We all are in the world of communication, nothing is possible without communicating. But today communicating is done through various social networking apps. And there today we will inform you about the best social networking android apps, which are easy to use.

Communication is a very personal affair, and it is only possible with the help of these social sites. Communication with the help of these social sites can be personal and also sometimes, it can turn into the public as well but as per your own choice.

The best Social Networking Sites are

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Tinder
  • Facebook

These above-listed applications are quite communicative, which helps you to come in a limelight and be popular, but for that, you should be aware of the fact that what the audience wants.

Let’s go through these applications to know what do they have to offer to their users.

5 Best Social Networking Apps for Android users

Following are some of the essential social, networking android applications, that will make your online communication easy and user-friendly.

1.   WhatsApp

whatsapp logo- Best social nteworking apps  for android 2021

Locally used and the most used communicating medium for all the people around the globe. WhatsApp has evolved over the years of its arrival. It has fixed a lot of bugs and privacy issues in the latter year. In few countries, WhatsApp had been banned in countries like China, UAE, Iran, Syria, and North Korea; etc.


·  It allows you to connect with all the people on your contact list, hence makes it very easy, that you don’t have to search for the user.

·  It allows you to share the stories and thoughts and your day-to-day mundane things in a very creative way.

·  WhatsApp is the most useful and accessible application.

·  It also allows you to make various groups up to 256 members. Now that’s something massive.


you can install this application on your phones through the google play store. And enjoy talking to people.

2.   Telegram

Telegram App- Best Social nteworking apps for android 2021

The most advanced application I’ve personally witnessed. It has the best user interface and makes the entire information on your device. You can chat with people but at the same time, you can follow certain reputed info-based pages and extract a good amount of information.


·  Telegram is a very underexposed application, so you have less traffic on this particular  Application.

·  It has a lot of groups already formed depending on your interests, and therefore are a great way to socialize.

·  All your profile pictures will be saved within the app, so it helps you know which picture you have uploaded in the later years.

·  It has a very minimal amount of bugs and issues which had been rectified.


You can install this application on your android phones & even iOS devices support this particular application.

3.   WeChat

wechat app- best socila networking apps for android in 2021

When you want to have very personalized communication with people and do not want to be out there, this is the application for you. WeChat is the most easily accessible application that will help you have the best experience of chatting and making friends.


·  It may block you, if you do not use this app for a long time, for security reasons, hence this is the most secured application.

·  It helps you read the news, go through various sites, and socialize with people around.

·  There are fewer very users till now, but it came years back. This is because it has a lot of interface issues and may get hang.

·  It is a safer application but not that much of a liked application. It has a lot of bugs and technical errors.


you can download this particular application from your google play store. It has a rating of 3.6 out of 5.

4.   Tinder

Tinder Dating app- best social networking apps for android users 2021

Tinder is an official dating application, that will help youngsters and also people interested in making friends meet new people as per their interest. It helps you be friends with people after reading about their interests and if you feel that you connect with them you can just swipe right.


·  Tinder is one of the best dating application, you meet people and become their friends.

·  Tinder has a lot of ads and bugs, that will affect your conversation.

·  You can also make the first move on this app that will help you be the initiator.

·  Tinder can be safe and sometimes dangerous as people can slip into your DMs through other applications.

·  Few Accounts can be fake and made with a false user name, so you need to be cautious while using this app.


This app can be installed through the google play store and you can just connect with people.

5.   Facebook

Facebook app- best socila networking apps for android users in 2021

Facebook is one of the oldest and also the game-changer in the world of social networking. I remember using Facebook on my friend’s phone, I used to interact with my friends and used to share pictures. This particular application was and is one of the most used applications in later times.


·  It has fixed a lot of bugs and ads now, so it is not that heavy now, to be used.

·  It also has an option of sharing stories, which was not possible earlier.

·  You can also stream LIVE through this application so that you can share your LIVE activity.

·  It also helps you to join various groups and make the best deal out of it.


You can install this application through the Google Play store and enjoy connecting with people.

These are some of the best android social networking apps, which can help you to connect with a large number of people.


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