Best Social Networking Apps for iOS in 2021


Today, the society we all are living in is communicating through various Social Networking apps. This is because of the development that we all are up with because of the technological inclination in the world.

The only way we are connected with the entire world is through these social networking apps on our iOS devices. Social Networking apps had brought the world under global domination. We are now aware of our nation and also the adjoining countries, which was not possible before. This is all because of the social networking apps.

According to App Store, a few of the important social networking apps are Instagram, Snapchat, Bumble, Hike, and Twitter. These apps will bring you close to your loved ones and will give you a platform to talk about something personal or anything happening around the globe.

Let’s know about these apps from close to and be a part of this ever-evolving Social Networking app world.

5 Best Social Networking Apps for iOS users

Following are some of the important Social Networking apps, with their features and how we can install them and use them, so let’s get started.

1.   Instagram

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Instagram is one the most used social networking app, in current times. It started with just uploading your pictures, but new features had been added over time. Now you can interact with the audience and your followers LIVE, you also have a calling option, and so on.


  • You can edit your pictures, to a greater value. This will attract more audience.
  • It now a platform for business and promotions. Therefore, it also involves the marketing aspect as well.
  • It allows you to send messages and record and so many other things sons DMs.
  • You can also react to one another messages.


Instagram can be installed for your App Store and you can sign through a newly made account with your email Id or phone number as proof.

2.   Snapchat

Just send a snap and be friends. Snapchat is the most happening social networking app in recent times. Snapchat is also one of the popular amongst the millennials and Gen Z because it offers them weird filters for clicking pictures which they enjoy making videos from or clicking images.


  • It allows you to click some amazing pictures and make videos.
  • You can also make groups and begin group chatting.
  • You can also make video chats on this particular app.
  • It has its gallery which allows you to save images and later use them as per your wish.
  • Snapchat is the best iOS social networking app in 2021 for millennials and Gen Z.
  • You can also make Bitmoji of your self. It has many stickers and GIFs.


You can install this app from App Store and login through chosen id and password.

3.   Bumble

Bumble Logo- socila Networkinh apps for iOS in 2021

In this current scenario, we want to meet people and know about them. Bumble is the conventional dating application, that helps you communicate with new people and go on a date with them. It is an interesting and secured application to use.


  • Bumble is the most secured and usable application on iOS.
  • It helps you communicate with people around and people from cities you like.
  • It also helps you to make the first move in your dating life. If you like or like someone the most, you have many options out there.
  • It allows you to share on a more personal level if you meet someone.


You can install this application on any iOS device and start swiping. This will automatically give a boost to your dating life and will help you meet new people.

4.   Hike

Hike Logo- Best socila networking appfor iOS in 2021
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Hike the app helps you create a world of your own. It used to have a lot of users but now it has reduced. The fun fact about Hike is still few people use it to have no disturbance from the social world and have a personal conversation.


  • It is a one-stop-shop for conversation, News, Entertainment, and Personal therapist Natasha.
  • It offers a very personal space with only your contact numbers and thus is safe too.
  • Hike has a great range of stickers and sends away emojis, which creates the conversation interesting.
  • Hike is a must app in this hustle-bustle world.


You can download it from App Store and enjoy personal space for yourself and your loved ones.

5.   Twitter

Twitter logo- Social Networking apps for iOS in 2021
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Twitter is the most informational space you can be in. It has all the popular faces of the globe out there, discussing politics, mundane lifestyle, their inner thoughts, and so on. You can also be there and follow some of your favorite popular faces, be it be a sportsperson, politician, actor, actress, anyone who you want to know closely.


  • Twitter is somehow the most controversial place to be in. controversial is always informational.
  • It has the option of the tweet, where you can share what you feel like until and unless it does not hurt someone’s feelings or sentiments.
  • Twitter also has trending hashtags that will keep you update with worldly affairs.
  • It has sections divided into entertainment, sports, etc. as per your interest.
  • You should know how to use Twitter for enjoying it.


You can download Twitter and create an account after the verification process. It is an amazing place to be on.

The world has a lot of applications, which will help you communicate, with people and know things from a closer perspective. So go ahead and make these apps your favorite.

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