your minds!

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Goal! The Dream Begins (2005)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

The movie Goal! The Dream Begins is the complete package of motivation that will keep you inspired throughout. The story has many dimensions that affect the lead’s soccer career. It is very amusing to watch the powerful journey of the young immigrant soccer player who wants to achieve great heights in the soccer sport. 

Though the movie is a bit predictable, some of the scenes will still give you goosebumps! It would keep you hooked till the very end with its light-hearted yet strong inspirational storyline. So, you can go for it without giving a second thought. Entertainment is guaranteed!

The Big Green (1995)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

The movie The Big Green will keep you laughing with its funny and interesting storyline. There is a soccer brawl between the two sections of the kids- one is the poor, ragtag team, and the other is of rich spoiled-brats. There are a lot of funny sequences that will make you roll on the floors. However, this movie will inspire you that you don’t need to be the perfect player but the smart player!

All the kids in the movie have portrayed their roles brilliantly, and you can even correlate with them. The poor kids are not the best players, but they unite and learn the moves dedicatedly. Still, the rich team has a lot of hurdles that will challenge them. Watch this movie and get ready for a laugh riot!

My Dad’s A Soccer Mom (2014)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

If you want to bond your kid over a movie, then My Dad’s A Soccer Mom is a good choice to start with! The movie is about an ex-soccer player who is very temperamental yet bloody brilliant in his game. However, as he grows old, he loses his playing charm and retires out of frustration. As he starts spending time with his 10-year-old daughter named Dacy, his life gets a new purpose!

The movie is super fun to watch with your parents or friends. The father-daughter bonding over soccer is very cute to watch. The movie has some of the best life lessons that I don’t want you to miss. Maybe your kid is also looking for his angel coach, are you suitable for the job? Only honest answers…please!!! 

Kicking And Screaming (2005)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

Okay, the movie Kicking And Screaming is the answer if you are looking for a more soccer-family drama where the sport is in the genes and a matter of pride. The movie has a lot of drama and emotional tones in the soccer journey of the two generations. The story highlights the negative impact of the over-expectation burden and why we all should condemn such behavior.

The story takes very interesting twists as it proceeds. You will see the magic of soccer that became the central force to bring together the family. I can bet you are going to love the characters and the plot. So, grab your popcorn bowl and start watching it.  

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The Falcons (2018)

Top 8 Best Soccer Movies For Kids On Prime Videos | Game That Can Change Your Kid's Life!!!

The movie The Falcons is based on a big tournament on an awesome island- the Westman Islands. Several brilliant players are coming from all over the place to win the Finals. However, our little protagonist- a 10-year old boy, Jon, has bigger dreams, and destiny has brought him on the island for the unseen adventure!

You surely don’t want to miss this little camp’s soccer journey that will blow everyone’s mind! The movie has brilliant cinematography, awesome locations, and interesting characters to keep you entertained with their awesome performances. So, without a doubt, you need to watch this too! 

Final Words

No matter which movie you are going to watch first (I know you will watch all of the above!), it would surely give you a thrill and inspire you to learn this game even more! After all, you have been motivated by the best soccer movies for kids on Prime Videos, and it’s a big deal. Don’t forget to mention your best soccer movies in the comment section or the movie you have just picked to watch!

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